The Roland Store at PMT Birmingham is the best place in the Midlands to check out the latest gear from Roland and BOSS and get expert, one-on-one advice from a trained Roland Expert.

The Roland Planet in PMT Birmingham opened over ten years ago. Since then, PMT Birmingham has moved to a new location with a brand-new, never-seen-before Roland Store.

What Is a Roland Store?

The Roland Store can be found on the ground floor of PMT Birmingham and has several unique features that you will not see anywhere else in Europe to create a fully-immersive experience of Roland and BOSS products. The Roland Store also a Roland-trained product expert, who can advise you on what gear is best for your needs. A Roland Expert can also offer you advice on how to produce, write and record your music, no matter what style or genre. Plus, each Roland Expert is also a multi-instrumentalist and a self-confessed gear nut, too! Click here to book a session with the Birmingham Roland Store Expert.

PMT Birmingham's Roland Store Expert

Adam is the current Roland Store Expert at PMT Birmingham and we caught up with him to find out what he loves about the brand and his favourite Roland and BOSS gear. When did you become a Roland Expert? I started working for Roland as a Product Specialist in early December 2015 (the 5th I think). The role is varied and colourful and you never know what the day may bring. You may find yourself giving tech support to customers, delivering and building pianos, demonstrating products in-store and shooting videos for our YouTube channel. What have been your favourite pieces of Roland/ Boss gear year over the years? Over the years Roland has released some brilliant products and have altered the course of music time and time again with products like the Roland TR Drum Machines, studio effects like the RE-201 Space Echo and various compact guitar pedals. My favourite Roland products are classic synthesizers like the Juno-106 and Jupiter-8 and newer products like the JD-Xi and the BOSS DD-500. What's your go-to BOSS gear that you always use? My absolute go-to BOSS product is the classic OC-2 Octave pedal. It has a unique sound and has become a bit of a collector’s item among bass players. Cosmetically it isn’t in great shape, but it's about 30 years old and still works. I never gig without it. What's the top-selling Roland or BOSS gear of all-time in your store? The best-selling Roland/BOSS products at PMT Birmingham are probably BOSS RC Looper pedals. They are a useful tool for any musician and have a wide variety of uses. They can be used for getting song ideas together, building tracks in a live setting, or simply developing your technique. The RC Loopers have been copied but never bettered. What's your favourite thing about the brand? Roland is one of the most highly regarded and respected musical instrument manufacturers in the business and it is a great company to work for. The focus is on quality over quantity, and this applies to the products and the long-term customer experience. The products are built to the highest standard and are built to last and we aim to give the best possible service to ensure that the customer’s time in the Roland family is the best it can be. My favourite thing about working for Roland is the sense that you are part of a family who are all passionate about music and gear. Come in and have a chat with Adam today to find out what the best product is for you, whether you're a guitarist, bassist, keyboardist, pianist, drummer, producer or DJ.

Roland and BOSS Products at PMT Birmingham

Roland Piano & Keyboard Demonstrations

From grand pianos to keyboards for budding musicians, the Piano and Keyboard area of the Roland Planet at PMT Birmingham is a wonderful, creative place to try out beautiful instruments at your leisure, no matter what skill level you are. Come in and speak to our Roland Expert to find your perfect set of keys today.

Roland Electric Drum Kits

Whether you're looking for your first drum kit or a premium electric drum kit to tour and record with, PMT Birmingham houses a fantastic range of Roland V-Drums. Roland V-Drums are our top-selling electric drum kits, complete with drum pads and cymbals that have a great natural response and are neighbour-friendly too with silent practice mode.

Roland Acoustic, Electric and Bass Guitar Amplifiers and BOSS Pedals

PMT Birmingham is a guitar heaven, and it would not be complete without the extremely popular Blues Cube guitar amplifier series from Roland. AC amplifier series is also available in-store for acoustic guitars, KC Amplifiers for keyboards and Roland amplifiers for bass guitars too. And of course, who couldn't miss the entire area dedicated to the iconic BOSS guitar pedals in-store! Come and try out every multi-fx, modulation, boost, overdrive, distortion, loop, delay, reverb, tuners, wah, synth and ring module pedal by BOSS and find your perfect guitar tone at PMT Birmingham.

Roland Synthesizers & Production Gear

If you're a geek for all things synth and hi-tech, the Roland Planet production area is a must-visit. From the latest Roland MIDI keyboards to top-of-the-range synthesizers, to the fantastic AIRA creative hub where you can try the entire range, there is a ton of incredible gear that you try and see how it can become a part of your music creation and production setup.