Wondering how to get funding for your band or solo project? You've come to the right place, as we've teamed up with the good people over at The Unsigned Guide to offer some extremely useful advice on applying for music funding opportunities for unsigned bands & musicians. There's even a FREE PDF!

music funding Here at The Unsigned Guide, we are regularly on the receiving end of enquiries from bands and musicians wanting to make a living from their craft, asking how they can be supported financially, or what options there are to help make ends meet. Unfortunately, most bands we chatted to were largely unaware of the music funding opportunities available to them to help develop their sound, play at overseas music festivals, or even head off on tour. So, we recently put together a free 48 page PDF to answer all your questions when it comes to music funding. The Essential Guide to Music Funding is bursting with information about funding options from Arts Council, PRS Foundation, Help Musicians UK, BPI and loads more organisations across the UK. As well as grants and funds available for your projects, the guide also covers crowd-funding, with detailed advice on how to generate income from your fanbase.

How do I apply for music funding?

If you’re thinking of applying for some funding for your band or music project, then here are a few handy tips to help you get the ball rolling…

Research your options & check out eligibility for music funding

Investigate what music funding opportunities are out there and see which may be suitable for your type of music, project, or could tie into future plans you have ahead. Our free 48 page guide is the perfect starting point for you to browse through the options available to unsigned and emerging acts. Read the guidelines thoroughly to make sure you are eligible to apply, this will vary depending on the fund and/or organisation providing it.

Check out application periods

Some funds are available all year round, and other music funding opportunities are only available during a dedicated application window, which could range from a 2 weeks to a couple of months. You don’t want to miss the boat! So start by checking out when the best time is to apply for any funding you think may be suitable.

Allow plenty of time

A funding application is not something to be rushed! It can be very competitive when it comes to music funding and, of course, you want to give this your best shot. Do your preparation, and make sure you have time to proofread and check everything when you are done. If there is only a couple of days until the application deadline of a fund you want to try for, then you may want to wait until the next application window. Put a reminder on your phone, or mark it in your diary, so you can allow enough time to put together a great application next time around.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

The funding application process isn’t always the simplest, but any organisation providing these opportunities will be more than happy to answer your queries and help you along the way, so just pick up the phone. It’s better to iron out any uncertainties as you come across them, rather than spend hours filling out forms incorrectly. Get your free copy of The Unsigned Guide’s Essential Guide to Music Funding here. The Unsigned Guide is a UK music industry directory aimed at emerging, independent & DIY bands, artists & musicians who are keen to progress their music careers, which includes helping acts to get played on the radio. Search contacts covering 50 areas of the music business; from record labels, radio stations, booking agents, festivals to gig venues & promoters, new music blogs, studios, producers & more. As well as unlimited access to the directory, get your tracks heard by music industry professionals via our monthly Spotlight blog and radio show on Amazing Radio, championing the best songs by our members. Learn more about Spotlight here. SAVE 30% on annual subscription to The Unsigned Guide! SIGN UP HERE now with code TUG30S (£20.99 instead of RRP £29.99)