PMT To Consolidate Online Presence


Dolphin Music is now 100% PMT!

After many years of planning and careful restructuring, Dolphin Music will be closed down, and operate as part of PMT. We've joined forces with the people at Dolphin Music to create one super-awesome customer service and MI retail team and will be operating under the PMT name. Think the Voltron of Musical Instrument Retail! With this joining of forces you can now enjoy even greater expert product knowledge and a whole host of great deals.

This consolidation allows us to bring our customers more choice and a wider range of products. If you're a regular customer of Dolphin Music, fear not, the team is still very much here, except its just operating as PMT Online now.

The joint CEO of S&T Audio (owners of PMT and Dolphin), Simon Gilson, said: “We are delighted to announce that after over three years of planning, investment and restructuring, we are at last able to execute the final stages of our long-term eCommerce strategy by taking this all-important leap forward."

When PMT acquired Dolphin Music over six years ago, PMT were already well-established as the country’s leading bricks-and-mortar MI retailer. The main reason behind the Dolphin Music absorption is to be able to consolidate all of our resources and bring you better service, more options and even greater deals on MI.

Same great deals, same great customer service all under one roof. Well, it's 15 PMT stores UK wide!


4 Comments on “PMT To Consolidate Online Presence”

  • Brian Handscomb
    14th September 2017

    Would really love for some way to get/retain order history. Personally am REALLY sad to see "Dolphin" go and it felt like there was little to no warning. One day (22 July?) used my dolphin link, boom whole different web site. Though I ended up registering an account here (part of probably over five minutes trying to see if I had one transferred) I've placed no orders - PMT just isn't one of the four names in my head as being one of my existing dedicated sources. I have however ordered elsewhere because I felt I have history. Funny thing is I went to look up something just now, looked on one site, then another, and forgetting anything about PMT typed in the URL for Dolphin and was again briefly surprised to not see the web site I was expecting! Old habits!

    • Admin
      19th September 2017

      Hi Brian, Dolphin Music was part of S&T Audio for 6 years, and although the closure of Dolphin may have seemed abrupt to you, the Dolphin team had been planning the closure so that it joined with PMT seamlessly for years. We can still access your Dolphin customer history - feel free to call our sales team on 0151 448 2089 and we can discuss this further with you if you so wish.

  • Ryan Bowkett
    25th July 2017

    Does this mean that my Dolphin account along with my order history will now be gone? Thanks Ryan

    • Admin
      31st July 2017

      Hi Ryan, our tech team is looking at ways we can move historical order data over to the PMT website including accounts at the moment. For the time being, we'd suggest that you should create a new account on PMT, or feel free to use our guest checkout if you're looking to purchase online.

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