Keith Flint: 1969 – 2019


Today is a sad day for British music as Keith Flint of The Prodigy has been found dead, aged just 49 years old.

RIP Keith Flint

On Monday 4th March 2019 it was confirmed that Keith Flint, best known as one of the frontmen for seminal electronic music group The Prodigy, had died.

The news of Keith Flint's death would be hard hitting at any time, but it comes to us now in the midst of The Prodigy's "No Tourists" tour - one of the group's most successful tours of their career.

The death of Keith Flint hits me on a personal level as The Prodigy was the first band I ever saw live back when they visited my hometown of Leicester during the Poison Tour in 1995.

I was instantly captivated by Keith's incredible performance as a dancer and his unique and striking appearance.

He would later become a vocalist for The Prodigy, taking lead vocals on their most commercially successful single Firestarter from the landmark album "The Fat of The Land".

It was around this time that I was lucky enough to meet Keith myself.

An avid motorcyclist, Keith regularly visited the track at Mallory Park where my mother (a fellow fan of The Prodigy) introduced us.

He was an absolute gentleman, spending a great deal of time chatting to us and he more than lived up to the high expectations that a young fan would have of their musical hero.

As a gut-punching bookend, I also got to see Keith Flint perform with The Prodigy during his final tour with the band and he was in top form, wowing the entire sold-out arena audience.

Heartbreakingly, Liam Howlett, a key member of The Prodigy, took to the band's Instagram account today reporting that their "brother" had taken his own life over the weekend. And, like all of us, he is confused and heartbroken.

Keith's death follows two other suicides of high profile artists in the music industry with both Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington leaving us in recent years.

Sadly, suicide is the biggest killer of men under the age of 45 in the UK and it can be a difficult subject for many.

Thankfully, there are people to turn to if you or someone you know need support, with organisations such as CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) leading movements against male suicide

Keith Flint 1969 - 2019 Keith Flint 1969 - 2019

His outlandish and extreme style was present in his look, style, dance and vocal performance.

Drawing inspiration from rave, punk, rock and metal, Keith Flint's persona was an icon for those in the "alternative" scene.

Inspiringly, one of the final tracks that Keith Flint recorded with The Prodigy was titled "We Live Forever".

A true pioneer in every sense, Keith's work with the Prodigy has inspired countless musicians across multiple genres the world over. In this way, Keith truly will live forever.

Again, if you feel you need support, please reach out to the dedicated services available such as CALM or Samaritans.

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  • Darren Driver
    4th March 2019

    Forever missed keith.
    Definitely one of my icons.

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