Stop Dreaming, Start Playing

Squier guitars offer fantastic value for money, being the preferred choice for beginner guitars or first-time players. Squier is designed and built by Fender as an in-house brand, which is a testament to their build quality and great tone.


The Squier Stratocaster is a tried and tested favourite for first-time Electric Guitar players around the world. Iconic, stylish and comfortable!


The Squier Tele represents an affordable option of the classic model which is perfect for new guitarists and players who are on a budget. The original Fender shape!.


The Squier Jazzmaster offers players an affordable offset guitar experience with the same iconic design and craftsmanship. Pure 60's styling and vibes.


The Mustang delivers all the tonal ferocity and raucous sounds that define punk and indie music. Simple in its design, loud in its output a ready to rock!


Squier Jaguar faithfully captures the raw, edgy style of the timeless Fender Jaguar in an affordable package. Surf's up, with the classic retro design.


Squier offer high-quality bass guitars which are ideal for new starters and experienced players looking for a reliable backup option. The original electric bass design!

Step Back In Time


Squier Classic Vibe Guitars take inspiration from some of the most important decades in Fender history and recreate some of the most iconic designs for the modern musician. These guitars and basses allow you to step back in time and enjoy the look, feel and sound of a vintage instrument, without breaking the bank.

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