Sonor Drums Now Available at PMT


PMT are extremely happy to announce that we are now a stockist of Sonor Drums!

Sonor Drums Now at PMT

Sonor Drums at PMT

Known for their precision engineering and passionate craftsmanship, Sonor have been producing high-end percussive instruments and hardware since 1875.

Sonor work with leading research institutes and industry professionals and to bring groundbreaking innovative design to the drums they create.

Always putting sound at the centre of their work, Sonor strives to deliver the optimum in luscious resonant tone to help you achieve the sound you need no matter what style you play.

It’s this attention to detail and unparalleled precision that made us want to stock this stunning brand.

We’re unbelievably excited to have Sonor on board!

Let's check out what Sonor options we have landing in store very soon...

Sonor SQ2 Drums Now Available at PMT

Sonor SQ2 5-Piece Shell Pack in Birdseye Azure

The pinnacle of the Sonor drums range, Sonor SQ2 Drums are the choice of many professional, internationally touring drummers such as Steve Smith, Gavin Harrison and Benny Greb.

Offering fully customizable options for drummers, you can select practically every aspect of your dream drum kit.

Whether you want to use different woods for each individual shell or want a consistent construction across the kit, Sonor gives you the option.

The Sonor SQ2 Drum System 3D Configurator lets you select your favourite finish, shell hardware, preferred sizes and add any hardware stands you need to build your ideal drum setup.

We have had a special Sonor SQ2 kit custom built especially for PMT with specifications decided upon by our drum purchasing experts.

A stunningly versatile 5-piece shell pack, the Sonor SQ2 features a striking Birdseye Azure finish with black chrome hardware and consists of beech and maple shells.

The epitome of professional percussion, the Sonor SQ2 5-Piece Shell Pack in Birdseye Azure is a superb choice for the diverse modern drummer.

Buy Sonor SQ1 Drums Now at PMT

Sonor SQ1 3-Piece Shell Pack in Roadster Green

Featuring finishes inspired by classic cars, the Sonor SQ1 range delivers birch brilliance and stunning style.

The Sonor SQ1 range utilises a combination of 100% European Birch, an innovative shell construction process and Sound Sustainer hardware technology.

We have a beautiful Sonor SQ1 3-Piece Shell Pack in Roadster Green with an additional matching 10" tom available too.

Sonor Sq1 14" x 6.5" Snare Drum in Cruiser Blue

As well as the kit, we also have a super classy Sonor SQ1 Snare Drum in Cruise Blue which has an all-birch shell designed to deliver crips cutting highs and full punchy lows, making it the ideal choice for the studio recording and live performance.

Sonor AQ2 Drums Now Available at PMT

Offering a range of perfectly portable kits and configurations designed specifically for the studio and stage, Sonor AQ2 drums have a setup for every need.

Sonor AQ2 Studio Set in White Pearl

The Sonor AQ2 Studio Set in White Pearl is a 5-piece configuration which includes a matching 14” snare drum.

Constructed entirely from maple this drum kit produces a stunningly warm depth of tone ideal for the studio.

Sonor AQ2 Stage Set in Transparent Stain Black

The Sonor AQ2 Stage Set in Transparent Stain Black is also a 5-piece shell pack and again features all maple shells to deliver full-on, powerful impact on stage.

Both kits come complete with the Sonor SmartMount system to provide convenient, secure and resonance aiding tom mounting.

The Sonor AQ2 range also includes the compact Sonor Martini, Sonor Bop and Sonor Safari kits which feature mini sizes ideal for gigging.

Sonor AQ2 Martini Set in Aqua Silver Burst

The smallest of the three is the Sonor AQ2 Martini which features a perfectly compact 14” x 13” bass drum, a one-up-one-down configuration and a matching 12” snare. With its all maple shells, this is a tiny kit with a big sound.

The Sonor AQ2 Safari is the next step up and features a 16” kick and slightly larger tom and snare sizes to deliver bigger tone while still maintaining a small footprint.

The biggest of the three is the Sonor AQ2 Bop. The ideal kit for jazz gigs or small venue settings, this kit offers the ideal compromise between compact portability and big, robust tone.

The 18” bass drum still delivers a big impactful punch, while the 12” and 14” toms provide a great balance of sound and the standard 14” snare ensures cracking backbeat cut.

Buy Sonor ProLite Drums at PMT

Sonor ProLite 3-Piece Shell Pack in Elder Tree

The Sonor ProLite 3-Piece Shell Pack in Elder Tree is a real stand out kit in both style and sound.

Sonor have taken their years of craftsmanship and production knowledge to deliver a kit filled with passion and attention to detail.

The vintage maple shells undergo a very specific construction process to ensure optimum tonal response and are finished with 2mm reinforcement rings for added focus.

The tonal acoustic resonance mounting system utilises the best of German engineering to ensure toms that remain securely mounted while delivering their optimum sustain.

The wavy grain of the Elder Tree finish provides a unique eye-catching look to ensure this kit looks as good as it sounds.

Sonor ProLite Steel 14" x 5" Snare Drum

Also within the Sonor ProLite range, we have a Sonor ProLite Steel 14” x 5” Snare which features a 1mm thick steel shell to deliver crisp cutting tone, sensitive response and impactful punch.

The innovative Dual Glide Snare System on the Sonor ProLite snare provides super quick and easy snare wire removal for speedy head changes and unimpeded resonant head tuning.

Sonor Snares Now Available at PMT

In addition to the versatile Sonor kits we have available, we’re also taking stock of an array of stunning snare drums including options from the Sonor Vintage, Sonor Phonic and Sonor Signature Snare ranges.

Sonor Phonic Re-Issue 14" x 6.5" Snare Mahogany Finish

First up we have a Sonor Phonic Re-Issue Beech 14” x 6.5” Snare Drum Mahogany Finish which takes the essence of a vintage classic and brings it into a modern setting.

Maintaining many of the features of the original 1950s/60s incarnation, this Sonor Re-Issue snare combines retro style with modern production to deliver vintage warm tone filled with sensitive focus.

Sonor Vintage Series 14" x 6.5" Snare in Vintage Black Slate

The Sonor Vintage Series 14” x 6.5” Snare in Vintage Black Slate brings all the style of the 1960s Sonor Teardrop kits and injects it into a modern snare.

Sonor Benny Greb Signature Snare Drum

We’re also massively excited to be stocking the unbelievably versatile Sonor Gavin Harrison Protean Snare in 14” x 5.25” and our staff favourite the Sonor Benny Greb Signature 13” x 5.75” Snare.

Buy Sonor Hardware at PMT House of Drums

Sonor 4000 Series Hardware Set

From the competitively priced Sonor 4000 hardware series to the pro level Sonor 600 hardware, there are snare stands, hi-hat stands, cymbal stands, single and double bass drum pedals to suit all needs.

Sonor Perfect Balance by Jojo Mayer Single Bass Drum Pedal

We’ll be stocking the Sonor Giant pedals in both single and double configurations as well as the impressively portable folding Sonor Perfect Balance by Jojo Mayer single bass drum pedal.

Sonor Drums at PMT Birmingham

All the Sonor products are ready to check out online now and will also be available to view at our NEW PMT Birmingham store very very soon!

Which Sonor product are you most excited about checking out? Let us know in the comments below.

Sonor SQ1 3 Piece Shell Pack in Roadster Green

£2,179.00 Add To Cart

Sonor Giant Double Bass Drum Pedal

£979.00 Add To Cart

Sonor 600 Series Double Bass Drum Pedal

£603.00 Add To Cart

Sonor AQ2 Stage Set Shell Pack in Transparent Stain Black

£1,119.00 Add To Cart

Sonor 4000 Series Double Bass Drum Pedal

£249.00 Add To Cart

Sonor 4000 Series Hardware Set

£489.00 Add To Cart

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