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Eastcoast guitars offer incredible playability and exceptional value for money. Here’s some of the best Eastcoast guitars available

eastcoast guitars

Whether you’re looking for the best guitars for Christmas, Birthday presents or need a cheap electric or acoustic guitar, ukulele or banjo, Eastcoast guitars represent great value-for-money and expert playability.

Eastcoast is one of the best examples of handmade yet entirely budget friendly guitars and musical instruments: their range of acoustic guitars are very affordable and are perfect for beginners and musicians on a budget. And the best news is: they look and sound great, too!

eastcoast guitars A closer look at the exquisite detail within the handmade Eastcoast LIS-A Mini Auditorium

Why are Eastcoast guitars, Banjo's, Ukuleles & Violins so good?

Eastcoast prove that cheap acoustic guitars, cheap electric guitars or “cheap” musical instruments in general, don’t have to be of low quality. Each instrument, whether you choose a bass guitar, a ukulele, a banjo, a silent violin or an acoustic guitar has been meticulously designed and put together by the Eastcoast engineers. This ensures that each instrument that makes it into your hands has passed the stringent quality checks, set up beautifully and is ready to play straight out of the box.

We’re always featuring Eastcoast products in our best cheap electric guitars and cheap acoustic guitars that don’t suck series of blogs and videos as they prove that “Cheap” just means “Budget Friendly”.

Best Beginner Guitars, Bass Guitars and Ukuleles

Thanks to the low price of Eastcoast guitars, they make a great option for beginners, those who need a 2nd option for recording or touring and those who just want to expand their musical instrument collection without breaking the bank. Eastcoast makes some of the best guitars for beginners, not only because of the low price, but because of the high quality tonewoods used and the focus on playability.

Each guitar, bass, ukulele etc has been designed to encourage a positive playing experience which is one of the major factors in continuing your journey in music. If you enjoy playing your instrument, it feels nice to play and it sounds good, then you’re more likely to stick with it!

Here's a look at some of the best Eastcoast guitar models and deals, which would make perfect Christmas gifts for musicians, children and beginners, as well as high quality guitars and musical instruments for experienced players who need a high-quality instrument that won’t let you down, or drain your bank account.

Eastcoast Acoustic Guitars

Eastcoast acoustic guitars offer incredible playability and a lush, resonant sound. The quality on offer here is that of guitars at least 3 times the price (and more!). Here are a few of our favourite options and best cheap acoustic guitars from Eastcoast.

Eastcoast LIS-A Mini Auditorium Acoustic Guitar

Eastcoast LIS-A Mini Auditorium Acoustic Guitar

We'll start with the Eastcoast LIS-A Mini Auditorium Acoustic Guitar. This mini acoustic guitar is the perfect starting point for budding guitarists who'd like to follow on the footsteps of singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran, who also favours smaller-sized acoustic guitars. For the money, you won't find a better deal than this.

The guitar itself looks lovely, with a very nice gloss finish. It's also perfect for beginners, due to its low action and nice grip on the classic "C-shape" neck, which make the guitar very playable. It has mahogany back and sides and mahogany neck. A great guitar that will stand up to years of touring.

Eastcoast LIS-D FI Electro Acoustic Guitar

Eastcoast LIS-D FI Electro Acoustic Guitar

The Eastcoast LIS-D FI Electro Acoustic Guitar provides both experienced and beginner guitar players with an extremely musical and versatile acoustic guitar loaded with pro-level electronics and superb tonewoods. Mahogany back and sides offer exceptionally rich tonal qualities and the oval ‘C’ shape neck is comfortable to play. Performing musicians will appreciate the under-saddle Fishman pickup and the Psy 401 Fishman EQ w/ built-in chromatic tuner. You’re good to perform straight out of the box with this one! The cutaway design allows easy access to the upper frets, but if you fancy an acoustic dreadnought without the cutaway, the Eastcoast SA20D is available too! Both very beautiful Eastcoast guitars.

Shop all Eastcoast acoustic guitars at PMT Online today.

Eastcoast Electric Guitars

If you need a cheap electric guitar that actually sounds good and feels great to play, the range of Eastcoast Electric guitars are a perfect option. Let’s take a look at a couple of our favourites!

Eastcoast A300-VS Jazz Semi Acoustic Guitar Violinburst

Eastcoast A300-VS Jazz Semi Acoustic Guitar Violinburst

The discerning jazz guitarists and hollow body guitar enthusiasts out there will love the Eastcoast A300-VS Jazz Semi Acoustic Guitar. You have 2 powerful humbuckers at your disposal as well as the ability to blend the two via the 3 way selector switch and 2 x volume and 2 x tone knobs. A Maple arch top as well as maple set neck ensures your sound is snappy and resonant. A beautiful sounding and playing guitar made with care and attention. Available in Violinburst and Black.

Eastcoast Vintage T Series Custom Electric Guitar

Eastcoast Vintage T Series Custom Electric Guitar, Brown Sunburst

If you love the sound and feel of a Tele style guitar, but can’t quite stretch your budget to afford one, the Eastcoast Vintage T Series Custom Electric Guitar is a perfect option. The team at Eastcoast guitars have absolutely nailed it here producing a highly playable guitar with a solid Alder body, hard Maple neck and Rosewood fingerboard. Best of all, you have a P90 style pickup in the neck and single coil pickup in the bridge with ashtray style bridge saddle. A great performers guitar for players of all levels and a highlight from Eastcoast guitars. Also available in Flame Red.

Shop a full range of Eastcoast electric guitars over at PMT Online today.

Eastcoast Bass guitars

The range of Eastcoast bass guitars offer exceptional value for money and beautiful playability. These may be cheap bass guitars in terms of price, but the quality is sky high!

Eastcoast MB300 Electric Bass Guitar

Eastcoast MB300 Electric Bass Guitar in Sunburst

When you need a cheap bass guitar that is reliable, sounds great and will happily last for decades, the Eastcoast MB300 is a perfect option. At just over £130, you get a hard-working bass guitar with a powerful bass humbucker ready to help you create deep, thunderous tones for any genre. A solid Alder body with hard Maple neck ensure your bass is resonant and articulate too – you’ll stand out from the mix without any fuss. Available in other finishes here.

Eastcoast GB200-N Bass Guitar

Eastcoast GB200-N Bass Guitar Natural

If you need a high quality yet budget friendly bass guitar, the versatile Eastcoast GB200-N Bass Guitar is ideal. If you’ve only just learned how to play, you’re in the process of learning or you need a new bass guitar to add to your collection without breaking the bank, this is a great option modelled on one of the most iconic Jazz style bass guitars.

Straight out of the box you have two single coil Alnico pickups at your disposal which are articulate and deep as well as 2 x volume and 1 x tone knob to blend your sound. This bass also includes high quality tonewoods with an Ash body and maple neck for superb tonality. At just over £200 you’re getting a workhorse of a guitar!

Shop Eastcoast bass guitars over at PMT online today.

Eastcoast Ukuleles

Ukulele’s are highly versatile and extremely musical instruments used by professional musicians all over the world. Although they’re certainly fun to play, they’re not a toy, but an extremely useful musical instrument. The range of Eastcoast ukuleles here at PMT is impressive, spanning a wide range of different styles. here’s a couple of our favourites.

Eastcoast US10 Soprano Ukulele

Eastcoast US10 Soprano Ukulele With Tattoo Design And Gigbag

The Eastcoast US10 Soprano Ukulele with Tattoo Design and Gigbag features a basswood back and sides with Nato headstock, fingerboard and bridge providing a rich and bright sound. At just under £30, you’re getting a fantastic pro-level ukulele with a gig bag.

Eastcoast US20 Mahogany Ukulele With Flower Graphic

Eastcoast US20 Mahogany Ukulele With Flower Graphic

When you need a deeper and richer sounding ukulele, the Eastcoast US20 Mahogany Ukulele With Flower Graphic is a great choice. The Mahogany body ensures your sound is warm and resonant – ideal for those who enjoy a deeper sounding ukulele. At £40, you get an affordable ukulele that will last a lifetime and provide you with a great sound.

Shop Eastcoast ukuleles over at PMT online today or call in to your local store to try one out!

Eastcoast Banjos

Whether you’re learning to play banjo or you’re an experienced player in need of a new instrument that won’t cost a fortune, the range of Eastcoast banjos are a budget friendly option that sound great.

Eastcoast BJW-Open 5 String Banjo

Eastcoast BJW-Open 5 String Banjo

The Eastcoast BJW-Open 5 String Banjo is a cheap banjo that really sounds and plays like a pro-level instrument. At just over £150 you get a mahogany body, maple bridge, ebony saddle and a rosewood fingerboard – all tonewoods found on professional level banjos.

Shop Eastcoast Banjos over at PMT online today.

Eastcoast Electric Violins and Double Basses

When you’re learning a stringed instrument like a violin or a double bass, it can be a little daunting, and unfortunately a little disconcerting if you think everybody is listening to you hone your skills. The range of electric violins and electric double basses provide those who are learning, the opportunity to hone their skills in silence and not have to feel like everyone is listening.

Eastcoast EVN X 4/4 Electric Violin Set Metallic Red

Eastcoast EVN X 4/4 Electric Violin Set Metallic Red

The Eastcoast EVN X 4/4 Electric Violin set, pictured here in a metallic red allows players the opportunity to learn violin without distressing the neighbours. In addition, you get a soft case, set of headphones, rosin and bow – it’s all you need to start learning how to play. There’s tone and volume controls, an on/off switch, a mini jack for a microphone, output and headphone input.

Shop Eastcoast Violins over at PMT online.

Eastcoast EDB-3/4RDL BK Electric Double Bass

Eastcoast EDB-3/4RDL BK Electric Double Bass Black

A full size double bass is not always practical to drag around with you, so fortunately the team at Eastcoast have created a great option with the Eastcoast EDB-3/4RDL BK Electric Double Bass. This electric double bass allows you to practice and hone your skills in silence. The cool thing about this electric double bass is the fact you can hook your headphones up and even jam along to your CD or MP3 player via the stereo mini jack input.

A dark rosewood fingerboard is comfortable to play and ensures you’re getting the slide and snap you need when playing. The included gigbag ensures you’re ready to transport your electric double bass wherever you need. At under £600, you’re getting a great deal!

Shop Eastcoast electric double basses at PMT Online today.

Shop Eastcoast guitars and more instruments over at PMT online today or call in to your local PMT store to try out a range for yourself and get a higher quality instrument for less.

eastcoast guitars

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