Fender Alternate Reality

What is the Fender Alternate Reality Series?

The Fender Alternative Reality models encapsulate a limited edition run of guitars where multiple Fender designs are mixed and matched within a single instrument to make something completely unique. These guitars carry on the baton where the 2018 Fender Parallel Universe Collection started and offer some incredibly unique models including The Powercaster, The Sixty-Six, The Meteora HH, Electric XII and Tenor Tele.

The Fender Alternate Reality is your chance to get your hands on a piece of Fender guitar history and enjoy a unique playing experience that you wouldn’t normally get with your ‘regular’ designs!

The Fender Alternate Reality series is designed for high-octane musical experimentation.


The Fender Alternate Reality series allows you to explore the space where retro-inspired design, iconic Fender tone and unique features collide to create a completely unique playing experience. The limited edition, short run of guitars can be played by players of all genres and musical backgrounds. The combination of unique pickup configurations and body shapes result in a range of visually stunning guitars and tonally versatile instruments that all players will appreciate.


The Meteora HH combines two Player Series chrome-covered humbucking pickups with a trademark Offset body design. A sonically arresting tone with an equally stunning visual presence makes it a must have for Punk Rockers and experimental guitarists with attitude. This retro-modern design also features a string through body for added resonance and the combination of two humbucking pickups allow you to create some incredible tones.


The Fender Powercaster combines the raw horsepower of an Atomic Humbucking pickup with a single coil soapbar pickup. The ultimate versatility for any musical expression. Available in Surf Green and Opal White finishes! This combination of a single coil soapbar and an Atomic humbucker allows you to cut through the mix when you need it and also gives you the option of fattening up your tone when you want to push your riffs and big chords harder.


Unique visual style and vintage-inspired appointments make the Sixty-Six a perfect blend of style and sonic versatility. This down-sized Jazz Bass body is stunning to look at and comes with a flexible HSS pickup configuration that allows you to create almost every and any tone you need. You can go from smooth rhythm tones to all out hard core distorted grit – you can do anything with this guitar!


The new Fender Electric XII features split coil pickups, reminiscent of the Fender P Bass. A special 12-string hardtail bridge keeps your 12 strings in good tune and helps the strings resonate beautifully. The three position pickup selector allows you to create a range of tones from jangly to hard and heavy.


This is a modern take on the four-string tenor guitar, with that unmistakeable Fender vibe. It’s essentially a mini Telecaster that is tuned to the same pitches as the top four strings of a six-string guitar. This gives you a great opportunity to create riffs and power chords! A cool guitar that collectors will enjoy and players will love. The Fender Alternate Reality Series instruments allow you to unleash your inner sonic beast. These limited edition Fender guitars allows you to really create that unique tone that’s in your head.