The Roland Store at PMT Manchester is the best place in North West England to check out the latest gear from Roland and BOSS and get expert, one-on-one advice from a trained Roland Specialist.

The Roland Store in PMT Manchester first opened in 2005, and since then the area has expanded to feature the latest and an awesome BOSS pedal stand and complete Roland Piano demo area too. We also have tonnes of great Roland and BOSS events happening at PMT Manchester all year round, too. Previous events have included brand takeover days, a visit from the Roland/BOSS truck, a guitar masterclass with the incredibly talented Alex Hutchins and a V-Drum clinic with the fantastic Craig Blundell.

What Is a Roland Store?

A Roland Store isn't just an area of a music store that is completely dedicated to the latest Roland and BOSS instruments and equipment. Every Roland Store has a Roland-trained product expert, who can advise you on what gear is best for your needs. A Roland Expert can also offer you advice on how to produce, write and record your music, no matter what style or genre. Plus, each Roland Expert is also a multi-instrumentalist and a self-confessed gear nut, too! Click here to book a session with the Manchester Roland Store Expert.

PMT Manchester's Roland Store Expert

Mat is the current Roland Store Expert at PMT Manchester and we caught up with him to find out what he loves about the brand and his favourite Roland and BOSS gear. When did you become a Roland Specialist? I started February 2019, but I've been with PMT since the summer of 2017. What has been your favourite piece of Roland gear that has been released over the years? My favourite piece of Roland gear from back in the day would be the TR-808. It completely revolutionised drum sequencing and I love how Roland has continued to update and improve the TR series with the TR-8 and the TR-8S drum machines. What's your go-to Roland and BOSS gear that you always use? I have been using the Roland SPD-SX in various bands over the years. I also use the BOSS DD-500 delay unit and love the sound. I've also been using the TR-8 drum machine for years and love the workflow of the sequencer. What's the top seller from Roland in your store? Best-seller for Roland would have to be the FP-30 digital piano. The quality of this product is undeniable, we sell through these incredibly quickly. It also comes in white! What's your specialist skill? I specialise mainly in synths and drum machines, although I've been playing drums for about 7 years now and play guitar in a band. What's your favourite thing about the brand? My favourite thing about Roland products is the quality. Every single product is designed and built to the highest possible standard and that makes them a really enjoyable brand to sell and support.

Roland and BOSS Products at PMT Manchester

BOSS Pedals at PMT Manchester

There's an entire stand dedicated to the iconic BOSS pedals and stompboxes at PMT Manchester! Whether you're looking for a modulation, distortion, loop, delay, reverb or overdrive pedal, we'll be able to help you create your perfect pedalboard for your electric or bass guitar at the Roland Planet at PMT Manchester.

Roland Electric Drum Kits

The Roland V-Drum section can be found upstairs in PMT Manchester in the House of Drums department, where an entire floor is dedicated to electric and acoustic drum kits. In PMT House of Drums in Manchester, you can try the latest electric drum kits from Roland, including the brand-new flagship model, the TD-50KV.

Roland Guitar Amps

The famous Blues Cube series and Roland CUBE amplifiers, which are perfect for busking and street performances, are all available for you to plug in to and try out at PMT Manchester. And don't forget, Roland doesn't just cater for electric guitar players - there's a full range of KC Amplifiers for keyboards and stunning amplifiers for acoustic guitars too. Check out all the Roland Amplifiers available at PMT.

Roland Keyboards & Pianos

Whether you're looking for your first keyboard or a gorgeous upright piano for your home, the Roland Planet at PMT Manchester has you covered. The Roland keyboards and digital pianos available in-store have all been built to last, with up to 10 years warranty on selected Roland Pianos. All pianos, keyboards and stage pianos in the store are set up and ready for you to play, so you can take your time to find the perfect keys for you.

Roland Synthesizers & Music Production Gear

PMT Manchester's Roland Planet always stocks the latest synthesizers (both digital and analog synth), midi keyboards, drum machines, and the entire Roland AIRA range, which Andy can demonstrate for you and show you how to incorporate into your own studio or set to help you make awesome music. We also have tons of great DJ gear including mixers, midi controllers and turntables available to try too so you can get hands-on with the latest equipment.