BOSS Katana-Air Wireless Amp & Roland R-07 Announced


BOSS and Roland announce the all new BOSS KATANA-AIR wireless guitar amplifier & Roland R-07 Hi-Res Audio Recorder ahead of NAMM 2018

boss katana air

It seems the team at BOSS and Roland are eager to let their musical cats out of the bag early this year as they have just announced two special new products in the form of the BOSS KATANA-AIR wireless guitar amplifier and Roland R-07 Hi-Res Audio Recorder – let’s take a closer look.

BOSS Katana-Air Guitar Amplifier

boss katana air

Featuring 30 watts of power, 2 x 3” speakers a world of tonality options and complete wireless functionality – musicians of all levels will absolutely love the BOSS Katana-Air.

The all new BOSS Katana-Air Guitar Amplifier is actually the world’s first completely wireless guitar amplifier which features new cutting-edge wireless technology developed by the geniuses over at BOSS.

This highly portable amplifier gives you complete freedom to jam anywhere, anytime thanks to the included custom wireless transmitter which can plug into any electric guitar. The ultra-low latency makes sure your amp responds the same way it would as if you were wired in, without any lag or dropouts of sound. In addition, the Amp itself can be powered via battery or AC adapter.

boss katana air

The wireless transmitter has a whopping 12 hours of total playing time per charge and has an onboard battery indicator so you know when you need to recharge it. When you’re done playing, just plug the transmitter back in to the integrated docking port on the BOSS Katana-Air and the amp will charge it for you.

But this is the REALLY cool part.

The BOSS Katana-Air is always there for you when the muse appears and inspiration strikes. When not in use, the amp goes in to standby mode to save battery and wakes up when the transmitter senses motion instantly firing up when you’re ready to play again. Simply leave the transmitter in your guitar and turn the amplifier on simply by picking up your guitar! When you stop playing, the amp and transmitter go back to sleep. Now that’s cool!

boss katana air

The BOSS Katana-Air wireless amplifier also features the same tones and sound-shaping controls you find in all the performance class Katana amps. This is a powerhouse of tone ready to rock with 5 different amp characteristics including everything from crystal-clear cleans to BOSS’s custom high-gain Brown sound. Acoustic players will enjoy the optimised Acoustic setting too! You have access to over 50 BOSS effects including modulation, delay and more via the dedicated BOSS Tone Studio app available for iOS and Android and there’s even 6 onboard memories that allow you to store your favourite effects and setups for later recall. Stay tuned for our video review coming soon.

Check out the BOSS Katana-Air Guitar Amplifier available for pre-order today.

boss katana-air

Roland R-07 High Resolution Audio Recorder

roland r-07

The team at Roland have created a stylish, ultra-portable recorder that allows us to record our ideas when inspiration strikes leaving our phones free to do what they do best. The new Roland R-07 High Resolution Audio Recorder is the ultimate portable recording device for musicians, journalists and field recording enthusiasts.

When we want to get some ideas down into a quick recording, we often turn to our phones, but in most cases the recordings we get are far from professional, and if we want to get demos down when hooking up to our phone there’s usually a lot of wires and adapters involved – this is where the Roland R-07 High Resolution Audio Recorder changes the game.

roland r-07

The R-07 provides us with mission-critical recording functions, whilst fitting comfortably in our hand and intuitively responding to our environment for optimal results – best of all, you can control the unit, monitor and listen back to ultra high-quality recordings via Bluetooth supported smartphones, smartwatches and Bluetooth speakers.

roland r-07

Whether you’re recording live demos, vocal takes or guitar lines for use later, interviewing people or recording lectures, the R-07 can handle it all. Simply set the scene and the sample rate, record mode, limiter, low cut, and input level instantly adjust to their optimal settings. In addition, the Dual Recording and Hybrid Limiting features allow you to record two sources at once – one at full level and the other at a lower level. If the recording clips you can replace that section with the lower level recording. The hybrid limiting will even provide you with safe limiting without the horrible downsides.

Available in 3 different colours - Black, White and Red.

A great recording device that is sleek, stylish and highly useful for a wide range of applications.

Check out the video trailer and overview below:

roland r-07 recorder

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