The RCF Evox JMIX8 Portable Array – Live Performance Made Easy


The RCF Evox JMIX8 Portable Array system is the ultimate performers PA system for buskers, wedding bands and those who want a plug-and-play solution without breaking the bank (or their back). We take a closer look at this lightweight, all-in-one live rig.

RCF Evox JMIX8 Portable Array PA System

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Whether you’re a busker, professional street performer, function band, venue owner or performer who needs their own highly portable and extremely professional PA system, you need something that just works and works well – which is why you need to consider the RCF Evox JMIX8 Portable Array system.

As performers on the move, we need two things above all; we need a portable PA system that we can rely on as well as something that sounds fantastic at all levels. But nowadays we also need the option of being able to mix our sound ourselves, as not all of us have the luxury of travelling with a sound engineer! But what if we’re really geeky when it comes to our live sound? What if we have specific bass and guitar sounds that we gravitate towards and we need to make quick changes on the fly? Fortunately, this is where the RCF Evox JMIX8 Portable Array system comes in handy.

RCF Evox JMIX8 Black Portable Array PA System The RCF Evox JMIX8 Black Portable Array PA System features a built in mixer

Huge sound, lightweight construction

The RCF Evox JMIX8 comes loaded with a 12” woofer with a high power 2.5” voice coil as well as a 8x2” ultra-compact full range 1.0” voice coil capable of pumping out 1400 Watt 2-way peak power, ensuring your audience will hear you loud and clear. In addition, it’s also got a mixer built-in (we’ll get to that in a minute) so you’re probably thinking: “wow, this is gonna be heavy!”. But oh, no, it’s not!
The team at RCF also understand the needs of traveling musicians and those who need a portable solution that is easy to transport and even easier to set up. No one wants to struggle when travelling to and from a gig! This is why RCF have opted to construct the RCF Evox JMIX8 in plastic rather than wood.

This use of a different material to the “norm” allows the weight to be reduced to a mere 24.4 kg – easy to carry indeed.

In addition, the unit is completely easy to set up and in a few simple steps, you’re ready to gig!

RCF Evox JMIX8 Black Portable Array PA System The RCF Evox JMIX8 Black Portable Array PA System is extremely easy to assemble and highly portable.

Smart phone controllable, Intuitive on-board digital mixer

The RCF Evox JMIX8 Portable Array system gives you the power to sculpt your live sound to exactly how you want it via Bluetooth technology. The built-in mixer section is loaded with a high quality professional pre-amp, setting it apart from other portable array systems. This preamp has a myriad of features within that you can manipulate remotely via the RCF Evox JMIX8 app which is available free for Android and iOS devices. Change the digital gain control, selectable high pass filter and pan control and activate the polarity reversal whenever you like for real time changes utilising Bluetooth technology.

RCF Evox JMIX8 The RCF Evox JMIX8 has a built-in easy to use mixer

This on-board digital mixer also provides phantom power for your condenser/electret microphones (+48V) when used in channel 1 and 2. All channels can also be sculpted with the provided three band EQ which can easily be switched off at the touch of a button.

This Class-D PA system can be harnessed to provide transparent sound, absolute clarity and perfect stereo images remotely, putting the control in your hands.

However, it’s the inner workings of the RCF Evox JMIX8 that sets this apart from the crowd of portable array systems out there…

The ultimate portable PA system for guitar tone geeks

If you value guitar tone and want to enjoy high quality amplifier sounds without dragging a cab around – this is for you! The RCF Evox JMIX8 Portable Array PA system provides us with more than just high-quality sound, but the ability to utilise an entire studio’s worth of amps and effects. Yes, you have 1400 Watts of 2-way peak power with a 128dB Max SPL, but you also get a complete sound system with full mix functionality. It’s like travelling with an entire studio that you can turn into a live rig at any point.

RCF Evox JMIX8 Black Portable Array PA System The RCF Evox JMIX8 Black Portable Array PA System app is available on Android and iOS devices

Within the RCF Evox JMIX8 Portable Array there’s a huge amount of instrument FX and Amplifier simulations that you can take control of at any time. You have complete access and control over 15 amplifier simulations modelled on some of the worlds most famous amplifiers that span from classic 30-watt British amps to Jazz chorus sounds, reverb soaked twin amplifiers and high gain monsters – all of which can be activated and engaged via the RCF Evox JMIX8 app.

In addition, you have 80 high quality effects presets which includes 40 different reverbs, 20 delay effects and 20 modulation effects – all of which you can shape and edit to your specific needs. Best of all, the optional footswitch can active each effect whenever you need. This is more than just a multi effects system, but a complete live rig full of amplifiers and effects that you can take advantage of and perform with in high quality sound. You can even change parameters in real time, whilst you’re playing live.

No more dragging amps and effects around with you – this has everything you need if you play electric guitar or bass!

A budget friendly Portable Array option that doesn’t scrimp on quality

The team at RCF understand the specific needs of performing musicians, which is why they have created this amazing piece of kit that not only gives other portable array systems a run for their money in terms of sound but effectively blows them out of the water when it comes to the price tag.

At just over £1,000 you have a gig and venue-ready, powered PA system solution that you can set up and pack down extremely easily. Each aspect has been designed to provide you with high quality sound at all levels and a sturdy, road ready option capable of withstanding decades of touring.

It might be lightweight, but it’s a heavyweight when it comes to sound quality.

Expandable with the RCF Evox J8 Black Portable Array PA System

Should you want to create a stereo sound system, whether in a portable, fluid setting that you might pack down frequently, or utilise in a venue or café/bar static setting, the RCF Evox J8 Black Portable Array PA System is an ideal, budget friendly choice designed to work with the JMIX8.

RCF Evox J8 Black Portable Array PA System

This is a vital extension to the RCF Evox JMIX8 allowing you to expand your sonic capabilities. This powered speaker includes a line source satellite module with eight 2” full-range drivers which have been paired with a high-powered 12” woofer in a bass reflex enclosure, offering superior sound to most speakers twice the price! In addition, you get a whopping 1400 Watt 2-way peak power to make use of. When paired with and coupled to the JMIX8’s built-in mixer, you can control both speakers and create the perfect live music scenario that is ready for full live bands, acoustic acts, speakers and much more.

Shop the RCF Evox JMIX8 Portable Array system over at PMT Online today or call in to your local PMT store to try this amazing PA system out for yourself.

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One Comment on “The RCF Evox JMIX8 Portable Array – Live Performance Made Easy”

  • Trevor Jones
    27th August 2018

    Purchased 2x Jmix8’s, great little system for my solo work, shame that the overload/clip light is not visible from the top of the sub so you can see clearly whilst performing if you’re clipping. I use a tablet for backing tracks so it’s a pain to switch to see mixer on tablet to check levels. The 2” drivers do well but do struggle to provide a rich vocal in the mid range and have a harshness to them. This can be improved, but requires a lot of eq fiddling. Side handles would have been helpful also.

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