Boss TE-2 Tera Echo Compact Guitar Pedal
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Boss TE-2 Tera Echo Compact Guitar Pedal Boss TE-2 Tera Echo Compact Guitar Pedal Angle

Boss TE-2 Tera Echo Compact Guitar Pedal

by Boss
The Boss TE-2 Tera Echo pedal is your one stop solution to adding dynamic ambience to your sound. Incredible Ambience in a Stompbox Using Mu..

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The Boss TE-2 Tera Echo pedal is your one stop solution to adding dynamic ambience to your sound.

Incredible Ambience in a Stompbox

Using Multi-Dimensional Processing technology, or MDP, the Boss TE-2 Tera Echo creates dynamic stereo ambience that goes far beyond what you can expect from traditional delay and reverb effects.

Boss TE-2 Tera Echo Pedal Key Features:

  • Next-generation BOSS compact pedal with innovative Multi-Dimensional Processing, realized with proprietary technology and custom DSP
  • Rich, spacious echo and ambience effects
  • Dramatically enhances the direct tone, but never overwhelms it
  • Freeze function holds the ambient sound for lead backing and sound effects
  • Ultra-responsive to volume changes and playing dynamics
  • Wide range of sound adjustment with simple controls
  • Mono/stereo input and output
  • BOSS five-year warranty

MDP Technology, Incredible Tone

Making use of Roland’s innovative MDP technology, the Boss TE-2 Tera Echo pedal analyses many different facets of the audio signal from your guitar and applies the optimum effect to each.

Providing different dynamic changes to your signal in real time, the Boss TE-2 reacts to your playing to create exciting, new sounds with a range of expression that has been unattainable in the past.

Inspiring Echo with You in Control

The Boss TE-2 Tera Echo pedal’s internal processing is extremely complex, giving you an amazingly deep and spacious sound, enhancing your sound dramatically while not swamping it.

While what’s going on under the hood might be complicated, you’ll be pleased to find that the controls on the outside are familiar and simple.

Four knobs allow you to sculpt your sonic output:

  • E.LEVEL – This knob allows you to adjust the volume of the effect sound from the pedal.
  • TONE – By turning this knob clockwise you can brighten the sound.
  • FEEDBACK – With the feedback knob you can adjust the decay of the effect sound.
  • S-TIME – Using the Spread Time knob you can adjust the length of the effect sound with clockwise turning extending the length.

While you can use the footswitch to active the effect as normal, it comes with something quite special too.

By holding down the TE-2 Tera Echo pedal’s footswitch you activate the Freeze function which holds the current effect sound, giving you a beautifully rich soundscape while you continue playing over the top of it.

Mono/Stereo Inputs/Outputs

So you can really get the most out of your sound, the Boss TE-2 comes equipped with two inputs and two outputs allowing for stereo input and output.

You’ll be able to enjoy deep, dynamic and sweeping echo sounds from your guitar or other instruments.

The 100th Boss Compact Pedal

A huge milestone for Boss, the TE-2 Tera Echo pedal is the 100th model in the celebrated Boss compact pedal series.

The Boss TE-2 Tera Echo is a great example of the incredible innovation and quality of the Boss compact pedal series and so it is fitting that it would be their centurion pedal.

Buy the Boss TE-2 Tera Echo pedal today and get this warm, tape-like tone with an incredible echo effect that dynamically adapts to your playing in real time.

Boss TE-2 Tera Echo Pedal Specs:

  • Nominal Input Level: -20 dBu
  • Input Impedance: 1 M Ohm
  • Nominal Output Level: -20 dBu
  • Output Impedance: 1  k Ohm
  • Recommended Load Impedance: 10 k Ohms or Greater
  • Indicator: Check Indicator (Used for Indication of HOLD and to Check Battery)
  • Power Supply: Alkaline Battery (9V, 6LR51) or Carbon-Zinc Battery (9V, 6F22), AC Adaptor (sold separately)
  • Current Draw: 53 Ma
  • Expected Battery Life Under Continuous Use (These figures will vary depending on the actual conditions of use): Alkaline: Approx. 6 Hours, Carbon: Approx. 1.5 Hours


  • Pedal Switch
  • E. LEVEL Knob
  • TONE Knob
  • S-TIME (Spread Time) Knob


  • INPUT-A (MONO) Jack
  • INPUT-B Jack
  • OUTPUT-A (MONO Jack)
  • OUTPUT-B Jack
  • AC Adaptor Jack 9DC 9 V)
  • Boss TE-2 Tera Echo Pedal Dimensions:
  • 73 (W) x 129 (D) x 59 (H) mm
  • 2-7/8 (W) x 5-1/8 (D) x 2-3/8 (H) inches

Weight (Including Battery):

  • 435g, 1lb


  • Owner’s Manual
  • Leaflet (USING THE UNIT SAFELY, IMPORTANT NOTE and Information)
  • Alkaline Battery (9V, 6LR61)


Weight (kg)3.0000
Warranty5 years

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