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TOURTECH are the leading UK supplier of affordable musical instrument accessories like Guitar Cases, Gig Bags, Speaker Stands, Microphone accessories, plus much more.

Tourtech accessories are designed in the UK with an uncompromising approach to quality and affordability. Founded by a panel of industry experts, TourTech was founded to meet the demands of everyday musicians, without breaking the bank.


Reliable Music Essentials

From function-packed electronic drum kits to high-quality music accessories including cables, cases, instrument stands, capos and tuners, speaker stands, microphone stands, stools and power supplies, TourTech has the essentials you need to keep playing the music you love.

TourTech Drums

Whether you’ve always wanted to learn the drums, you need a quiet set up for home practice or you want an electronic kit that’s suitable for gigging and recording, TourTech has something for everyone.

Featuring a range of models designed to offer compact set up, brilliant portability and super affordability TourTech Drums were created to remove your doubts about learning the drums so you can start your drumming journey in a fun way.

The TourTech TT-12S Electronic Drum Kit with its complete 7-piece set up, ergonomically designed rack-system, 250 high-quality percussion voices, built-in drum kits sounds, demo songs and MP3 connectivity is the ideal place to start if you’re looking to dip your toe into the big wide world of drumming.

The TourTech TT-12SM builds upon the awesome design of the TT-12S by incorporating a mesh head snare and a single pedal with bass drum pad for a realistic playing feel and natural response.

Make the jump to an upgraded kit with the TourTech TT-16S where you’ll find an improved frame, module, pads, kick pedal and cymbals for an overall much better feel and response for a truly expressive playing set up.

With an 8-piece set up, 3-sided drum rack system, user-friendly interface with 458 high-quality percussion voices and 26 preset kits, dual-zone tom and cymbal pads and choke function cymbals this is a professional electronic drum kit at an amazing price!

Topping off this superb range of electronic drum kits is the TourTech TT-22M which features a full mesh head set up that can be tuned to achieve your ideal playing feel for the most expressive, natural response possible. The dual-zone cymbals and tom pads allow for added expression while the mesh snare head allows cross-stick and rim-shot playing for a natural, acoustic snare response.

With superb functionality packed into these well-designed kits at such an accessible price, it’s clear to see why TourTech Artist and renowned drummer Steve White (Paul Weller, The Style Council, Ocean Colour Scene) is such a massive fan of this new, innovative range of drum kits.

If you’re looking for a portable, easy to set up, compact space-saving drum kit that’s brilliantly fun to play all at an amazing price, then look no further than TourTech Drums!

Protect Your Instrument

Whether you’re a musician, engineer or producer, performing on stage or recording in the studio, you’ll understand that it's not just the gear itself you need. It's transporting it safely to and from, as well as the essential cables and support that you need to keep it all running.

When you take your instrument along with you to gigs or band practice, you're going to need something to protect it.

TOURTECH provide a range of different options for different instruments, making sure you're covered, whatever your needs and budget are.

Cheap Guitar Gig Bags

With a guitar gig bag you can get great protection in a guitar bag that's soft and convenient to carry as you can strap them to your back.

Zipped compartments allow you to store small accessories too, such as picks and spare strings.

Cheap Guitar Cases

Alternatively, you can opt for a guitar case. While not usually as light or soft as a gig bag, a guitar hard case offers fantastic protection from the elements and the bumps associated with taking your music on the road.

Whether you're looking for an acoustic guitar case or an electric guitar case, TOURTECH have a wide range of cheap guitar cases for all styles of guitar and all at great value prices.

Bass guitar cases and gig bags for bass guitars are also provided by TOURTECH along with gig bags for ukuleles and ukulele cases.

Where To Put Your Instrument

Whether at home, in the studio or on the stage – when you’re not playing your instrument, you’re going to need somewhere safe to keep it.

Cheap Guitar Stands

While a guitar case is a great place for storing your guitar for example, it is not immediately accessible.

If you want quick and easy access to your guitar while keeping it off the floor, you should look into buying a guitar stand.

Having somewhere safe to put your instrument down is a great way of keeping it well protected while maintaining a tidy room. If you swap instruments when on stage, then a guitar stand is essential.

Guitar Wall Hangers

Another solution for safely storing your instruments is using Tourtech's guitar wall hangers. Suitable for electric, acoustic and bass guitars, wall hangers give you quick access to your instrument and they’re a great way of showing off your collection.

Guitar wall hangers allow you to display your guitars on the wall giving you quick access to your instrument, saving floorspace and keeping them out of reach of children and pets.

Instrument Cables, Microphone Cables, Audio Cables and More

We’re also proud to stock all manner of audio and instrument cables from TOURTECH.

If you’re looking for instrument cables such as jack to jack guitar cables and cables for keyboard, or XLR cables like microphone cables or other audio cables, we’ve got all sorts of lengths and options available.

The standard range of TOURTECH cables offers great performance at great value prices but there are also deluxe cables with more heavy duty connectors that are ideal for regular use.

With a full range of TOURTECH guitar cables, microphone cables, MIDI cables, audio cables and more, all available at PMT Online, whatever your needs are, we’ll have it covered.

Live Sound and Studio Accessories

Whether you’re a DJ, sound engineer, in a band, or a solo singer-songwriter, when you play live or record in the studio, there’s an assortment of gear you’ll need to get the most out of your performance.

Amplifier and Monitor Stands

Amplifier stands and monitor stands are a great way of directing your sound on stage so you can hear yourself properly.

Microphone Stands

You’ll likely need microphone stands too. TOURTECH offer an assortment of microphone stands for all sorts of applications.

You can get straight forward mic stands ideal for vocalists or microphone boom stands which offer more placement options.

Microphone boom stands are particularly useful for micing up a drum kit as you can angle them precisely to get the best results.

Low profile microphone stands are great for micing up the kick drum or micing up a guitar amp.

You’ll also find that TOURTECH provide desktop microphone stands which are perfect for podcasting, recording audiobooks, radio shows and other spoken word applications.

Rack Gear Cases

For anyone serious about protecting their gear on the road, TOURTECH also make a range of ABS cases for your 19” rack gear.

Music Stands

Sheet music stands are also on offer at great prices. Ideal for classical music performance and speeches or anyone that needs their lyrics or chords visible during the show, TOURTECH music stands offer the same great quality as their microphone stands and other live music equipment.

Piano and Keys Accessories

Keys players will be happy to find a great range of accessories for your piano or keyboard.

You can even get extension arms to build on your rig and add extra devices.

Keyboard Stands

Steel keyboard stands are available, offering sturdy and secure placement options for your keyboard whether you’re on the stage, in the studio or practicing at home.

Piano Benches

TOURTECH also provide a range of piano benches so you’ve got somewhere comfortable to sit while you perform.

Keyboard Cables

If you’re recording or performing live, you’re going to need cables for your keyboard.

Instrument cables are available in a range of lengths suitable for different applications as well as MIDI cables so you have all sorts of options using great quality keyboard cables.


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