Summer NAMM 2019: New Martin Guitars Announced


Summer NAMM 2019 has brought its fair share of hot new releases, none more special than the new Martin Guitars lineup of Acoustic Guitars. Here we take a look at our top picks!

new martin guitars ft martin brexit guitar

These new models from Martin Guitars are all available to Special Order at PMT Online or at your local PMT Store. Call us for more information and the latest updates on release date and availability on 0151 448 2089.



1.) Martin LX1R + LX1RE

Martin LX1R Acoustic Guitar Martin LX1R Acoustic Guitar

The Little Martin is arguably one of Martin's best ever selling guitars. Highly regarded as the most affordable entry-level guitar in Martin's Acoustic catalogue, it is big on tone, quality, and versatility and features sustainable wood.

For any fans of Ed Sheeran's signature sound, the LX1RE follows in the same vein and is closely modelled on the best-selling LX1E.

The new Martin LX1R features a solid Sitka spruce top, for warmth and projection, paired with stylish rosewood pattern HPL. As the first model in its series with a pickguard, it also includes a laser-etched herringbone rosette and comes with a soft gig bag for easy transport so you can take your music anywhere. The Little Martin is ideal for travel but also makes a great student guitar.

The LX1R is the Acoustic, non-pickup version, whilst the LX1RE includes a quality Fishman Sonitone electronic pickup. A fantastic little everyday guitar for the home or studio, equally well-sized for life on the road.


3.) Martin 000JR-10 + Martin 000CJr-10E

Martin 000Jr-10 Acoustic Guitar Martin 000Jr-10 Acoustic Guitar

Following in the footsteps of the Winter NAMM Dreadnought Junior releases, Martin have also made a cool addition to the classic '000' body shape.

The Junior Series 000JR-10 is designed for players looking for big sound in a slightly smaller body. Now available in the popular Auditorium style, the 000Jr-10 features sapele back and sides, which offer warm tones with a strong midrange response.

The 000JR-10 includes a Sitka spruce top for added warmth and projection and a hand-rubbed neck with a high-performance taper for ease of playability. This model also sports a soft back edge to provide maximum comfort while playing. Every Junior includes a soft gig bag for easy transport so you can take your music anywhere. It's also strung with Retro light gauge strings, making it instantly fun to play out the box.

The 000JR-10E is essentially the Electro-Acoustic version, kitted out with a Fishman Sonitone Electronics system.

Another great mid-range / beginner guitar that oozes the hallmark traits of a vintage Martin Acoustic!


3.) New Martin 16 Series

Covering a wide range of body shapes and sizes, Martin's 16 Series offers a little something for everyone. Consisting of the classic D-16E Dreadnought (in Natural and Burst Finish Options), GPC-16E, 00-16E and OMC-16E.

These new 16 Series models are in-line with some of Martin's most traditional Americana designs, offering a wonderful balance between style, playability and performance. All exemplifying the crisp, rich tone we've come to expect from a Martin Guitar.


Martin 16 Series Guitars Martin 16 Series Guitars




4.) Special Editions


Each year we are treated to some highly collectable, one-off Martin Guitar pieces that may never grace our shores again. 2019 is no different, with 4 new Limited Edition models with some strange and quirky designs on offer!


Martin American Chopper Custom

Martin collaborated with the hit TV show American Chopper and Paul Jr. Designs to build a three-wheeled vehicle that became the subject of two television episodes broadcast in March 2019 and an automotive-inspired custom guitar. Limited to only seven instruments, this 14-fret Dreadnought features design elements such as aluminum riveted panels (a first for Martin) and custom inlay in wood and copper.

Certainly a very cool country guitar that faithfully evokes some iconic American cultural themes!

Martin American Chopper Custom Martin American Chopper Custom


Martin 00L Fly Fishing

Limited to only 100 instruments worldwide, this very collectable Martin pays homage to one of the USA's most favourite pastimes. The top is printed with custom fly fishing-themed artwork by William Matthews and also includes custom pearl inlay on the fingerboard and headstock.

This sloped shoulder art guitar is crafted with stunning gloss-finished Goncolo Alves back and sides, which provide a responsive bottom end and lively midrange. This spectacular collector's piece includes a Sitka spruce gloss top for balanced tone and projection and a high-performance neck taper for ease of playability up and down the fretboard. So, it offers more than just a wall ornament - it's highly playable, as you'd expect from a Martin Acoustic!

Martin 00L Fly Fishing Acoustic Guitar Martin 00L Fly Fishing Acoustic Guitar

Martin D-16E Brexit

Perhaps the most controversial of the bunch is the Martin D-16E Brexit. Based on Martin's classic 14-Fret Dreadnought body shape, it features custom Brexit-themed artwork by Robert F.Goetzl.

We're not sure how we feel about this one, but your thoughts in the comments below...Certainly a collector's piece for an acquired taste!


Martin D-16E Brexit Electro Acoustic Guitar Martin D-16E Brexit Electro Acoustic Guitar

New Martin Strings

Furthermore, Martin have bolstered their trusted lineup of Guitar Strings. These consist of the new Authentic Acoustic Flexible Core Strings and Acoustic Bass Strings.


Martin MA4800 Guitar StringsMartin MA500FX Guitar Strings


Martin's new Flexible Core Strings are soft to the touch, making them ideal for beginners and new players just 'wearing in' their fingers on a new steel string guitar! By reducing finger fatigue, they are ideal for fingerstyle and note bending, whilst offering comfort without sacrificing tone.

In addition, Martin's new Authentic Acoustic Bass strings offer excellent tuning stability, corrosion resistance, and great playability.

Shop a full range of Martin strings here.

If you're interested in any of the Martin guitars above, call our friendly guitar experts on 0151 448 2089 to enquire about availability or speak to our in-store Acoustic Experts at your local PMT Store.

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