Jackson Audio

Jackson Audio was founded in 2016, and are a company that prides themselves on their values being just as important as the products they produce - and what wonderful products they are!

Premium-Quality Effects Pedals, Unlike Any You've Seen Before!

Amongst the company's repertoire, you will find a whole host of boutique-style overdrives, distortions, and compressors, and that's before we've even begun to discuss the kind of innovative features they are host to.

Gain Cycle

One of the key features that Jackson Audio Overdrive and Distortion pedals are known for is the company's innovative Gain Cycle.

This function takes your Gain control and splits the maximum setting into 4 equal parts.

So, say (for instance) your gain is turned up to its fullest, and you engage the Gain Cycle by pressing both footswitches at the same time: the pedal's gain will jump to 25%, and then increase by 25% each time you do this (up to 100%, then it cycles back to 25%).

Other Key Features

Other features that can be found on a number of Jackson Audio pedals (such as the awesome Broken Arrow V2, an Overdrive and Boost in one) include a 3-band Active EQ, four-way clipping diode presets, and even the ability to control every parameter and function via external MIDI.

In other words, if it's a combination of incredible sounds and pin-point control accuracy you're seeking, Jackson Audio pedals should definitely be on your radar.