NAMM 2018: New BOSS gear announced including GT-1000


BOSS & Roland announce new BOSS GT-1000, special edition BOSS RC-1BK, Katana-Artist, TM-6 Pro Trigger module and RT-Mics Hybrid Drum Module ahead of NAMM 2018

boss gt-1000

The announcements are coming thick and fast ahead of NAMM 2018 and the team at BOSS & Roland have unleashed some of the coolest products we’ve seen so far. Let’s take a look at the new gear.

BOSS Katana-Artist 100-watt Amplifier

BOSS Katana-Artist 100-watt Amplifier

Since the release of the Boss Katana Amplifiers, guitarists have loved the sheer amount of power and sounds within. Hard working, great sounding and extremely versatile, the Katana family of amplifiers has become a mainstay on stages, so it make sense that the team at BOSS would release a more high-end, boutique version to satisfy those looking for something “extra” from their sound.

The result is the Katana-Artist 100 watt amplifier combo. This brand new entry into the Katana family features an entirely unique voice, so it definitely sounds different to the existing Katana amps available – just check out our comparison video below to hear it for yourself.

Enjoy crystal clear voicing as well as brutal, low end crunching tones and everything in between!

In addition, a specially designed speaker, semi-closed cabinet and on-board cabinet resonance control offer up a world of tonal differences that you can really get to grips with.

Here’s a list of the key upgrades:

  • Proprietary Waza Craft Speaker – Designed and Built from Scratch
  • All New Custom Semi-Closed Cabinet
  • Performance Enhanced Sound Design
  • High Headroom, Custom Voiced Amp Channels
  • Onboard cabinet Resonance Control
  • Three Position Line Out “Air” Controls for Live Flexibility
  • Quick and Easy Access for Live with GA-FC Foot Control

Take a listen to the amp below:

BOSS RC-1BK Loop Station 1M Commemorative Edition

BOSS RC-1BK Loop Station 1M Commemorative Edition

To celebrate the sales of over 1 million BOSS RC-1 loop Station pedals, the team at BOSS have unleashed this extremely limited edition BOSS RC-1BK, which swaps out the classic red colour for a more menacing black finish. This is only being produced in very small quantities similar to the likes of the BOSS DS-14A of 2017 - which incidentally is now a collector’s item. It’s exactly the same as the classic RC-1 Loop Station, so it still provides you with 12 minutes of stereo recording time, features the extremely useful loop indicator and runs on either a single 9 Volt battery or 9V power adapter – it just looks far cooler and is totally limited edition. If you haven’t got one of these, now is the time to jump on board, and if you have already, well this is going to look particularly special in your collection.

Watch our RC-1 Loop Station demo below and see why this is one of the most popular guitar and bass pedals of all time:

BOSS GT-1000

BOSS GT-1000

The BOSS GT Series of multi effects pedals have been widely used within the music industry for decades, offering both professional and aspiring musicians with the tools they need to make they sounds they want. The BOSS GT-1000 is the all new flagship multi effects unit from the geniuses over at BOSS, containing all of the acclaimed sounds from the company’s rich stompbox effects history including effects from the “500” Delay, Modulation and Reverb pedals. This is essentially BOSS’ entire history in one convenient multi-effects unit.

Some of the most interesting features within the BOSS GT-1000 will really appeal to the tone snobs out there such as the A.I.R.D (Augmented Impulse Response Dynamics) and Tube Logic approach which allows your sound to “live and breathe” the same way a tube amp allows your sound to take on its own life force. This means you have all the expressivity and tonal dynamics of a tube amp that have been previously unattainable in a digital effects unit.

Bluetooth connectivity also allows you to record you tones into the unit and actually tweak them to reflect where your audience will be via your iOS or Android device, offering sound engineers and professional musicians a far more in-depth approach to achieving the perfect sound within a venue.

If you love BOSS effects, and want every single one ever – this is the ideal option.

Get all the details of the BOSS GT-1000 over at PMT Online.

Shop a full range of BOSS products over at PMT online today.

Roland TM-6 Pro Trigger Module

Roland TM-6 Pro Trigger Module

The new Roland TM-6 Pro Trigger Module is the ideal accompaniment to your acoustic drums on stage providing you with a highly professional option to trigger and manipulate sounds.

The Roland TM-6 Pro Trigger Module has been pre-loaded with 500 one-shot sampled sounds, including tones recorded at world-class studios across the globe. In addition, you have 80 ready to use kits loaded within including the natural and expressive V-Drums sounds. This allows you to enjoy a world of different drum sounds and kits, meaning your drums and samples sound the best they can at each and every venue.

A powerful layer function ensures you can customise sounds and you can even import user samples via an SD card, making this a fantastic tool for professional musicians.

This is perfectly matched with the Roland RT-MicS Hybrid Drum Trigger Module… and speaking of which, scroll down to see more.


Roland RT-Mics Hybrid Drum Module

Roland RT-Mics Hybrid Drum Module

When the time comes to start adding samples and opening up your drum repertoire to a selection of hybrid sounds, the Roland RT-Mics Hybrid Drum Module is a great choice. This discreet piece of kit instantly transforms your snare into a digital drum pad, but still allows the sound of your snare to remain intact. Incorporate your own samples from a computer via USB, use the onboard mic to capture sounds or utilise the 8 preloaded sounds including hand-clap and snare variations into your live sound.

The 9V battery operation makes it a great choice for street performers too! The free RT-MicS Wave Sender (compatible with PC/Mac) makes transferring samples a breeze! Check it out below.

Shop a full range of Roland Drums over at PMT Online today.

Want to see all the cool new stuff announced at NAMM 2018? Check out our blog or click the link below.

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