New to PMT, Eventide effects units are amongst some of the most popular and reliable on the market, frequently being found in top recording studios the world over.

Even Tide FX pedals New To PMT Online From their creation of the first commercially available pitch changer in 1975 (the H910 Harmonizer), through to the more recent launch of the Stompbox Line, Eventide effects have been a constant in the world of popular music recording. With names such as Eddie Van Halen, Frank Zappa, David Bowie, AC/DC, and many more being associated with Eventide over the decades, the company are clearly doing something right.

Built Upon A Four-Decade Legacy

Here at PMT, we’re pleased to announce the new arrival of some awesome effects from the Eventide Stompbox Line, including: So, without further ado, let’s take a look at just what makes these effects so popular, and the reasons why we’re excited to have them back in stock at PMT:

5 Reasons You Need Eventide Effects In Your Life

1. Studio-Quality Sound

For more than four decades now, Eventide’s premium-quality effects have been a standard fixture amongst some of the World’s biggest recording artists and studios. As of 2007, these legendary, studio-grade effects have been made available to guitar players in the form of premium-grade pedals. In a few short years, the company has gone from a renowned studio heavyweight to a world leader in Stompboxes. In recent years, many of those classic effects have been accurately recreated for the pedalboard, such as: As if that wasn’t enough, the afore-mentioned H9 Multi-Effects Pedal comes preloaded with a host of algorithms and presets from the rest of the Stompbox Line. H9 Multi FX Pedal

2. Accurate Parameter Controls

When it comes to effects with pre-set sounds, getting things exactly how you want them can often be difficult. However, with Eventide’s stompbox pedals, that’s not the case. Take the Eventine ModFactor, for example, a Modulation-style effects unit that features a whopping 100 presets to get you started with. Closeup of the ModFactor control panel Despite having so many presets, you needn’t think that this is all you can use. As you can see, there are also 10 parameter controls, which allow adjustment to any aspect of the effects. In addition to this, each of these parameters can be adjusted in real-time by external factors - such as an expression pedal, or a synced MIDI interface. Not to mention my next point…

3. The Eventide Effects H9 Control App

As if these controls weren't already good enough, Eventide has made the pedals compatible with the H9 Control application. H9 Control app This app was originally created with the awesome H9 Multi-Effects Pedal in mind, and grants you remote access to parameters, presets, and settings, all within a user-friendly interface. Simply install the app onto your mobile device, and you’ll get instant access to more than 500 boundary-pushing presets.

4. Road-Ready Construction

Whether you’re a touring guitarist or studio musician, the Stompbox Line of Eventide Effects can withstand whatever you throw at it. With their premium-quality components, rugged enclosures, versatile connectivity, and pedalboard-friendly dimensions, these incredible pedals would make ideal gigging companions. Rear panel of the Eventide TimeFactor delay pedal

5. Suitable for Any Instrument

Unlike with some FX makers, all Eventide stomp boxes can be used to great-effect with pretty much any recordable instrument. By that, I mean quite literally any! Whether it’s a guitar, bass, or synth you want to affect, or even a saxophone or harmonica, the incredibly powerful DSP engines in pedals such as the Eventide TimeFactor will work perfectly. Eventide TimeFactor, delay pedal from the Stompbox Line Each of these Eventide Effects pedals can be used in a number of different ways. This includes in a traditional pedalboard-to-amp setup, or even as an external DSP for your DAW. One thing is for certain though: however, and wherever you choose to use these effects, you’re in safe hands.

Eventide Effects: Available to Order Now

Shop Eventide Effects at PMT Online today or call into your local PMT store to try some for yourself. Can’t see the pedal you want? We can special order it for you – call 0151 448 2089 for more info. Shop Eventide Effects