New Roland D-05 Linear Synthesizer Launched


Roland launch the new Roland D-05 Linear Synthesizer – a smaller, more compact and far more powerful reissue of the coveted Roland D-50 Linear Synth

roland d-05

This '909 Day' was yet another fantastic day for synth fans, as the Roland D-05 Linear Synthesizer was announced. This new model is the perfect sonic recreation of the original Roland D-50 first released in 1987 and is the next unit to join the Roland Boutique line.

Its almost ubiquitous presence in the 80s and 90s pop scene saw the D-50 achieve legendary status, appearing on tracks from Enya (‘Watermark’), Michael Jackson (‘Man In The Mirror’), George Michael (‘Father figure’), Snoop Doggy Dogg (‘Gin An Juice’) and even the intro music from The Simpsons.

roland d-05

This year, synth fans are now able to get their hands on a Boutique version of the D-50. The Roland D-05 perfectly recreates the sound and control of the original down to the smallest details but adds more control and a few extra features for the modern musician.

You have all the fantastic features, sounds and presets of the original unit including the user interface with direct-access controls that made the synth so easy to use, the original joystick control that allows you to morph between the different mixes of Upper and Lower tones as well as the exact PCM attack and loop samples from the original D-50.

However, it’s the new updates and new sounds that will make producers and live musicians lives a whole lot easier. The new 64-step, polyphonic sequencer is an amazing tool for song writing and live performance and allows you to store tempo and patch changes and can even sequence shuffle and gate timing. The Roland D-05 also utilises Digital Circuit Behaviour (DCB) technology to beautifully recreate all the nuances of the original unit.

This rugged, highly portable synth can also be powered on 4 x AA batteries or USB and has a built in powered mini-speaker so you can practice anywhere, any time.

roland d-05

The D-05 can also act as an audio interface for your PC or Laptop, has flexible audio and MIDI over USB, space-saving 1/8” analogue jacks, and 5-pin MIDI ports so it can easily slot into your existing workflow and work with any vintage gear you have lying around.

roland d-05

The Roland D-05 is also compatible with the Roland K-25M keyboard or any other MIDI keyboard you may have and can slot into the optional DK-01 Boutique Dock for easier access on stage or in the studio.

Pre order your Roland Boutique D-05 Liner Synthesizer today at PMT Online on 0151 448 2089.

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