Freebies with AKAI MPC X & MPC LIVE


Until 31.1.18, demo either the AKAI MPC LIVE or MPC X in a PMT MPC Specialist Centre and receive a free copy of IMPC for iPhone or iPad (usually £2.99). Plus, when you buy the MPC LIVE from a PMT Specialist Centre and for a limited time receive LPK25 Wireless FREE (usually £69.99).


Modern music’s evolution is intrinsically linked to the legendary AKAI Professional MPC line – full-featured production and performance powerhouses that have spawned multiple genres and advanced countless existing ones. With a design often replicated but never surpassed, the Music Production Centre empowers users with an unrivalled workflow and a tangible, intuitive interface coupled with forward thinking, in-demand functionality that sets the precedence for the industry standard. Don’t settle for an imitation, take control of your creative output with MPC.

But don’t take our word for it, until 31st January 2017 head down to our Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Nottingham and London stores, ask to speak to our resident MPC eXperts and get hands-on with MPC X and MPC Live – just for demoing these production powerhouses, claim a FREE copy of iMPC for iPhone or iPad; buy MPC Live and get Akai Professional’s Bluetooth loaded LPK25 Wireless absolutely FREE. There has never been a better time to head down to our network of MPC Specialist Centres and experience the workflow revolution that is Akai Professional’s MPC Series.


More about AKAI MPC

New in MPC

MPC returns, armed with reimagined functionality and retaining the core workflow ethos that defined it’s iconic reputation. So, what’s new in MPC? Standalone functionality, audio track recording, Ableton Link, Bluetooth, clip launching, real-time time-stretching and pitch-shifting, MPC Software 2.0 and much more. This isn’t just the next generation of MPCs, this is a turning point in self-contained creative capability.

Standalone Centrepiece

MPC doesn’t just complement your workflow, it enhances it. With MPC X and MPC Live the convenience of touch-screen control, full-featured functionality and standalone capability fuses with Akai Professional’s iconic velocity- and pressure-sensitive RGB 16-pad format. The result? Immersive, self-contained production and performance solutions meticulously designed for unprecedented creative expression without limitation.

High Definition Multi-Touch Control

Discover MPC and experience unrestricted tactile control at your fingertips. It’s capacitive multi-touch full colour screen and adaptive UI seamlessly adapts to MPCs menu functions in crystal clear high-definition - grab, pinch & edit waveforms, draw MIDI events, program the step sequencer, browse & load samples, apply FX, precisely set critical mix controls and much more, all using the intuitive ease-of-use found on smartphones and tablets.

Control Redefined

Whether you prefer working in the box or dream of a truly unleashed production experience, MPC X and MPC Live effortlessly transform from formidable standalone production centres to high-powered MIDI controllers. Natively powering MPC in standalone mode is MPC Software 2.0, fully loaded with critical in-demand production and performance capability. Connect MPC X or MPC live to your Mac or PC, load MPC software as a plugin into your DAW of choice - or as a standalone application - and harness the undeniable power and creative scope of VST-instruments and effects. Whatever your preference, MPC redefines expectations for control, seamlessly accommodating the most stringent of needs with ease.

Storage & Connectivity

As standard MPC X and MPC Live ship with 16GB of internal Micro SD storage. Seeking to incorporate your own samples without tethering to a computer? Both models feature a 2.5” SATA drive connector providing expanded storage via SSD or HDD hard drives. Additionally, sounds can be accessed and added to the library using the built-in SD Card slot or the USB thumb drive.

Infinite Sounds, Unlimited Inspiration

The MPC has a well-earned reputation for sounds that hit hard and sound great, right out of the box. The MPC X and MPC Live are no exception. Pre-installed with 10 gigs of world-class content, The Vault 2.0 features samples and kits from leading sound design companies including CAPSUN ProAudio, MVP Loops, TOOLROOM, CR2 Records, Loopmasters as well as our own meticulously crafted sounds.


Turn your iPad or iPhone into an MPC. Combining a production ready sample-library, editable programs, editable sequences, and iconic MPC workflow, iMPC is the first app to bring all the functionality of a classic Akai Pro MPC to your iPad or iPhone. iMPC includes everything you need to create a beat quickly and easily, including built-in effects, plus the ability to create new sequences and record and overdub beats. Time correction from 1/8 note to 1/32T with variable swing, and Note Repeat from 1/8 note to 1/32T with latch control are also built in. The app’s built-in sampler can record samples three different ways: using the mic on the iPad/iPhone, using the line input on the iPad, or using the multi-touch turntable interface in iMPC to record samples directly from iTunes or other music libraries.

LPK25 Wireless

Production in your pocket! Experience the power to produce whenever inspiration strikes with Akai Professional’s LPK25 Wireless. Measuring at under 15” and weighing in at just over 1lbs, LPK25 Wireless fuses core keyboard functionality with an ultra-portable footprint that easily fits into a laptop case, backpack or messenger bag. With a bullet-proof Bluetooth ready specification that covers a 30 meters range coupled with on-board power via 3 AA Batteries, LPK25 Wireless empowers mobile producers and performers with the unrestricted freedom to create, underpinned by a travel-friendly, satisfying production experience suitable for MPC Live, MPC X, iOS, Mac OS X (Bluetooth LE4 & USB) and computer-based creation alike. Welcome to production anywhere.

2 Comments on “Freebies with AKAI MPC X & MPC LIVE”

  • Johnny L Sanders II
    8th February 2018

    How long would it be before I get it, if ordered

    • Lee Glynn
      13th February 2018

      Hi Johnny, we offer next day delivery. So if you order before 3pm, you will get it next working day. I hope that helps. -Lee

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