5 Facts We Learned From Our Moog USA Trip


Here’s 5 facts about Moog we picked up from our trip to their headquarters in Asheville, North Carolina

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In case you hadn’t heard, PMT have just been awarded Moog Pro Status and are now one of four dealers in the UK to be able to brag about it!

Our team of synth/keys experts flew over to the Moog headquarters in Asheville North Carolina to take an in-depth look at how their products are built and gain a deeper understanding of the construction process, sound and legacy.

To celebrate, we’ve put together 5 Facts About Moog that we picked up from our trip over to their factory in North Carolina.

1. Everything at Moog is assembled by hand

moog facts

That’s right, all the synthesizers at Moog are assembled by hand by Moog’s team of production engineers in Asheville, North Carolina. Everything is handled in house, from initial design to the actual process of building your instrument, as well as testing the final construction. This means every Moog product you receive has been put together by a Moog engineer and undergone a rigorous testing procedure – Moog are incredibly proud of their products so it makes sense that everything from the wood panelling on the Mini Model D to the knobs on the Subsequent 37 have had the personal touch.

2. Everything is completely tested before it leaves the factory by the engineers who made them

Moog Minitaur Analog Bass Synth Moog Minitaur Analog Bass Synth

As everything is assembled in-house, it makes sense that each synth, expander unit and pedal etc. are tested by the people who know them best – the production engineers themselves. Each product, whether it’s a Moog Mother-32 Modular Synthesizer or a Moog Theremini is put through its paces in the factory to ensure the product you get is in full working order. Nothing leaves the factory unless it’s absolutely perfect. Updates to firmware are tested rigorously including those featured on the tiny Moog Minitaur Analog Bass Synth which has just received a major new FREE 2.2 firmware update!

3. Moog is an employee-owned business with a deep sense of family

Happy employees are far more productive, more loyal and more likely to create something that they’re proud of. Well, it turns out the employees at Moog are so happy to work there, some have even brought in family members to join the team, with most people there serving well over 10 years at the factory, working alongside friends and family. Moog became 50% employee owned in 2014 and are working towards 100% ownership, meaning that this isn’t some faceless corporation where products are made and discarded without any thought. These people care about the products and care about the music you’re making. This family vibe means that when you purchase a Moog product, you’re buying something made with love by a real person, who is personally invested in the company and cares about your sound.

4. Anyone can visit the Moog factory and play the gear

moog Book a tour and play until you explode from Modular overload (it's totally a thing)

Most companies keep their secrets close to their chest. Moog, are very different and will actually let you book a tour to walk the factory floor and see exactly how each product is hand made. Walk past the factory and you can literally gaze through windows straight into the assembly floor itself, and see what they’re putting together that day. The factory is open to the public by appointment and based on our experience of the tour, we’d definitely recommend a visit.

5. Moog products are always collectors’ items

Moog Model D Minimoog Reissue Synthesizer Moog Model D Minimoog Reissue Synthesizer

Due to the fact Moog products are so well made, and are often constructed in short runs selling out quickly, any Moog product you own will retain its value. Let’s look at the recently discontinued Minimoog Model D for example. When this classic synthesizer was discontinued in 1981, it left a gaping hole in the world of synthesis with original Minimoog Model D’s fetching a handsome price on the second-hand market. For years, musicians were desperate to get their hands on one and when Moog announced it was to be re-released back in 2016 – the synth community went into a frenzy snapping up almost all of the new Minimoog Model D units instantly. Moog have now announced that the Minimoog Model D is to be discontinued yet again – making them even more sought after and a complete collector’s item!

Fortunately, here at PMT we secured a whole heap of them and actually have a few left here! Once they’re gone, they’re gone. And it could be another 30 or so years before they release them again so be quick!

Order Minimoog Model D

Bonus fact: PMT have been awarded Moog Pro Status

moog pro dealer

After our trip to the Moog HQ, we were honoured to receive Moog Pro status. In fact, we are now 1 of only 4 retailers in the UK to receive this honour. You can read more about our Moog Pro Status here.

Shop a wide range of Moog products over at PMT Online today.


Here's some more pictures from our trip!

moog hq Outside Moog HQ featuring some pretty cool artwork!
Emerson Moog Modular System One of the rarest synths in the world - the Emerson Moog Modular System
Moog Synths being put together by the team
Moog The inner workings!
Moog Sub 37 Moog Sub 37 Tribute Edition Paraphonic Synthesizers ready to ship out across the globe.
Little Phatty Stage II Some Little Phatty Stage II units ready to ship out!
Stewart Bradley One of our product specialists Stewart Bradley posing for a photo under the watchful eye of Bob Moog

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  • Richard
    9th September 2017

    These traditional synthesisers are absolute classics. Modern ones are wonderful, but the Mini-Moog is in a class of its' own.

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