9 Reasons You Should Buy A BOSS Effects Pedal


There’s a tonne of reasons why BOSS effects pedals are widely used by professional guitarists, but here’s 9 reasons why we think you need a BOSS Compact pedal on your pedalboard

9 reasons you need boss effects pedals

Whenever you choose an effects pedal, whether you know it or not, you’re essentially relying on this box of noise to not only give you the tone you need, but to actually work the way its supposed to every time.

There’s a lot of trust involved and a pedal that lets you down at a gig, whether by not providing the tone it said it would, fizzling out or simply just not working when you activate it, isn’t worth the embarrassment or frustration you’ll feel on stage when your solo falls flat or the distortion doesn’t kick in when you need it to!

Of course, not all effects pedals from reputable dealers and companies will let you down – in fact most won’t due to stringent testing measures and the fact we only stock the worlds best brands here at PMT!

But there are a few brands that stand out from the crowd in terms of reliability, sound and functionality - BOSS effects pedals in particular.

Since BOSS create their first effect pedal, the OD-1 back in 1977, BOSS effects pedals have appeared on pedal boards ranging from the very beginner to the absolute professional for a variety of reasons ranging from perfect tone to ease of use and everything in between.

So, we decided to offer up 9 reasons why you should buy a BOSS effects pedal and show you why they’re so widely used and relied upon.

1. The tone is always spot on

Boss DS-1 Distortion Pedal The Boss DS-1 Distortion is one of the most widely used boss effects pedals

There are a few key aspects that go into making the tones within BOSS effects pedals so good. Of course, the research process is heavily guarded, but the geniuses over at BOSS effects are constantly developing and experimenting with sounds to get the best tone possible. The fact that we still use some of their effects pedals designed in the late 70s is a testament to the fact they get it right first time!

Each aspect of the effect is thought about, from the buffered bypass that restores the quality of your guitar tone before the effect touches it to the way the knobs will change the tone in the exact increments you need it to and even how each circuit, from analogue to the high-tech DSP, has been meticulously designed to provide a solid sound. Everything makes a difference.

Whether you choose an analogue guitar pedal such as the BOSS DS-1 or the digital BOSS DD-3 delay pedal, you can feel confident that the tone you get is reliable, full bodied and will always sound the way its supposed to.

2. They’re easy to use

boss rc-1 loop station The boss RC-1 loop station makes looping sounds extremely easy

The BOSS effects pedals range pride themselves on being particularly easy to use. Each aspect of your BOSS pedal has been crafted to ensure you can make changes to your tone on the fly, adjust the effect and even turn the pedal on or off extremely easily. Things can change in a gig; your drummer’s timing might go out (it happens) or you feel that you need a bit more boost or distortion depending on the sound in the room. So you can make the appropriate changes easily thanks to the easy to use and highly responsive knobs.

3. They’re almost indestructible

BOSS effects pedals are built like tanks. The stompbox design has been engineered to withstand decades upon decades of (ab)use. The unique design means the pedal can be dropped, stomped on and even driven over – and it’ll still work!

4. The Micro Switch is Extremely Reliable

BOSS pedals just work. When you turn them on – they’re going to give you the sound you want straight away. This is due to the Micro Switch inside. This is a silent switching system that ensures there’s no drop outs or “clicks” when you engage the pedal. If you use delay, reverb or even a loop pedal, a nasty click or drop out can destroy your sound – thankfully with BOSS pedals, this won’t ever happen!

5. There’s a 5-year warranty

All BOSS pedals within the compact series (stompboxes) come with a 5-year warranty after registration. Simply register your pedal at https://www.BOSS.info and you’ve got the peace of mind that if anything goes wrong with your pedal, BOSS will replace or repair your pedal! That’s pretty awesome!

6. The Battery Is Isolated From the Circuit Board

boss effects battery compartment

The design of the BOSS compact pedal hasn’t changed in 40 years, and thanks to that design its highly likely that any pedal you may have, even if its 40 years old, is still working as good as new! This is down to one particularly ingenious design feature – the isolated battery compartment. This compartment separates the battery from the circuit board, so even if you leave the battery in the pedal for a year and it leaks, it won’t damage the circuit board or the inner workings of the pedal. Of course we wouldn’t recommend leaving batteries in to test this out, but should you leave a pedal underneath your stairs or in your garage with a battery in and it leaks – it should be totally fine!

7. Recessed Dials

boss dm-2w side view

There’s nothing worse than stomping on a pedal and accidentally turning a knob or changing a parameter. The design of the BOSS pedal ensures that when you stomp on the pedal, it’s almost impossible to change the effect by accident. This means that you can rest easy knowing that you’re not going to get a sound you don’t want!

8. Local replacements

BOSS pedals are ubiquitous, they’re widely used and they’re stocked all over the world. This means if you ever need a replacement, there’s a really great chance that your local store, wherever you are, will have your pedal in stock. Boutique pedals are great, but sometimes getting a replacement for your hand made, one-off pedal in a hurry can be impossible. With BOSS pedals, if you need a new one in a hurry, you can get hold of one from your local authorised dealer.

9. Waza Craft use premium components

boss waza effects pedals

The Waza Craft line of BOSS pedals utilise the absolute premium components to provide players with the absolute best sound possible. These Waza Craft pedals are designed by the master engineers in BOSS Japan and include standard and custom modes. These Waza Craft pedals take classic pedals that have helped put BOSS pedals on the map and refine that sound to the best that it can be whilst adding a new Custom sound mode that offers something entirely new!

Shop a full range of BOSS pedals over at PMT Online today or call in to your local PMT store to try out a full selection.

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