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In Stock Now! PMT has managed to secure the last of the available Albion amps as well as the remaining Wharfedale guitar & bass amplifiers designed by the legendary Steve Grindrod! This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get a stunning deal on valve guitar gear at direct 'Factory Blowout' prices from the man behind some of the most iconic guitar amps ever!

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If you’ve ever played a tube amp, or heard a record with a valve amp on, there’s a big chance you’ve heard one of Steve Grindrod’s amplifiers.

For those of you who don’t know, the legendary Steve Grindrod is the guitar amplifier designer who pioneered the master-volume models for Marshall, helped design the JCM800 and Silver Jubilee lines and had a major input when it came to crafting the ground-breaking Marshall JCM900 amplifiers. In addition to his work with Marshall, Steve worked on the VOX Valvetronix series, designed the Pathfinder 10, the AC15 and AC30 Custom Classics – the list goes on. If you’re professional musician, chances are you either have one of his amps or you’ve recorded with something Steve has had something to do with.

So what's the story behind Albion & Wharfedale Valve amps? 

After an impressive career working with some of the biggest names in guitar amp manufacturing here in the UK, Steve partnered with IAG to establish Albion Amplifiers in China, eventually relocating so he could oversee the design and manufacturing of Albion amplifiers personally. Fast forward to 2015 and Steve became the owner of the brand, going on to design the amps that would create the sounds he needed and that he knew musicians wanted without compromise or blowing the bank!

Steve transferred his deep knowledge of what live and studio musicians want from their amplifiers directly to the Albion amps and Wharfedale amplifier series. With the Albion amps range he created a boutique feel and look, but allowed them to be created on a production line to keep costs down for musicians.

With the Wharfedale amplifier collaboration, he wanted to create a no-nonsense, hard-working and high-powered series of valve and hybrid guitar and bass amplifiers that again, would give musicians a workhorse option that could withstand the harsh conditions of the road, all within a budget friendly price bracket – we think he succeeded with flying colours. They're essentially exactly the same as the Albion amps, but branded Wharfedale, use different colour schemes and come loaded with custom Wharfedale speakers.

Here’s a look at the Albion and Wharfedale amplifiers now available at PMT – but be quick, at these prices they wont last long.

Albion Amplifiers In Stock Now At PMT

albion amps

The Albion range of amplifiers comprises of 5 different series, the Gulf Stream, the TCT Series, ABH Series of bass amps and cabs, BLS Series of bass/keyboard speaker cabs and finally the Albion AG Series of hybrid combos. Each amplifier has been designed to provide a plethora of tonal options for the discerning musician.

Basically, they sound amazing, work hard and don’t cost a fortune!

Albion Gulf Stream Series

The Albion Gulf Stream Range features classic, retro styling to stand out on stage as well as a multitude of classic guitar sounds, and simple but modern features. The all-valve construction makes the Albion Gulf Stream a powerful addition to your arsenal and a great valve amp for home, studio, clubs, and concert stages. There’s a range of different Albion amps in the Gulf Stream series to choose from including heads, combos and cabinets from 12 watts to 30 watts. Look out for the limited edition GS12 and GS15 models in white!

The GS12 Albion amps make great tube amps for home use as they can drop right down to 4 watts so you get that all-valve power at lower volumes. This is all-valve power at a fraction of the cost usually associated with tube amps and some seriously stand out products from the Albion amps range.

The Gulf Stream series uses 6V6 valves (tubes) for the output power of the GS15 and GS30 amps, and powerful EL84 valves for the GS12 amps. This makes them ideal for the stage and studio.

Combo Amps Available:

Heads Available:

Albion TCT Series Amplifiers

The Albion TCT Range are the beautifully crafted “flagship” amps from Steve and his team at Albion amps. These are twin channel amplifiers which allow you to change channel via the supplied footswitch for added versatility on stage. Channel 'A' provides a US type clean/blues/fusion sound whilst Channel 'B' offers a British style clean and overdrive depending on how you drive it.

These very stylish multi-channel modern amps cover everything from sweet cleans to out and out heavy rock tones. You can enjoy all valve tone from 35 to 100-watt output – so you’re covered whether you need something for around the home, studio or to take on to the stages of the world. There’s also an attenuation switch to drop the amp down from 100% output to 33% which allows you to get that tube amp sound and response at lower volume. Again, you get all valve construction but with more control over your sound.

Albion ABH Series Amplifiers - Hybrid bass amps

The Albion ABH Bass amps and cabs feature valve preamps coupled with high output solid-state power, to give you that wide ranging sonic fulfilment you want onstage! There’s a choice of combos and high wattage heads and combos as well as a great sounding, stylish cabinets to match. Steve Grindrod designed these bass amps for a wide range of bass players as they also include handy switching for active and passive basses!

Bass Heads Available:

Albion BLS Series

The Albion BLS Series of bass speaker cabinets has been designed to accompany the ABH bass heads and features the Albion proprietary speaker control system. You’ll really notice the difference in your sound when you hook one of these bass cabinets up!

The BLS210, BLS115, BLS410H cabinets are all normalised at 8 ohm impedance, which means you can use up to two BLS cabinets per ABH amplifier.

The BLS1215 cabinet incorporates a custom Albion 12” and Albion 15” Bass drivers into a small footprint cabinet. This is ideal  for smaller stages where space is limited. This is only available in 4 ohms impedance though, but it can be used singly with ABH180H or ABH300H.

Bass Cabinets Available:

Albion AG Series - Hybrid Guitar amps that are REALLY loud!

The Albion AG Series is a selection of hybrid preamp/solid state power combos, ideal for when the might of an all singing, all dancing valve amp is not required. You have a selection of combos to choose from including 10, 40 and 80 watts, with 16 program DFX featured on the 40 and 80 watt models. Even the 10 watt version will stand up to a drummer in a rehearsal room, so be careful not to blow your windows out!

Combo Amps Available:

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Wharfedale Amplifiers In Stock Now At PMT

wharfedale amps

Steve’s collaboration with the well respected Wharfedale brand resulted in a selection of high-quality Wharfedale amplifiers. Expanding on its rich history of producing high quality options for audiophiles, Steve designed the WGR series of low-cost combo amps, WHB hybrid bass amps and higher power TCT valve amps to provide players with the power they need on and off stage as well as the functionality to ensure smooth sailing when playing and recording. These Wharfedale amplifiers are designed to withstand the rigours of hard touring and provide guitarists a variety of different sonic options.

Wharfedale TCT Series

The Wharfedale TCT series is almost identical to the Albion series in terms of construction, but features a different grill cloth and colour scheme - it's also a limited-edition collaboration/crossover with the two names that will likely never appear again. The TCT (twin channel tube) amp range from the Wharfedale Amplifier series consists of 2 combo amps (TCT35C, TCT50C), 2 heads (TCT50H, TCT100H), and 2 loudspeaker cabinets (W212, W412) – more than enough power for live gigs! These twin channel amps utilise the included footswitch to switch between channels and you can even blend the two, isolate each amp and use the built in effects to create your perfect sound.

Watch Sam's reviews below!

Combo Amps Available:

Heads Available:

Cabinets Available:

  • Wharfedale WMI212 2x12 Cab - £179
  • Wharfedale WMI412 4x12 Cab (In-Store Collection Only) - £229

Wharfedale WGR Series

Wharfedale WGR10 10W Hybrid Combo The Wharfedale WGR10 10W Hybrid Combo - a powerful little amplifier!

The WGR Series features low cost combo amplifiers with high voltage tube hybrid preamp, solid state power. We have the extremely low priced Wharfedale WGR10 10 Watt Hybrid Combo which may be small, but is loud enough to keep up with drummers in your practice room and has the ability to hook up to your existing guitar cabinets for a fuller, louder sound. One of the highlights from the Wharfedale amplifier series.

Combo Amps Available:

Wharfedale WHB Series

Wharfedale WHB200C 2x10 Bass Combo The Wharfedale WHB200C 2x10 Bass Combo

The WHB hybrid bass amp series feature state-of-the-art tube powered preamps, and very musical high definition bi-polar transistor power amplifiers. This mixture of technology allows the WHB range to produce bass sounds which have the warm, harmonically-rich high headroom of good tube design delivered with the dynamic punch that a musically designed bi-polar power amp section can deliver. It’s valve amp sounds with solid state reliability!

Bass Combo Amps Available:

Bass Heads Available:

  • Wharfedale WHB300H 300 Watt Bass Head - £149

Bass Cabs Available:

Overall, the Albion and Wharfedale amplifiers offer incredible playability that professional guitarists will love at a price that beginner guitarists can accommodate.

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Exclusive Factory Direct Deal

This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get a stunning deal on valve guitar gear at direct 'Factory Blowout' prices!

PMT have managed to secure the last of the available Albion amps and Wharfedale Guitar & Bass amplifiers and cabinets, designed by the legendary Steve Grindrod - the man behind some of the most iconic Marshall and VOX amplifiers! This is your last chance to get hold of these amazing amplifiers at a price that won't break the bank. This is strictly limited stock and sold on a first come first served basis. So be quick.

Please note these products may have minor cosmetic defects, and or small signs of wear, tear or age, or may have been repackaged from the original box. Our Sales Team or In-Store Experts at your local PMT Store will be happy to help & advise.

Act fast to secure your Albion & Wharfedale amplifiers at your local PMT Store - Call us on 0151 448 2089 to book a demo, reserve yours or Buy Online today!

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  • Björn Nilsson
    2nd July 2019

    Ok, shipping costs within the EU. I am interested in an Albion GS30H head and possibly a GS112 cabinet.

    • Lee Glynn
      3rd July 2019

      Hi Bjorn if you get in touch with our product experts on 0151 448 2089 they will be able to assist with this. -Lee

  • Tommy
    10th June 2019

    What would it cost to ship an ABH300H to zip code 46902 in Indiana? Thank you!

    • Lee Glynn
      10th June 2019

      Hi Tommy, unfortunately we can only ship within the EU.

  • Tommy
    10th June 2019

    Hi, I’m curious as to what the differences are between the Wharfedale WGR10 & the Albion AG10? I believe they’re both 10 watt hybrids with a 12AX7 in the preamp. Thank you!

    • Lee Glynn
      12th June 2019

      Hi Tommy, they're essentially the same amp both of which have been designed by Steve Grinrod. The Wharfedale version was when the brand asked him to come onboard.

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