2018 Signature John Mayer PRS Silver Sky Guitar Announced


The wait is over! John Mayer and PRS guitars announce the new John Mayer PRS Silver Sky signature guitar. We take a closer look at the new signature John Mayer PRS guitar available for pre-order now.

John Mayer PRS Silver Sky

If you’re as big a fan of John Mayer as we are at Professional Music Technology, you’ll be as excited as us about the announcement of his brand-new John Mayer PRS Silver Sky signature PRS guitar which Mayer has teased us with since last year! Well, the wait is over and it's available for pre-order now!

Introducing: The John Mayer PRS Silver Sky Signature guitar – the result of a close collaboration between Grammy Award-winning musician John Mayer and Paul Reed Smith.

Although the guitars are available for pre-order, you don’t have long to wait for yours as they'll be available soon! For now, let’s take a closer look at the specs of this amazing Signature John Mayer PRS Silver Sky Guitar and the different finishes available.

prs silver sky tungsten The PRS Silver Sky Tungsten seems to be John Mayer's favourite finish!

john mayer silver sky prs

2018 Signature John Mayer PRS Silver Sky Guitar details

The John Mayer PRS Silver Sky electric guitar has been in the works for quite some time, first appearing on stage in Boston back in April 2017. Here’s the first (known) appearance of the guitar:

Since then we have waited with bated breath to get a glimpse of the guitar, with John himself teasing photos on Instagram. Fortunately we now have all the info on this collaboration between himself and the Paul Reed Smith.

The good news, is that this is not a limited model and will be available for quite some time. PRS has worked extremely hard to produce a guitar of Masterbuilt quality at £500 / €750 less than Custom shop pricing.

john mayer prs silver sky John Mayer PRS Silver Sky in Frost

The Signature John Mayer PRS Silver Sky Guitar is obviously a vintage inspired instrument that is at first glance very familiar, yet unmistakeably a PRS guitar through and through. The Signature John Mayer PRS Silver Sky Guitar takes huge influence from Mayer and Smith’s favourite elements of their 1963 and 1964 guitars (I’m sure you can guess what guitar we’re talking about here) which has resulted in a classic single coil design, but with some interesting differences and signature specifications. Although this may take inspiration from a certain style of guitar, it’s a performers guitar first and foremost, so the attention to detail and playability is what sets it apart from anything you’ve seen before.

The body is a wonderland

john mayer prs silver sky John Mayer PRS Silver Sky in Tungsten

Yeah, we went for some puns… the body of this guitar is an absolute wonderland of superb tonewoods and design features.

The body shape design of the Signature John Mayer PRS Silver Sky Guitar had its roots in the PRS DC3 model guitar but was tweaked to a point where both Mayer and Smith were happy with the new shape. The pickguard has also been tweaked until it was “just right” and the alder tonewood was obviously an important addition thanks to its resonant qualities.

Vintage style neck with Mayer-specific improvements

prs silver sky onyx John Mayer PRS Silver Sky in Onyx

The neck of the PRS Silver Sky takes inspiration from the 1963 and 1964 guitars that John and Paul had. They measured the necks of these vintage guitars, took the best features and incorporated them into PRS’s neck design technology to create a beautiful feeling vintage neck. The result is a 22 fret-bolt on maple neck with East Indian rosewood and small birds inlays. The neck also features a scale length of 25.5” and fretboard radius of 7.25” with PRS Acoustic Frets for added playability and comfort.

Signature style headstock

john mayer prs silver sky

Eagle eyes will notice the flipped headstock on the PRS Silver Sky. Due to Mayer’s style of playing, he needed extra clearance on the underside of the guitar past the nut. So the team at PRS flipped the trademark headstock shape to allow for extra clearance and achieve an exclusive look for this signature model. The added benefit to this design is that it maintains a good length of string behind the nut which aids in helping the guitar stay in tune – ideal for gigging musicians!

john mayer silver sky prs

Pickups and electronics

John Mayer PRS Silver Sky Horizon John Mayer PRS Silver Sky in Horizon

The pickups and electronics have been designed with meticulous attention to detail. The pickups, like the neck, were designed based on the best parts of the 1963 and 1964 pickups from John and Paul’s favourite guitars and are named 635 (“six thirty-five”) taking their name from thinking of that as 1963 1/2. These 635JM pickups have been designed to sound like vintage style pickups but have been given the PRS treatment so they maintain a musical high end, higher signal to noise ratio with more consistency between pickups.

The tone controls have also been changed as the centre knob controls the bass and middle pickups together. The rear tone control is for the treble pickup only.

Stunning hardware

john mayer prs silver sky

The Signature John Mayer PRS Silver Sky guitar features a steel tremolo bridge which has been completely retooled. At John Mayer’s request the Silver Sky Tremolo bridges are set up differently to regular PRS guitars. Whereas PRS guitars usually allow for the tremolo to go both up and down in pitch, the Silver Sky is set up so that the back edge of the tremolo plate is always resting on the body of the guitar in neutral position, and that it only goes down in pitch. This ensures the bridge plate is always in contact with the body when at rest position. This actually makes the guitar louder acoustically and improves the signal to noise ratio of the single coil pickups - your guitar will sing for days! A new moulded metal jack plate allows for easier plugging and unplugging of the jack cable.

4 different finishes

John Mayer PRS Silver Sky

The PRS Silver Sky will also ship in 4 different finishes; Onyx (black)Frost (white), Horizon (red), and Tungsten (silver).

In addition, the PRS Silver Sky John Mayer Signature model also features the trademark PRS lower horn scoop, however, the scoop on these models has a contrasting tone which is exclusive to Mayer’s model.

First 500 guitars shipped in Signature Hardcase

john mayer prs silver sky hardcase

In celebration of this momentous occasion the first 500 PRS Silver Sky guitars World Wide will be supplied in a special edition hard case complete with commemorative plaque on the outside.

We’re told that Europe will receive 125 of the first edition guitars with case – so get your orders in quick!

After the first 500 guitars are cased, the PRS Silver Sky will come as standard with a new, high quality gig bag to keep your guitar safe.

Pre order now!

The PRS Silver Sky John Mayer Signature guitar is available for PRE Order now. So call today on 0151 448 2089 to reserve yours!

john mayer silver sky prs

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  • David bennie
    30th March 2018

    Hi,are there any af the John Mayer prs silver sky’s left?
    When will they become available if not
    Thanks .

    • Lee Glynn
      3rd April 2018

      Hi David, as of today (3/4/18) we have one left here : https://www.pmtonline.co.uk/prs-john-mayer-silver-sky-onyx-inc-gig-bag

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