Alvarez guitars, a hallmark of acoustic brilliance, offer exceptional tone and value. With a legacy dating back decades, Alvarez creates instruments that balance tradition and innovation flawlessly. Crafted to perfection, their guitars boast superior materials and meticulous craftsmanship, appealing to players of all levels.

Celebrated for their rich, resonant sound and comfortable playability, Alvarez guitars embody musical inspiration and reliability. Elevate your sound with an Alvarez guitar – a testament to quality and sonic excellence, resonating with both seasoned performers and aspiring musicians seeking exceptional acoustic performance.

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Established in 1965 through close collaboration between St Louis Music and renowned luthier Kazuo Yairi, Alvarez guitars offer players a versatile combination of tried-and-tested guitar tones, with modern construction techniques and playability thrown into the mix. Whether you're looking for an early 20th-century Parlor-style model or a modern single-cutaway Dreadnought electro-acoustic, Alvarez Guitars have you covered, and then some.

The goal at Alvarez guitars has always been to create affordable guitars suited to players of all levels, providing the same levels of craftsmanship as their higher-end professional models to every guitar they build. This means that regardless of what guitar you choose from the Alvarez range, you’re picking up a hand made guitar put together by the in-house luthiers. Exceptional attention to detail comes as standard!

We stock the full range of Alvarez Guitars including the Artist Series, Cadiz, Jazz & Blues guitars, Masters and Regent Series, as well as the Alvarez-Yairi special edition models available for special order. Alvarez also produces a wide range of other instruments like Ukuleles available in-store at PMT.

Call into your local PMT Store today to try out a full selection of Alvarez acoustic guitars and see just why these beautifully constructed acoustic, classical and flamenco guitars have been relied upon by professional musicians for over 50 years – you won’t be disappointed.


  • Are Alvarez Guitars any good?

    The short answer is: Yes! If you are seeking a new acoustic guitar with high structural strength, excellent sound quality and attractive aesthetics that's built to last, then Alvarez have got you covered.
  • Is Alvarez a good beginner guitar brand?

    They sound great, feature excellent build quality, and their Regent Series of guitars are very reasonably priced for even complete beginners, so yes they are!