When you need the highest quality guitar cases and guitar cables without paying through the nose, choose Tourtech. We take a look at our new favourite cheap guitar cases, instrument cables, guitar cables, rack units, mic stands and more useful accessories that don’t suck, will last a lifetime and won’t let you down!

tourtech cheap guitar case As guitarists, performers and musicians we go through a lot of guitar cables, guitar patch leads, guitar cases, XLR leads, microphone stands and guitar cases over the years. So, when we invest in any of these essential accessories we need them to last as long as possible, without having to spend a fortune! Fortunately, Tourtech has come along with their budget-friendly cables, tour-ready guitar cases and other accessories which have completely impressed us here at PMT due to their tough as nails construction. So today, we’re taking a look at the new Tourtech gear including the best cheap guitar cases and cheap guitar cables that they have to offer.

Cheap Tourtech Guitar Cases & Guitar Bags That Don’t Suck

High-Quality Acoustic Guitar Hardcases

[caption id="attachment_41270" align="aligncenter" width="550"]TOURTECH Basic Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Case The TOURTECH Basic Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Case offers great protection at a budget-friendly price.[/caption] When you’re looking for guitar cases, you need the best protection possible for your guitar. You wouldn’t spend a fortune on a guitar only to leave it unprotected, would you? In the same sense, you don’t want to have to break the bank to keep your guitar safe. Fortunately, when you buy a Tourtech guitar case, whether it’s a guitar hard case or guitar bag, you can rest assured your guitar is safe from the elements and from being damaged in transit. The range of Tourtech guitar hard cases include options for bass guitars, dreadnought acoustic guitars, classical guitars and a range of electric guitars with basic and deluxe options available.

Cheap Guitar Softcases That Will Actually Protect Your Guitar!

[caption id="attachment_41277" align="aligncenter" width="550"]TOURTECH TTB-E10UBG Universal Bass Bag The TOURTECH TTB-E10UBG Universal Bass Bag is a cheap bass guitar gig bag that offers great protection as well as shoulder straps for easy carrying.[/caption] If you need more portability or prefer a guitar bag or soft case, Tourtech have got you covered too! We now stock a range of Tourtech guitar bags and guitar soft cases that provide high levels of protection without breaking the bank. Choose from ¾ size guitar cases, gig bags for electric guitars and padded gig bags for acoustic and electric guitars. Shop Tourtech Guitar Cases & Bags:

Professional Level Guitar Hardcases With TSA Locks

TOURTECH Pro Series ABS Electric Guitar Case If you’re a travelling musician who needs to take their guitar out internationally, especially on planes, then the TOURTECH Pro Series ABS Electric Guitar Case is an absolute must have. This is arguably one of the best universal guitar cases, pound-for-pound, ever crafted as it provides superior protection thanks to the rugged diamond-grain exterior and keeps your guitar safe inside with a plush foam interior. The range includes generic electric guitar hard cases, bass hardcases, LP style hardcases and acoustic style hardcases, all of which are designed for some serious hard wearing. Reinforced aluminium edges stop those knocks and bumps from affecting the case and provide extra structural protection whilst the extremely handy Tour-Grade TSA Locks allow those customs officials to check out your guitar without damaging the case. If you value your guitar or bass and you travel a lot, then you need one of these. [caption id="attachment_43370" align="aligncenter" width="550"]TOURTECH Pro Series ABS Electric Guitar Case The TOURTECH Pro Series ABS Electric Guitar Case features double diamond grain material and TSA locks[/caption] TOURTECH Pro Series ABS cases:

Cheap Tourtech Guitar Cables & Guitar Patch Cables That Don’t Suck

[caption id="attachment_41278" align="aligncenter" width="550"]TOURTECH 10ft N-Series Angled Jack to Jack Instrument Cable The TOURTECH 10ft N-Series Angled Jack to Jack Instrument Cable is a professional quality cable that is still budget friendly.[/caption] When you’re in need of a high-quality guitar cable, an instrument cable that will stand up to rigours of the road and some guitar patch cables that will transfer your signal in high quality between pedals, the Tourtech selection of cheap guitar cables and guitar patch cables are a great option. Each guitar cable, instrument cable and guitar patch cable features high quality soldered connections as well as heavy duty jack connectors encased in strong, metal housings for reliable performance. The Tourtech selection of cheap guitar cables and cheap patch cables are constructed to the highest possible standards so they won’t let you down when you need them most! [caption id="attachment_41279" align="aligncenter" width="550"]TOURTECH 4 Inch N-Series Angled Patch Cable The TOURTECH 4 Inch N-Series Angled Patch Cable offers reliable connections between your instruments and pedals[/caption] There is a selection of different options to choose from including long guitars cables like the 33ft (10m) jack to jack guitar cable, 20ft angled jack instrument cables and even smaller options such as the 5ft jack to jack instrument cables and 3-meter audio cables. The selection of TOURTECH cables also includes a series of tangle free braided cables which have been crafted to the same meticulous quality standards. These braided guitar cables feature a braided covering which drastically reduces the chance of your cables kinking or bending, which therefore means your cables last a LOT longer! [caption id="attachment_43371" align="aligncenter" width="550"]TOURTECH Pro Straight to Angled Braided Tweed 10ft Guitar Cable The TOURTECH Pro Straight to Angled Braided Tweed 10ft Guitar Cable drastically reduces the chance of your cables getting tangled[/caption] There is also a range of Tourtech angled patch cables with a selection of different connectors and sizes to suit all pedal boards, and studio set ups.

Cheap Tourtech PA accessories, Microphone Stands & Cheap XLR Microphone Cables That Don’t Suck

[caption id="attachment_41280" align="aligncenter" width="549"]TOURTECH Microphone Boom Stand The TOURTECH Microphone Boom Stand is extremely sturdy, of professional quality and very budget friendly.[/caption] The range of Tourtech accessories also extends to the high quality yet budget friendly microphone stands and XLR cables that are extremely reliable and won’t break the bank. We have a massive selection of heavy duty, sturdy and reliable Tourtech microphone stands for all applications including boom stands, low profile telescopic microphone boom stands, round base microphone stands, desktop microphone stands and more to suit many uses. [caption id="attachment_41281" align="aligncenter" width="550"]TOURTECH 20ft XLR to XLR Microphone Cable The TOURTECH 20ft XLR to XLR Microphone Cable features high quality connections for superior sound transfer[/caption] We also have a massive range of Tourtech XLR to XLR microphone cables, which are extremely budget friendly, yet provide the high-quality sound transfer you need. Choose from the likes of 33ft (10m) N Series XLR cables to the smaller 20ft (6m) XLR cables and even Jack to XLR cables. The are constructed using high quality materials and are built to last – these are cheap XLR cables that certainly don’t suck.

Cheap Tourtech Rack Cases That Don’t Suck

[caption id="attachment_41284" align="aligncenter" width="550"]TOURTECH TTABS-4US ABS Four Unit 19 Inch Shallow Rack Case The TOURTECH TTABS-4US ABS Four Unit 19 Inch Shallow Rack Case provides great protection for your rack mounted gear.[/caption] When you need highly durable rack cases to protect your rack units and rack mounted gear, hardware and sound modules you shouldn’t have to spend a fortune. This is where the Tourtech rack cases come in really handy! Ranging from shallow 4 unit rack cases to full-size 8 unit 19” rack cases for portable studios and studio engineers. [caption id="attachment_41285" align="aligncenter" width="550"]TOURTECH TTABS-8U Eight Unit 19" Rack Case The TOURTECH TTABS-8U Eight Unit 19" Rack Case is ideal for professional engineers and those with portable studios[/caption] Each Tourtech rack unit has removable front and rear lids for easy access so you can use your equipment without having to remove them from the case. In addition, each Tourtech rack unit is stackable and constructed from High Grade Polyethylene for added security and feature gasket seals and integrated handles for transport!

Cheap Guitar Straps That Won't Let You Down

[caption id="attachment_43373" align="aligncenter" width="550"]TOURTECH TT- SPL40BLK Leather Style Black Guitar The TOURTECH TT- SPL40BLK Leather Style Black Guitar[/caption] When you’re stood upright playing guitar or bass, you need to be able to rely on your guitar strap. If you invest in a poor-quality guitar strap you run the risk of it breaking and your guitar falling to the floor, damaging your equipment and ruining the gig – yep this is the kind of fear we as guitarists have to live with! I’m being dramatic of course, it’s never that scary, but seriously, if you drop your guitar it really sucks. [caption id="attachment_43374" align="aligncenter" width="541"]TOURTECH TT-COTBLU Guitar Strap Blue The TOURTECH TT-COTBLU Guitar Strap Blue[/caption] So, with that in mind, you need high quality guitar straps that are designed for heavy use and have been designed to grip on to your guitar whilst still being comfortable. Thankfully TOURTECH have released a range of budget friendly guitar straps that’ll do the job nicely. You have a choice of leather style straps with reinforced pin points, plain nylon straps and a range woven nylon straps with cool designs that’ll really add an interesting look to your set up. Sturdy, strong and easily adjustable - you can’t go wrong! Shop all TOURTECH guitar and bass straps here.

Cheap Tourtech Keyboard Hardcases That Don't Suck

TOURTECH Pro Series ABS 88-Note Keyboard Flight Case Keyboards are notoriously difficult to travel with, and getting a case to fit one can cost a fortune. Fortunately, TOURTECH have come to the rescue with their seriously strong Pro Series ABS keyboard flight cases. These flight cases have been specifically designed for the touring musicians out there who want to be able to transport their keyboards easily and safely. You have TSA locking hatches, so customs officials can get in to your case easily without damaging the lock, transport wheels for easy manoeuvrability and a rigged ABS protective exterior that protects your gear from knocks and bumps. Keyboard hard cases available: Shop the full range Tourtech products over at PMT online today - you're sure to find the perfect accessory for your musical needs. Or call in to your local PMT store to see a full range of guitar cables, cheap guitar cases, cheap gig bags and so much more! tourtech