Summer NAMM 2018 - New Dunlop, MXR, Way Huge Pedals


Ahead of Summer Namm 2018, Dunlop have released a new range of guitar effects pedals including offerings from MXR and Way Huge pedals

The announcements are coming thick and fast as Summer Namm 2018 rolls around, and the team at Dunlop pedals have brought their A-game yet again releasing a selection of new pedals from there MXR and Way Huge lines.

ilovedust Phase 90, Carbon Copy and Straps

ilovedust mxr pedals and guitar straps

The team at Dunlop has collaborated with UK-based graphic design and illustration team ilovedust to release a collection of classic Dunlop pedals, straps and pick tins decked out in the award-winning design crüe’s brazenly bold fusion of clashing colours and mystical designs.

ilovedust MXR Phase 90

ilovedust mxr phase 90


The classic MXR Phase 90 gets the ilovedust treatment and it looks fantastic. The MXR ilovedust PHASE 90 pedal is about to become the coolest pedal on your board.

ilovedust MXR carbon Copy

ilovedust MXR carbon Copy

The widely used MXR Carbon Copy has always been known for its dark green casing, and of course its rich analog delay sound. For 2018 the team at ilovedust have crafted an all new look, straying from the classic green box to a vibrant mystical design. Shop the MXR ilovedust Carbon Copy Limited Edition Analogue Delay Pedal while stocks last.

ilovedust Dunlop guitar straps

ilovedust guitar straps

The collaboration with ilovedust also extends to the range of guitar straps and pick/plectrum tins providing musicians with more colourful options to add to their set up. Each of these guitar straps are made from comfortable, high quality Jacquard-woven fabric. Each Jacquard Strap is pull-tested to 200 pounds and has genuine leather ends designed for use with or without the Straplok Retainer System and are made in North America. These won’t let you down on stage! Shop guitar straps and accessories here.

Way Huge Smalls Overrated Special Overdrive

Way Huge Smalls Overrated Special Overdrive

The Way Huge Smalls Overrated Special Overdrive was designed in conjunction with bluesman Joe Bonamassa, and delivers a range of bold, punchy grit. Jeorge Tripps, the man and mind behind Way Huge pedals took an old school Green Rhino OD, hot-rodded it for a more pronounced midrange, and added a Freq control so that you can punch up the low mids.

The easy to use Volume, Tone, and Drive controls round out a straightforward user interface so you can plug in and get right to it. Run the Overrated Special OD in front of a clean amp for a gritty boost, or slam an already distorted channel for an electrifying surge of gain and sustain worthy of Joe Bonamassa’s searing leads. Thanks to the smaller size of the Way Huge Smalls pedals, it’ll fit nicely on your pedalboard without taking up too much room.

MXR Dyna Comp Deluxe Compressor

MXR Dyna Comp Deluxe Compressor

The new MXR Dyna Comp Deluxe Compressor has been designed to give players a whole new level of control over their sound. The original and widely regarded Dyna Comp Compressor has always been more than just a practical effect that we’ve relied on, but a tool that we can use to add a percussive tonality to really bring out a new element to our tone. However, the Dyna Comp Deluxe Compressor’s circuitry and updated control interface provides us that classic sound along with the ability to shape our tone and manipulate it just to how you need.

MXR EVH 5150 Chorus

MXR EVH 5150 Chorus

The MXR EVH 5150 Chorus announced at Summer Namm 2018 is based on a legendary chorus unit that Eddie Van Halen used to add texture and dimension to some of his most classic recordings from the early 1980s.

The easy to use three-knob setup includes Volume, Tone, and Intensity knobs for easy adjustment on stage. The Input and Output Level pad switches offer extra control over your sound, whilst mono and stereo outputs, and an internal True/Buffered Bypass switch provide ultimate flexibility for the modern rig– this is a lush Chorus pedal that sounds amazing on its own or when combined with the 5150 Overdrive for a huge sound that’s brown all over!

Shop a full range of Dunlop, MXR and Way Huge pedals over at PMT Online today or call in to your local store to see our full range of guitar effects pedals.

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