Cakewalk Sonar Artist DAW
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Cakewalk Sonar Artist DAW

Sonar has found a place at the heart of studios big and small over the past 25 years, expanding and improving with each revision. The Platin..

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Sonar has found a place at the heart of studios big and small over the past 25 years, expanding and improving with each revision. The Platinum edition has the most complete feature set so far with high end plugins, vocal processing, DSD mastering and an interface designed from the ground up to inspire better mixes and make edits easy.

Your choice of DAW is personal, the workflow should be an extension of your ideas and there should always be the tools on hand to fix any issue you face in the studio. Cakewalk have loaded you up with Amp Sims, Drums and plugins right out the box but there's plenty more to look forward to with a free 12 month membership to Sonar and the Command Center lets you manage your studio life from one place.

Internet Connection Required This product ships as a Download Card, to redeem online.

SONAR Membership

We’re constantly improving the SONAR experience—so now all SONAR versions include 12 months of SONAR Membership. Receive new features, maintenance updates, custom content, new presets, and more every month, as well as free tech support. Best of all: you keep everything you receive, even if you don’t renew your membership.

Command Center

Cakewalk’s new Command Center is the easiest way to manage downloads, installs and updates to your software—get started with the included download card to receive the very latest software version and activate your SONAR membership.


VocalSync tightens vocals by aligning one part to another—and it’s essential for matching dialog to picture. Use VocalSync to perfect your parts’ timing without splitting and moving clips.

The New Control Bar

Stack, scroll, minimize, and maximize any and all Control Bar modules for one-click access to your favorite tools. When collapsed, hovering the mouse over a module displays its parameters for an even more efficient Skylight environment.

Mix Recall

Never second-guess yourself on a mix again. Mix Recall lets you save and switch to various mix scenes for easy, one-click comparisons. Swap out effects, fader positions, or every parameter so that you can restore an original mix, create remixes, or just entertain a client’s suggestion. Mix tracks specifically for radio, podcast, video, or mp3, and then bounce every version in a single export.

Pattern Tool

The only variable separating you from your creativity is time, and the Pattern Tool—which sits in the Smart Tool palette for instant access—is all about saving time. Forget cut and paste: Simply select and paint MIDI loops and patterns across the Piano Roll View and Track View.

REmatrix Solo

REmatrix Solo is a zero-latency convolution reverb ProChannel module from Overloud/MoReVox. REmatrix Solo is a streamlined, single-layer version of the acclaimed REmatrix. It features 100 Impulse Response (IR) presets, including plates, halls, rooms, early reflections, and specialty spaces - plus the ability to import your own IRs.

FX Stacking

The award-winning Skylight interface continues to evolve, and with stacked FX, you can view as many effects as your screen resolution can handle—in both Track and Console views.

Expandable Sends

SONAR’s console view expands the sends section to—well, as many sends as you want to see. Now you can see every aspect of your signal path and create a more productive environment when working on complex mixes.

AudioSnap. New detection algorithms re-boot AudioSnap into a next-generation toolkit. Stretch a song from one tempo to another, sync your recordings to audio loops, tighten your drums and convert them to MIDI…and the new level of performance comes wrapped in a new look and new layout.

Direct Stream Digital (DSD)

SONAR breaks the barrier for affordable DSD import, export, and conversion. Now you can produce better-than-CD quality material with a few clicks, archive your masters to an audibly superior format, and join the world of high-resolution audio.

16 Virtual Custom Amps

From country to metal, bass to funk, classic rock to futuristic, SONAR’s 16 new drag-and-drop amps aren’t about emulating existing amps—but creating idealized amps that can exist only in the virtual world. Get ready to change how you look at amp simulations.

Stunning New FX Chains. From single-knob utilities, to boutique digital stompboxes, to sound-generating environments and additional effects, these 50+ new FX chains will kick-start your creativity and streamline the production process.


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