If you're wondering what the best record stores for DJs in the UK are then you're in the right place. Whether you're looking for essentials or rare gems for your DJ Sets - we've compiled a list of some of the best record stores for DJs in the UK.

Top 15 best record stores for DJs in the UK

Sometimes you can't beat heading to your nearest record store for some crate digging. It doesn't matter whether you DJ dance, jungle, house, hip-hop, indie or soul - most record stores will cater to a massive variety of genres. But what are the best vinyl stores for DJs in the UK? Here we look at the top 10 record stores for vinyl enthusiasts.

1. Picadilly Records (Manchester)

When talking about the best vinyl stores for DJ's we had to include Picadilly Records in Manchester. The independent record store has become an institution over the years. DJ's will love it because of the eclectic range of hip-hop, funk, soul and indie. Each record in the store has a snippet of information attached to the sleeve which will make the browsing and exploring experience much easier. This store is iconic for a reason and will be the perfect service to tailoring a unique and rich DJ set! Picadilly Records prides itself on a diverse selection of new music so this is great if you're looking to drop something fresh into your set.
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Staring at your phone on a Sunday afternoon searching for new songs? Plenty of new records this way. Door is open.

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2. Eastern Bloc (Manchester)

If you're after the latest underground, techno or jungle then look no further than Eastern Bloc. This store will hold happy memories for the wide music-loving culture of Manchester across generations. It even used to sell tickets to iconic nightclub The Hacienda back in the day. This is well and truly a store for DJs who are purists in club music like drum & bass, electro, dubstep, hip-hop and more. Their selection is so brilliant it simply had to make our list of Best Record Stores For DJs In The UK.

3. Spillers Records (Cardiff)

Spillers Records proudly boasts that it's the oldest record store in the world. Naturally - a record store can't survive for over 120 years without great service and music. The music they stock is an accurate reflection of the tastes of their staff and regular customers - spanning from electronic through to blues and world. Spillers Records an essential visit for all DJs and record collectors no matter what style you play. Spillers isn't just a record store but a pillar in the music community and their logo has been seen across the world.

4. Idle Hands (Bristol)

Idle Hands is an absolute essential for DJs who specialise in house, garage, techno, dubstep, jungle, disco, Italo or reggae. Although it's small, this shop has such an eclectic and diverse range of vinyl and expertise on offer. Idle Hands' selection channels and reflects its roots as a Stokes Croft, Bristol. This isn't much of a surprise considering the musical impact the city has had on the genres they carry. The store is surrounded by a like-minded community and clubbing scene which boasts iconic venues like Lakota, Blue Mountain or Crofter's Rights. Idle Hands simply had to make this list of best Record Stores for DJ's in the UK!

5. Rough Trade (London, Nottingham, Bristol)

What would a list of the best record stores for DJs be without a mention of the iconic Rough Trade? Although the indie-chain has its roots in alternative and post-punk culture - Rough Trade actually stocks an eclectic range of vinyl across hip-hop, electronic, world, reggae, indie and more. There's a reason why the London stores are something of a mecca to vinyl enthusiasts across the world - as legendary DJ Don Letts once said, "If music is your religion, Rough Trade is Your Church". A line which sums up why this makes our Best Record Stores For DJs In The UK list.

6. Banquet Records (London)

Another iconic London based record store would have to be Banquet Records. The Kingston Upon Thames store has its own club nights and in-store events as well as a brilliantly diverse range of vinyl. We feel it's great for DJ's simply because of the scale of new and old vinyl on offer. Banquet stocks a diverse range of records spanning indie, punk, rock, soul and dance. It feels like this is an overused word when talking about record stores but Banquet well and truly is an institution.

7. Sister Ray (London)

Sister Ray Records is another one of London's infamous record stores. This shop is more of a specialist vinyl store which prides itself in a wide and varied selection of hard-to-find vinyl. Located on the iconic Berwick Street in the thriving hub of Soho - this is a must-visit for all DJs in the capital city. You can expect a brilliant variety of house, reggae, funk, pop, rock and indie releases both new and used. Much like other stores on this list, we think it's brilliant for DJs because of the wide variety of genres available. Sister Ray is easily one of the Best Record Stores For DJs In The UK right now.

8. Drift (Devon)

Drift Records is a bit of an outlier in terms of it not being in a massive city but if you're ever in Devon it's well worth a visit. This family-run record store is a real joy to spend time in, expect diverse vinyl, exclusive and rare pressings plus super friendly service.  Drift even run their own magazine called 'Deluxe' which will help you find out about any fresh gems for your DJ sets, no matter what genre you spin!

9. Pie & Vinyl (Portsmouth)

Pie & Vinyl might sound like a bit of novelty but ultimately, it's a winning combination. The concept behind this particular record shop is quite simple: bring together a clear love of music and a classic bit of English comfort food. DJs will love this quaint shop for a variety of reasons - mainly because you can pick up some fuel for a good session of record hunting! This store is especially great for those who are after fresh cuts - they focus purely on new music and artists (roughly released within the last two years) - great if you're looking to spin new material in your sets.

10. Jumbo Records (Leeds)

Jumbo Records is well and truly a must-visit for DJs in the Leeds area - and it's been on the scene since 1971 when they specialised in northern soul and reggae. Today though they carry a great selection of all key genres. Like all great record stores, Jumbo is a massive part of the local music scene and not only a place to pick up records for your DJ sets - it's also a place where you can meet like-minded people and fellow vinyl enthusiasts. Well worth a visit for anyone passionate about DJing.
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