James Neligan - JN Guitars

James Neligan Guitars provide a broad range of guitar styles so there's something for every guitar player, regardless of style and personal preference.

Better yet, every instrument from JN Guitars is made to high-quality standards while still being available at great value prices.

The Bessie series from JN Guitars is an excellent acoustic-electric guitar with a solid Spruce top. High-quality craftsmanship, wood and electronics combine to deliver a brilliant electro-acoustic guitar that's great value for money, making it a perfect beginners guitar.

If you're looking for the best acoustic guitar for beginners then the JN Guitars Bessie is a great choice.

The JN Guitars Ezra series is characterised by its beautiful sunburst finish and Solid Cedar top which provides a sweet, natural tone.

Moving on to the JN Guitars Deveron, we have a series of guitars that is bursting with character and personality.

With their all-Mahogany build, the JN Guitars Deveron series brings both style and substance to your performance.

Featuring a solid Engelmann Spruce top and a satin finish neck, the JN Guitars Lyne series sounds beautiful and has a smooth playing experience to match.

The JN Guitars Lismore series comes in a wide range of styles including Parlour, Mini-Jumbo, Auditorium and Dreadnought - you can even get them in electro variants.

They're also equipped with some high-end features such as Grover parts, TUSQ nuts and Fishmore pre-amps.

Utilising a unique, patented system called Necknology, Mike Miltimore from Riversong Guitars has helped develop the JN Guitars Elijah and Scotia guitars.

Handmade in Canada, this special crafting provides better sound and response along with enhanced playing experience.

With the Asyla series, JN Guitars provide a professional level instrument at an incredible price.

Clean, pure and simple - the JN Guitars Asyla has a fantastic open-pore finish that really allows the solid Spruce top of the guitar to breath, producing an incredible natural tone.

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