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The Nord Wave 2 is Nord's most powerful synthesizer ever, and with four independent synthesizers in one, offers unprecedented sonic discovery. It combines Virtual Analog synthesis, Samples, FM and Wavetable, with an intuitive layer-focused interface and hands-on controls that makes adjusting on the fly an absolute breeze. The Wave 2 has two OLED displays (for the Program & Oscillator sections), a 61-note keybed and 1GB of memory for the exclusive Nord Sample Library. Plus you can add your own samples to the Wave 2 using Nord's new Sample Editor software.

The Nord Lead A1 is an incredible sounding modelling synthesizer with a streamlined but powerful front panel interface that makes it easy to create amazing sounds quickly, whatever your programming experience. Whether live or in the studio, the Lead A1 is a powerhouse, utilising 26-voice polyphony and four simultaneous synthesizer parts which can be stacked together with spectacular sonic results.

The Nord Drum 3P is a modelling percussion synthesizer that can be used live or in the studio and is perfect for supplementing a drummer’s kit with great electronic percussion sounds and effects. Its fast, intuitive user interface makes it easy to quickly create custom kits on the fly. The Drum 3P’s sounds are all synthesized in real time allowing users to build sounds on the ultra-responsive integrated multipad. It also weighs under 2kg.