Glastonbury 2019 Gear Guide - Who Played What This Year?


We take a look at what some of the biggest names at Glasto 2019 were playing on stage in our Glastonbury 2019 Gear Guide

glastonbury 2019 gear guide

What an incredible weekend of live music! Glastonbury lived up to every expectation we could hope for (and then some!) as the pinnacle of the British festival season triumphantly returned in 2019 after a fallow year.

Best of all for us instrument and gear enthusiasts, we’re gifted the opportunity to gain insight into our favourite acts live set ups! We’re going to take a look at a few of the best selections from the festival.

Lewis Capaldi Glastonbury 2019 Gear Guide

The affable Scottish songwriter has developed a lovable reputation built on equal parts musical and comedic aptitude, and that was before any run in with Noel Gallagher! If you're wondering what guitar Lewis Capaldi was playing at Glastonbury 2019, he can be seen here playing a Martin D-28.

Martin D-28 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar The Martin D-28 is a classic acoustic guitar used by loads of pro musicians

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Johnny Marr Glastonbury 2019 Gear Guide

As well as playing his own set at the festival, The Smiths guitarist and indie rock icon Johnny Marr blew the crowd away in a performance that will surely go down in Glastonbury lore for years to come as he joined The Killers on the Pyramid Stage sporting his own signature Fender Jaguar.

Fender Johnny Marr Signature Jaguar Electric Guitar, Olympic White

Available in:

Vampire Weekend Glastonbury 2019 Gear Guide

Returning after a seemingly infinite hiatus, the NYC outfit finally released their eagerly anticipated new record, and frontman Ezra Koenig made sure not to forget his synonymous Epiphone Sheraton for this standout set!

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Billie Eilish Glastonbury Gear Guide

Eilish has blown up to become a global superstar at the age of just 17. Whilst she enthralls the crowd with her eerie, energetic and captivating vocal performances her brother, a producer, pilots the musical direction. Here he can be seen triggering drum pads and samples using a trigger system like the Roland SPD SX.

George Ezra Glastonbury 2019 Gear Guide

With a penchant for writing some of the catchiest songs in modern pop, George Ezra returned to the Glastonbury stage with glorious, feel-good renditions of his tracks that perfectly suit the festival’s atmosphere - not to mention the beautiful weather! His trusty Gretsch guitar perfectly complements his sound. Here, he's playing a Gretsch G6119T Players Edition Tennessee Rose in Dark Cherry Stain without the scratchplate.

Gretsch G6119T Players Edition Tennessee Rose in Dark Cherry Stain

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Gerry Cinnamon Glastonbury 2019 Gear Guide

Another Scottish troubadour, Cinnamon’s brand of classic storytelling is truly an all in one experience as his live sound is filled out sonically using a BOSS RC300 loop station in addition to his Martin 000-15M.

Freya Ridings Glastonbury 2019 Gear Guide

This London born songwriter with a stunning baritone vocal capped her set with an emotional performance of her top 10 hit ‘Lost Without You’, utilizing the Roland RD-2000 stage piano to its full potential to convey a powerful and heartfelt message.

Georgia Glastonbury 2019 Gear Guide

A standout set from the Friday heatwave, Georgia used her Simmons digital drum kit to lay down some 80’s electronic beats whilst simultaneously belting out the pop melodies that led some fans to anoint her single About Work The Dancefloor the ‘track of the summer’. Check out offerings from Roland, Yamaha and TOURTECH if you’re looking to build a similar setup. View all electronic drum kits here.

IDLES Glastonbury 2019 Gear Guide

The Bristol punk rockers put on a rollercoaster of a show that had all of their hallmark raucous energy and more. If you’re not familiar with IDLES, we’d like to point out Mark Bowen’s attire (or lack thereof) was not just because of the heat - it’s his standard gig outfit, as is his road-worn ‘71 Fender Stratocaster. We recommend picking up a version of this classic guitar from our Fender Player series or new Fender Vintera series. View all Fender Stratocaster guitars here.

Liam Gallagher Glastonbury 2019 Gear Guide

Oasis may have been long disbanded, but Liam proved he is still very relevant in modern music with a vintage Gallagher performance on the Pyramid stage, complete with the classic Gibson ES-335 Dot used by the session guitarist.

Let us know in the captions below if you think we've missed anything or if you'd like to know what a certain artist was playing at Glastonbury 2019!

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