PMT Exclusive Ibanez Guitars & Basses Arriving Soon


Ibanez guitars and basses are amongst some of the most popular with Staff and Customers here at PMT. With that in mind, we’re pleased to announce some extra special PMT Exclusive Ibanez Models, landing at a PMT Store near you soon!

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For many years now, Ibanez instruments have developed a well-earned reputation for offering a great combination of high performance, versatile tone, and superb value for money. Which is exactly why we have acquired some PMT Exclusive Ibanez guitars and basses, bringing you a great range of models that are suitable for complete beginners, seasoned professionals, and everything in between.

For this collection we have a mixture of brand-new models, and even some models which were previously discontinued, but were so popular we’ve decided to bring some more in, just for you.

So, let’s take a look at my top 6 picks from these PMT Exclusive Ibanez guitars & basses, to let you know just what’s on its way.

Guitars & Basses for Beginners

1. Ibanez GSR200-SDL Electric Bass in Soda Blue – PMT Exclusive

When it comes to choosing a bass guitar for a complete beginner, the GIO series from Ibanez is a great place to start. With this GIO Series GSR200 bass you get a combination of excellent playability and no-nonsense tone, at a price that’s affordable for all.

One of the key reasons Ibanez are so popular with complete beginners is the neck shapes they choose to use. Unlike with some brands, the neck on even the most-affordable Ibanez is almost as comfortable and sleek as you’d get with a high-end professional model.

This GSR200-SDL also comes complete with a Split Coil and Single Coil pickup configuration, allowing you to dial in a variety of hard-rocking bass tones.

Despite its low price, this bass can easily take you from Complete Beginner status, through to gigging with your first band.

PMT Exclusive Ibanez GIO Series SR Bass in Soda Blue

2. Ibanez miKro GRGM21M-WSB Electric Guitar in Walnut Sunburst – PMT Exclusive

Not only is this fantastic guitar from the super-affordable GIO series, it also has the pleasure of being an Ibanez miKro model: a lineup that’s been developed with younger/smaller players in mind. Don’t let its size and price fool you though: this is a small guitar, with a big sound.

Featuring a smaller double-cutaway body, fast-playing short-scale neck, and a set of Infinity R humbucker pickups, this is a beginner guitar that’s perfect for aspiring shred-heads.

PMT Exclusive Ibanez miKro GRGM21M Electric Guitar

Mid-Priced - Your Ideal First Gigging Instruments

3. Ibanez SR405EMQM-SK 5-String Electric Bass in Surreal Black Burst – PMT Exclusive

A stunning combination of gorgeous aesthetics, versatile tone, and unsurpassed playability, the Ibanez SR405EMQM would be the perfect option for any bassist looking for a gig-ready 5-string.

Ibanez SR basses have a well-earned reputation for their incredibly high levels of playability, and have been the bass of choice for many players the world over for more than three decades.

This bass has been constructed with a super-sleek and fast SR5 neck that gives you fast and easy access to each and every note on the fingerboard, and an incredibly lightweight and slim Nyatoh body.

The end result is a bass that’s incredibly comfortable to play, whether you’re seated or standing. In addition to this, you get an incredibly versatile set of electronics, making the bass suitable to pretty much any play-style and musical genre.

Ibanez SR405EMQM 5 String Bass Exclusive to PMT

4. Ibanez AM93QM-JBB Semi Hollow Guitar – New Model

If high-speed metal machines aren’t your thing, then worry not: the Ibanez Artcore lineup is home to a whole host of high-quality, semi-hollow and full-hollow-body guitars too.

With this Artcore Expressionist AM93QM you get a brand-new model that combines high levels of playability with a gorgeous array of Jazz and Blues tones thanks to the awesome Super 58 humbuckers.

With a Quilted Maple top, sitting on a Quilted Ash back and sides, gold hardware, and Jet Blue Burst finish, you get some gorgeous aesthetics added into the mix too.

New Ibanez AM93QM Jet Blue Burst Semi Hollow Guitar

High Quality Axes for Aspiring Professionals

5. Ibanez AFS75T Steel Blue Flat Semi Hollow Guitar – New model

Another offering from the Artcore lineup, the AFS75T is a big, hollow bodied jazz box that, thanks to its slimmer body shape, surprisingly comfortable to play.

With that traditionally slim neck profile, vintage-voiced Classic Elite humbuckers, Bigsby Vibrato bridge, and gorgeous Steel Blue Flat finish, this guitar is a great combination of tone and playability.

New Ibanez AF75T Hollow Body Guitar Steel Blue Finish

6. Ibanez RGAIX6FM-WFF Iron Label Guitar in White Flat Frost – PMT Exclusive

A past favourite at PMT, and part of the prestigious Iron Label lineup, the amazing RGAIX6FM is now coming back. Iron Label guitars are designed to offer the feel of a precision-made axe capable of interpreting your every mood with power and accuracy.

In addition to high levels of playability, this guitar produces some incredible tones, thanks to the inclusion of two DiMarzio Fusion Edge humbucker pickups, complete with a Coil Tap switch for extra tonal options.

Highly-playable, packed full of modern metal tones, and with rock-solid tuning and intonation stability, this Iron Label series guitar offers the ultimate metal playing experience.

PMT Exclusive Ibanez RGAIX6FM Iron Label Guitar

Coming Soon

Each of these guitars and basses are available now for Pre Order and will be landing in our 15 Stores Nationwide soon. So keep your eyes peeled for these PMT Exclusive Ibanez guitars and basses, and many more besides arriving at a PMT Store near.

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