We show you 5 easy guitar chords for kids and complete beginners. We also show you the 5 easy songs to play using just 3 chords.

easy guitar chords for kids We've teamed up with Leigh from MGR Music who shows us 5 easy guitar chords that kids and complete beginners will be able to learn easily. We also show you 5 easy songs to play using just 3 chords. Learning guitar and playing along to great songs doesn’t have to be a huge ordeal. There are a few simple songs you can do with some very easy to play chords. Even if you’re brand new to guitar, you can start to form some chords into some great songs. The title of this lesson says 'Easy Chords for Kids', but don’t worry if you aren’t a kid! This is for all guitar players to enjoy! For this lesson, you will need a capo to play along with some of these songs. All songs can be played without a capo if you don’t have one, but the pitch won’t match up with the record. You can watch the lesson below and follow along with the chords further down the page.

Easy Guitar Chords To Start With

In this lesson, we will be using 5 basic chords: G Major, C Major, D Major, E Minor and A Major. here's a handy diagram on how to play them. The numbers represent which finger is used on that particular string. Number 1 being your index finger and 4 is your pinky etc. These chords will be the foundation for you playing along with some popular songs and really impressing people very early on in your playing career! g chord diagramc major chord diagram d major chord diagrame minor chord diagram a major chord diagram    

Easy Songs To Play On Guitar

How To Play Bob Dylan – Knocking on Heavens Door Chords

This is a great song to start playing along with and it’s a guaranteed singalong at any party, everyone knows this one! It’s been one of the most covered songs of all time, but this transcription is based off the Bob Dylan version as that is the most structurally simple version of the song. The song is made up of a four-bar loop that uses G, D and C. The rhythm is the same for each bar with a quarter note strum on the first, second and third beats and a pair of eighth note strums on the fourth beat. how to play knocking on heavens door

How To Play Tom Petty – Free Fallin' Chords

For this track, you will need to put your capo on the 3rd fret. This is a very simple song to play because there is not a great deal of strumming, but this song has a rhythm that takes a few attempts to get used to and a fast change from a G to a D chord in the second bar. The first bar is a dotted quarter note followed by a half note. The dotted quarter is a beat and a half in length. The second bar starts with a quick change from the G back to the D. The G falling on the first beat and the D falling on the "&" of the first beat. The loop ends with a rung out A chord on the "&" of the second beat before repeating. Through the Tom Petty version, he applies various additional strums to this rhythm, but you can have some fun with this. It can work as simply as this, or you can add a few extra hits here and there to suit your mood. how to play free fallin

How To Play Bruno Mars - Marry You Chords

For this track, you will also need the capo on the 3rd fret. This Bruno Mars track is guaranteed to be a hit when you’re serenading someone and showing off your tender side. Yes, I know… you're a rocker at heart but it’s ok, enjoy it! This track uses three chords in an 8-bar loop. D, Em and G. Each bar as the same rhythmic pattern applied. The rhythm is counted as 1 2 & - & 4 &. The third beat isn’t strummed in this case. The "&" of the second beat is played as a quarter note which takes it through to the "&" of the third beat. how to play marry you

How To Play Ed Sheeran - Lego House Chords

For this track, the capo will be placed on the 4th fret. This Ed Sheeran track is guaranteed to get the room singing. It’s played as a two-bar loop of straight sixteenth notes (four notes per beat) and will be strictly alternate strummed. The first bar contains three full beats of the G chord (This means you’ll be strumming it 12 times) before moving to the D for a beat (four strums). The second bar follows the same form, but the G chord is now replaced with an E Minor. how to play lego house

How To Play Oasis - Songbird Chords

So when I said there were only 5 chords in this lesson, I did lie a little. We need to learn two extra chords for this Oasis track but don’t worry, they are very easy to play. One of the new chords is just a variation of the E Minor we already know. Noel Gallagher’s playing style is quite unique. He is often seen anchoring his ring and pinky fingers on the third fret of the B and E strings as he moves between various other chord roots with this first and middle finger. That is what we are doing in this track. For the entire loop, your third and fourth fingers will remain in place on the 3rd fret of the B and E strings. We will be using a G chord along with these two new chords Em7 and G/F#. Here's how to play Em7 and G/F#. how to play em7 chord how to play g over f sharp   While their names might seem scary, you can see from looking at the diagram that the first is just an E Minor chord with the higher fingers kept in place and the G/F# chord is just a G chord with the root note dropped to an F# and the A string muted by the underside of that finger. The rhythm for this track remains the same throughout. Each bar contains quarter note strums on the "1" and "2" and eighth note strums on the "3 & 4 &". The track starts with the G chord repeated for three full bars, on the fourth bar, the G chord is played on the "1" and "2" beats before moving to the G/F# on the "3 & 4 &". The back half then shifts to Em7 for three bars before the fourth bar moving from Em7 on the "1" and "2" and back to G/F# on the "3 & 4 &". how to play songbird About the Author Leigh Fuge is a professional guitar player and tutor from Swansea in South Wales and a guitar writer having written and produced content for Guitar Magazine and many other high profile guitar publications and websites. If you enjoyed this article on easy guitar chords and video, don’t forget to check out PMTVUK on Youtube for more guitar lesson videos. View all PMT College lessons for more handy, free online guitar lessons. Professional guidance can make all the difference to your development. Head over to mgrmusic.com and find a great teacher in your local area today. We have a great network of teachers around your local PMT stores including the ones in Liverpool, Cardiff and Manchester.