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So what exactly does the PMTV UK YouTube channel offer?

Want some of the best guitar related content? Stop by the PMTV UK YouTube channel for a selection of insightful and honest guitar reviews and guitar demos. We review everything from acoustic guitars to electric guitars and basses and everything in between. Want a beginner’s guide to effects pedals? You got it. Want to know what the best cheap guitars are? We have that too! How about keyboards, drums and PA related reviews? We have all that ready for you here at PMTV UK.

Show Me Some Of The Best Videos On PMTV UK

Sure thing! Our ever-growing subscriber base loves the content we put out on PMTVUK, and some of our videos have millions of views. Here’s a quick look at some of our most popular content.

How To Choose a Guitar Amplifier - Electric Guitar Amp Buying Guide!

In this video, Dagan shows us what to look for when shopping for a guitar amplifier. This amp buying guide has had loads of views and many people find it very useful when they’re in the market for a new amplifier. You need to watch this if you’re about to buy an amplifier.

7 Cheap Electric Guitars That Don't Suck - Great Tone at Budget Friendly Prices

This video proves that you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a good guitar! These guitars may be cheap, but they’re certainly made with pro and experienced players in mind. These guitars are budget friendly options for those looking to begin their journey or if you need a 2nd guitar for stage and around the home.

Top 6 Digital Pianos For Beginners...Best Beginner Keyboards Under £500!

If you’re a first-time piano player, you need to watch this video! Over 50k people have found this video useful as it shows that you can get a superb quality digital piano for under £500. These options will last a lifetime and offer exceptional playability too!

7 Best Tube Amps For Home Use - The valve amp sound at lower volumes Part 1

We all love the sound of tube amps, as there’s just nothing quite like cranking a valve amp into saturation. However, these amps are not usually designed for around the home. In this video, Dagan shows us a selection of his favourite tube amps that you can run at lower volumes without blowing out the windows.

"Pumped Up Kicks" by Foster The People on Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators

This awesome video went a little bit viral when we released it! This is Sam playing a cover of “Teenage Kicks” by Foster The People on a selection of Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators. This shows us how awesome these small synths are and just how versatile they can be.

A Beginner's Guide To Guitar Effects Pedals...Effect Types Explained!

If you‘ve ever been a little scared of choosing guitar effects pedals, then this video is perfect for you. Sam demystifies effects pedals and shows us what types of effects are on offer, what a delay sounds like and what types of effects we might need for our sound.

What Guitar Size Should I Buy? - Dagans Guitar Size Guide

Dagan shows us how to buy a guitar and shows us what size or style we might need. This video is great if you’re just starting out in the world of guitar or you’re shopping for a loved one.

Top 5 Best Keyboard Workstations For Musicians & Producers

Gaz from PMT Newcastle shows us some of his favourite keyboard workstations that musicians and producers will love. These are great options if you want a complete song crafting tool and make excellent studio partners. These are perfect options regardless of whether you’re a singer songwriter, film scorer or just a hobbyist musician.

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