We take a look at the cool new Landlord FX Pedals – a selection of cheap guitar pedals that certainly don’t suck, and won’t take up too much room on your pedal board!

When you’re short on space and budget, the Landlord FX pedals make a great addition to your set up. Packed full of awesome boutique sounds, each pedal is no larger than a Mars bar which makes them a great choice for people (like me) who like to pack their pedal boards with as many pedals as possible, and have a world of sounds ready at a moment’s notice (please don't try and eat them though!). They’re also great if you need a bunch of extra pedals at home or around the studio that won’t break the bank or cause a clutter in your home studio. Remember, as always with our "cheap instruments that don't suck" series, when we say cheap, we mean budget friendly, as we only stock brands that we believe in and that won't let you down. We take a look at these really cool, and very inexpensive guitar pedals available to order now at Professional Music Technology.

1. Landlord FX Amber Nectar Overdrive Pedal

The Landlord FX Amber Nectar Overdrive Pedal is just under £40, and is certainly one of our favourite cheap guitar FX pedals that doesn’t suck thanks to its two modes; Half Cut and Hammered which provide everything from smooth crunch (Half Cut) to all out tube saturated overdrive (Hammered). This pedal responds beautifully to your playing dynamics and cleans up nicely when you roll the volume of your guitar back. Easy to use Tone, Level and Gain controls allow for further tone sculpting.

2. Landlord FX Whiskey Chaser Distortion Pedal

The Landlord FX Whiskey Chaser Distortion Pedal packs in 3 different styles of distortion, allowing you to choose your poison and sculpt your perfect tone. The Hooch setting provides a natural distortion similar to a driven valve amp, the Bourbon setting throws you into the modern, high gain territory whsilt the Scotch mode throws you back in time to the likes of vintage high gain sounds that Randy Rhoads would love. Again; Level, Tone and Distortion can be manipulated easily. One for the players who want a variety of very different distortion sounds without buying a bunch of different pedals. A good reverb pedal can set you back quite a hefty price, but fortunately the Landlord FX Banging Hangover Reverb Pedal is here to save the day coming in at under £50, complete with 3 different reverb sounds and a small footprint. There’s Room, Plate and Spring reverb sounds built in, all of which can be manipulated by the Tone, Mix and Level controls. This sounds as good as the reverb pedals at least twice the price, and takes up half the room on your board.

4. Landlord FX A Cheeky Pint Optical Compressor Pedal

Whether you’re a bass player or a guitarist, a good compressor is essential if you want your notes to really shine through the mix. Again, at under £40, the Landlord FX A Cheeky Pint Optical Compressor Pedal really stands out as one of the best cheap guitar FX pedals that doesn’t suck. The key benefit with this compressor pedal is that you get two modes; Full Pint and Half Pint. These aptly titled settings provide regular compression (Half Pint) to heavier, more aggressive compression (Full Pint). Simply turn the Compression knob to increase the overall compression sound to your needs. Easy to use, small, with plenty of features – what’s not to love?!

5. Landlord FX Brewer’s Droop Analogue Chorus Pedal

Every guitarist needs a chorus pedal in their signal chain as it adds so much depth and weight to your sound. The Landlord FX Brewer’s Droop Analogue Chorus Pedal makes this effect affordable to everyone. Featuring a BBD (Bucket Brigade) Circuit Analog Chorus effect and true bypass design, this thing is as analogue as it comes, adding a shimmer and weight to your sound that shines through beautifully whether you’re playing through a heavily distorted amplifier or just adding to your clean sound.

6. Landlord FX Frothy Head Echo Pedal

The Landlord FX Frothy Head Echo Pedal is one of the highlights from the Landlord effects pedal range, offering up three lush echo modes; Dark, Lite and Reverse and the all-important ability of savings your settings for later call back. With the dark mode, you get a classic echo sound whilst the Lite mode provides a subtle modulation with a little fuzz added. The jewel in the crown is the Reverse mode which is a coveted effect usually reserved for pedals many times the price. If you need a quality Echo pedal that won’t cost you a fortune, this is ideal!

7. Landlord FX Happy Hour Looper Pedal

Looper pedals are renowned for costing a fortune. The Landlord FX Happy Hour Looper Pedal blows that completely out the water by coming in at under £50, providing 10 minutes of loop time and unlimited overdubs all without effecting your sound quality. You also get a USB cable that you can use to transfer your recordings to and from a PC or Mac. This means you can preload WAV files on to your pedal for triggering later on.

8. Landlord FX Spinning Room Modulation Pedal

If you want a multi effects modulation pedal, without taking up half your pedal board, the Landlord FX Spinning Room Modulation Pedal is a perfect choice. You have 11 modulation effects built in including a range of Chorus, Tremolo and Phaser effects, all of which can be manipulated via the Level, Depth and Speed knobs. At under £50, it’s an easy addition to your set up and a great gift for musicians who can’t decide what pedal they want!

9. Landlord FX Taproom Delay Pedal

When you need no fuss, accurate delay, the Landlord FX Taproom Delay Pedal is perfect. Whether you love slap back, instant delay or long drawn out self-oscillation; this can do it all. Again, the small footprint is ideal with those light on room. Adjust the Level within the mix, the Repeat for the amount of repeats you want and the Time for the delay time – fairly simple, but extremely useful!

10. Landlord FX Lock In Tuner Pedal

Finally, we have an essential pedal that no guitarist should be without – the Landlord FX Lock In Tuner Pedal. This very inexpensive guitar tuner is extremely accurate with a range of 12Hz – 4186Hz. The large, bright display can be seen in all lighting environments and the fact it can handle 7-string guitars and 5-string bass guitars is an added bonus. Shop the full range of Landlord FX pedals over at PMT Online today or call in to your local PMT Store to try them out for yourself.