We take a closer look at the Roland VR-09-B V-Combo Live Performance Synthesizer, now available at Professional Music Technology

Roland VR-09-B V-Combo The team at Roland create easy to use and extremely user-friendly instruments for musicians of all levels, allowing us to be able to take to the stages of the world confident our instruments are going to perform exactly how we want them to. The Roland VR-09-B V-Combo Live Performance Synthesizer is a keyboard that any one of us would be happy to take with us on musical journeys, and is one of the coolest things we’ve seen here at PMT. So, today we’re going to take a closer look at what the Roland VR-09-B V-Combo Live Performance Synthesizer Keyboard has to offer and highlight some of its key features.

The Roland VR-09-B V-Combo is super lightweight and packs a world of sounds

The Roland VR-09-B V-Combo keyboard synthesizer packs some of the worlds most coveted piano and keyboard sounds into an extremely lightweight and highly portable workstation. Weighing in at an extremely portable 12lb. (5.4 kg), the Roland VR-09-B V-Combo presents working musicians with a fantastic option to heavy and cumbersome vintage gear. [caption id="attachment_37537" align="alignnone" width="1180"]Roland VR-09-B V-Combo The Roland VR-09-B V-Combo weighs a mere 12lbs (5.4 kg)[/caption] When it comes to getting that vintage sound of a Rhodes piano, Hammond organ or full size acoustic piano, long gone are the days of having to drag a vintage model across a stage with you. And although many profess to be able to accurately reproduce these sounds, few get it right as much as Roland. The team of engineers at Roland have been able to faithfully reproduce the vintage sounds as well as a range of expressive acoustic grand pianos, electric pianos and more whilst adding tone wheel replication and 3 modes of rotary speaker. You get an entire studio’s worth of sounds packed in to an extremely lightweight and easy to use keyboard. As we’ve mentioned, the Roland VR-09-B V-Combo packs in authentic sounding organ expression via the intuitive Virtual Tone Wheel Organ – an engine that allows you to accurately recreate all the subtle nuances of traditional organ sounds that made instruments such as the Hammond or Rhodes so iconic. These rotary effects essentially defined eras in music, so the team at Roland have included three genre-matching rotary types to help you recreate the sounds of a generation. When coupled with the SuperNATURAL Synth Sounds and such synths as the JUNO strings and JUPITER pads, you have ultimate control over your synth and keyboard sounds and a powerhouse of tone at your disposal.

Easy access to the sounds within the Roland VR-09-B V-Combo

The Roland VR-09-B V-Combo synthesiser keyboard has been crafted for live musicians and session players in need of an easy to use tool for making music. Therefore, the team at Roland have ensured that access to these iconic 250+ sounds and effects is as streamlined as possible. The Roland VR-09-B V-Combo includes a front panel that has been split into three designated parameter sections, making it easy to get to your favourite sounds as quickly as possible. The LCD screen not only shows you what sound you’re using but allows you to tweak and manipulate the effects and parameters in real time. Furthermore, you can even save and recall your favourite presets at the touch of a button.

iPad compatible and access to free sounds and plug ins

With over 240 premium quality sounds at your disposal, you’re not likely to get bored any time soon with any of the sounds within the Roland VR-09-B V-Combo. However, the team at Roland have made sure that you have access to even more exciting sounds should you want to expand your palette. Users can download new sound collections and free plugins from Roland’s Axial Sound Library site and even enjoy patches inspired by the worlds leading recording artists. [caption id="attachment_37543" align="aligncenter" width="550"]Roland VR-09-B V-Combo The Roland VR-09-B V-Combo is completely iPad compatible[/caption] In addition, the Roland VR-09-B V-Combo is also completely iPad compatible and includes a dedicated iPad Editor for both Organs and Synths which allows you to control your keyboard via your tablet – controlling all parameters has never been easier.

Loads of effects and a built in looper

Straight out of the box you have a world of effects to manipulate your sound such as Overdrive, Tone, Compressor, 20 x Multi-effects, 6 x Delay, 6 x Reverb and 3 x Rotary effects making the Roland VR-09-B V-Combo an impressive touring and recording partner. Roland VR-09-B V-Combo Synthesizer Keyboard The Roland VR-09-B V-Combo is also fantastic for jamming ideas and creating full tracks due to the built-in looper. When inspiration strikes you can record 20 seconds of audio and loop it – ideal for fleshing out those ideas that require extra attention. In addition, you have 52 rhythm patterns to jam along to ensuring all styles and genres are covered. Overall the Roland VR-09-B V-Combo Synthesizer Keyboard is a complete workhorse for the live musician in need of a world of high quality sounds and effects – all wrapped up in a lightweight, easy to use instrument that won't break your back or your bank account. View the Roland VR-09-B V-Combo Synthesizer Keyboard over at PMT Online or call in to your local store to try one out for yourself. shop Roland VR-09-B V-Combo Synthesizer Keyboard