here's some of our favourite guitars of the decade between 2010 & 2020.

Welcome to our rundown of Guitars Of The Decade. A lot can happen in ten years and that sentiment has proved immensely true in the guitar world. Here are ten moments that we feel has come to define the decade in guitars.

Fender American Ultra

The arrival of the Fender American Ultra series has proved to be a really huge moment in the story of Fender. This is mainly because the American Ultra series was the legendary brands first update of the curves of the guitar in ages. Needless to say, the response was huge from customers and staff alike here at PMT which is why they make our Guitars Of The Decade list. The series saw some of our favourite Fender models like the Stratocaster, Telecaster and Jazzmaster at their most advanced yet. Fender American Ultra Stratocaster, MN, Ultraburst

Malcolm Young Signature Gretsch

Rock's most infamous rhythm guitarist Malcolm Young was honoured with his own signature guitar earlier in the year. Young's mighty riffs laid down the foundations for some of the greatest songs that rock has ever heard - and any true fan of the band will instantly think of him when they see a Gretsch G61341-MY. After tragically passing away back in 2017, the guitar came as an incredibly fitting tribute to the musician who was such a central pillar in the biggest rock band the world will ever see. Gretsch G61341-MY

Gibson makes a return to form

This decade saw Gibson make a dazzling return to form. The legendary guitar brand took a step back, listened to their fans and announced a stunning new collection which encompassed all of their most celebrated models including the SG, Les Paul, Explorer, ES Models, as well as basses and acoustics. What made them so special though? For a start, the renewed emphasis on quality, craftsmanship, tonewoods and the simplicity of the guitars caused a welcome stir. We saw celebrated artists return to their roster in droves and with good reason. Gibson Explorer Antique Natural 

George Harrison Signature Fender Telecaster

This was a landmark moment for guitar-playing fans of George Harrison and The Beatles out there. George Harrison received signature treatment with this gorgeous understated Rosewood Telecaster which he is famously seen playing in the 'Let It Be' video. Harrison's unique original guitar was closely studied by Fender Master Builder Paul Waller and was replicated as closely as possible which offered a sublime sense of originality and character.

Rory Gallagher Signature Fender Stratocaster

Famed Irish blues guitarist Rory Gallagher purchased the Stratocaster that he would forever be associated with at the age of fifteen for just £100. The guitar is now seen as the holy grail to many guitarists across the world. To honour the late blues icon, Fender Custom Shop met up with his brother Donal Gallagher for a Signature Rory Gallagher Stratocaster. They studied the heavily worn guitar and created an exact replica of the coveted instrument. This was down to every detail, including two different 12th fret dot markers, one from plastic and one from clay. The reception was absolutely huge among the guitar community and these models were snapped up. Fender Custom Shop Rory Gallagher Signature Stratocaster 

St Vincent Ernie Ball Music Man

The distinctive style and character of St. Vincent (aka Annie Clark) has made her a modern-day guitar icon. Her signature range the Ernie Ball Music Man St. Vincent guitars were announced back in 2016 to great acclaim! The striking asymmetrical shape of these models is emblematic of the angular aesthetic of St. Vincent. Inspired by the playing needs of Annie Clark herself, she said the guitar had to be ergonomic, lightweight and sleek. The range came in a variety of colours including a notable Stealth Black with an ebony fretboard and a maple neck. The guitars went on to receive acclaim amongst critics and fans alike. Music Man St Vincent Blue

Jimmy Page Signature Fender Telecasters

The word legend is often overused in the world of guitar but you'd be hard-pressed to find a player who has made greater contributions to the craft than Jimmy Page. His iconic Telecaster which went through two different Dragon and Mirror identities got the signature treatment after fifty years in 2019 - and as expected - the models garnered quite the reception among Page and Zeppelin fans across the globe. With both guitars replicating the striking and unique attention to detail in the original models - they really look and sound the part. The original guitar was given to Page in an Ash Blonde by Jeff Beck which he then customised with eight mirrors. The same guitar later evolved into the dragon design as he stripped it down and hand-painted the body. Fender Jimmy Page Telecaster Signature Guitar

Gibson 60th Anniversary 1959 Les Paul Standard

Arguably the most desirable guitar ever made - the Gibson 60th Anniversary LP offered players to once again get their hands on the 1959 Les Paul Standard from the Gibson Custom Shop. It's one of the most iconic guitar designs of all time and there are only about 650 original models in existence. The Sunburst Les Paul has been adopted by the likes of Eric Clapton, Peter Green, Jeff Beck, Slash, Joe Bonamassa and hundreds more. This model was perhaps the best guitar Gibson has ever achieved, having painstakingly been re-created them from the originals. They're almost clones of the original models, from laser-scanned dimensions to chemically recreated plastics, every element of these guitars has been intricately recreated. Gibson 60th Anniversary 1959 Les Paul Standard Factory Burst

Fender Offset Series

The Fender Offset Series resurrected two giants from the 50s and 60s in 2016 with new versions of the Mustang and the Duo-Sonic. Originally popular with students due to their affordability and great sound - these slick offset guitars were welcomed back to the scene with open arms. Mustangs especially hadn't seen a release in a while so it was great to see new models on the market. With vibrant and bright colours and their unmistakable vintage aesthetic - this series was a great comfortable and modern take on two all-time Fender classics, plus their modern necks and radius made them easy to navigate for beginners. Fender Duo Sonic Offset Series Guitar Capri Orange

All New Eastcoast Guitars 

Eastcoast Guitars seriously upped their game earlier in the year and that's why we had to acknowledge them in this Guitars Of The Decade list. The latest Eastcoast series was styled around some of the most iconic guitar designs in the world and offered affordable guitars that looked and felt like professional options. The quality on offer for the budget-friendly nature of the Eastcoast range made them perfect for beginner players and as robust back-up options for experienced players. Eastcoast GT100 Electric Guitar Vintage Blonde

Fender Parallel Universe

After many leaks and rumours - the Fender Parallel Universe Guitar Series dropped to huge acclaim in 2018. The 9 guitar series included models such as the Fender Meteora (pictured below), Thinline Super Deluxe and the Limited Edition Troublemaker Tele which was a rebellious take on the classic Telecaster Deluxe. These guitars were simply a joy to behold with gorgeous finishes and stylish vintage construction. In a time when big brands were starting to face accusations of playing it safe - this series was somewhat radical and inventive on behalf of Fender - it even included a Jaguar Strat! Fender Parallel Universe Meteora Candy Apple Red 

Epiphone Century Acoustics

The Masterbilt Century Range was a stroke of genius from Epiphone as they brought back iconic designs from the 1920s and 1930s. The series of vintage-styled archtop electro-acoustics combined timeless and striking aesthetics with hallmarks from yesteryear. In short - these guitars elegantly brought together the past and the present and are truly something special for acoustic players looking to stand out. Epiphone Masterbilt Century Zenith Classic Vintage Sunburst 

VOX Starstream

Okay - so the VOX Starstream is certainly one of the more 'out there' instruments on our guitars of the decade list. However, this incredibly unique instrument has been included for good reason. It's a great playing guitar packed with a host of modern features future! It's super lightweight with 3D contours making it comfortable to play standing up or sitting down. The Starstream also runs through VOX's AREOS-D System which offers an immense sense of control. Here at PMT - we jokingly called it the Star Wars guitar due to its space-age looks and striking design features. Very much a guitar of the future. VOX Starstream Type 1 Plus Mahogany Modelling Guitar Red

Schecter Synyster Guitars

The Schecter Synyster Gates guitars proved massively popular amongst the metal guitar community. Avenged Sevenfold have become one of the biggest forces in metal today so this is pretty understandable. The Synyster Gates range carries all the aesthetics you'd expect from an Avenged Sevenfold guitar - but also delivers upon the unmistakable tone and sound of Synyster Gates. Not one to be reckoned with! Schecter Synyster Standard Black W Silver Pinstripes 

Taylor GS Mini

The Taylor GS Mini series are compact, stylish high-quality travel guitars that have been immensely popular this decade. They've quickly become one of our favourite travel guitars here at PMT. Despite being 3/4 size these really don't compromise on sound quality or aesthetics. While many other models of similar size can feel cheaply constructed or lacking in sound - this is where the Taylor GS Mini really stands out as they're incredibly loud with great depth and tone. All of the GS Mini's feature a solid top with a laminated back and sides. Available with a Spruce, Mahogany or Koa top! Ideal for guitarists on the move - think festivals, beaches and camping trips. Taylor GS Mini Mahogany Top Acoustic Guitar Shop a full range of guitars and musical equipment over at PMT Online today or call into your local PMT store to check out a full range for yourself!