VOX announce two additional Nutube powered mini amps joining the coveted VOX MV50 series lineup ahead of NAMM 2018. Introducing, the VOX MV50 High Gain & VOX MV50 Boutique amplifiers

vox mv50 namm 2018 Since the VOX MV50 range was announced in 2017, VOX amplifier purists (like me) have been extremely impressed with the awesome power and versatility of these small and highly portable mini amps. This year, ahead of NAMM 2018, the team at VOX Amplification have unveiled the all new VOX MV50 High Gain & VOX MV50 Boutique amplifiers heads that pump out 50 watts of power and weigh a mere 540 grams (1.1 lbs.). Let’s take a closer look at these two all new amplifiers announced today.

Main features of the VOX MV50 High Gain & MV50 Boutique amps

  • Each amp is only only 540 grams (1.1 lbs.)!
  • Super compact – you can carry it in one hand.
  • Nutube technology preamp and analogue circuitry
  • EQ switch to provide sound that perfectly matches the size of cabinet being used
  • Speaker emulated line/headphone out
  • Retro design including VU meter
  • Perfectly matched with the VOX BC108 or VOX BC112 Black Cabinet Series cabs

VOX MV50 High Gain Amplifier

VOX MV50 High Gain Amplifier Heavy metal and rock bands have been using VOX amps for quite some time, cranking the master volume and manipulating the EQ to get that unmistakeable British crunch. However, to tip that tone over, guitarists have sometimes had to use pedals for that extra bone crunching tone. Until now. The team at VOX Amplification have crafted the VOX MV50 High Gain Amplifier to provide guitarists of all genres, including the metal heads with an indispensable tool for heavier style rock. The MV50 High Gain is equipped with a specially designed MID Control Switch that effectively boosts or cuts the mid-frequency range to add more versatile playability and deliver a more edgy, higher gain sound that features a boosted high and low end – ideal for the thicker riffs and big lead tones that you need to cut through the mix.

VOX MV50 Boutique Amplifier

VOX MV50 Boutique Amplifier The VOX MV50 Boutique Amplifier distils all the most coveted sounds of legendary boutique amplifiers sought after by tone snobs and professional guitarists into one highly portable amplifier head. In this mini amp, you have an entire tonal range to enjoy covering everything from warm and clean valve amp sounds to cutting overdrive where the tubes are screaming at you. The Nutube technology within ensures you have that lush, responsive and warm tone from valve amps but with modern, solid state reliability. The VOX MV50 Boutique Amplifier can supply you with everything you need, whether you want expressive grit-fuelled leads to subtle glass like cleans. Out of any amp within the MV50 range, the VOX MV50 Boutique Amplifier successfully produces a sense of compression that, until now, traditional vacuum tube amps have only been able to achieve. We can’t wait to get our hands on them! So, stay tuned for our video reviews. View the full range of VOX MV50 amplifiers over at PMT Online today or call in to your local PMT Store to try one out for yourself. vox mv50 namm 2018 amplifiers boutique high gain