Read our Roland LX-17 review. Here are 5 reasons why this could be the best digital piano ever!

roland lx-17 review Here at PMT, we see a lot of pianos, both digital and acoustic, but on a rare occasion a particular model takes us completely by surprise with how breathtakingly beautiful it sounds and how elegantly it fuses classic design with modern technology. The Roland LX-17 Digital Piano is more than just a digital piano, but an entire experience of its own thanks to the perfect combination of elegant design, modern ingenuity, lifelike sound and unprecedented playability. The LX-17 is the culmination of decades of research into what piano players want, both physically and in terms of sound - but we needed to know what the players thought about it. So we decided to take a closer look and review the Roland LX-17 with Patrick over at PMT Oxford to get into the nitty gritty of what makes this piano so good! Here’s Patrick’s 5 best features of the Roland LX-17 Digital Piano

5 Great features Of The Roland LX-17

Watch the quick video below and learn a little more about each feature:

1. Eight speakers to provide you with a lush, hyper realistic sound

As you can see in the video above, Patrick takes us through the speaker set up within the LX-17. The LX-17 has 8 different speakers to provide you with a full piano experience. Via the intuitive multi-channel Acoustic Projection speaker system, the LX-17 reproduces the rich and immersive sound you get from a grand piano, vibrations and all! The 4-way speaker system is driven by a powerful 6-channel amplifier, allowing you to play as loud as you want and responding accordingly to your touch. You get all the lush resonance of an acoustic piano, but with far more control! You have two powerful cabinet speakers providing you with all the bass resonance you could ever need - you’ll feel it! The 6 speakers dotted throughout the body, provide you with the higher frequencies and accurately portray hammer noises, string noises and all the subtle nuances we’ve come to love from an acoustic piano. You can even hear the hammer hitting the piano string! If that wasn’t enough, when you open the lid of the LX-17 the piano responds exactly the same as an acoustic, allowing more sound out.

2. Beautiful acoustic sounds with digital reliability

The selection of sounds within the Roland LX-17 will impress the most ardent of acoustic and synth players with a total of 307 piano tones available. However it’s the Acoustic Grand Piano setting and Standard Concert Piano sounds that will really shine through. Thanks to the SuperNATURAL Piano Sounds and PHA-50 Keyboard, you get far more than just a sampled note, but a complete reproduction of how that note would sound in an acoustic setting including the way a note resonates with the cab, strings and the hammer. This feature really shines thanks to the Acoustic Projection system and PHA-50 Keyboard. Roland’s SuperNATURAL sound engine is now the industry standard in acoustic sampling, allowing you to enjoy the same sound as you would as if you were playing an acoustic piano - however you have the option of either using headphones, or turning the volume down! The standard concert piano sound that Patrick uses in the video provides players with all the feel, resonance and subtle nuances of an acoustic piano, but with the reliability and consistency of a digital piano. For those who need the option of flitting between acoustic and electric styles of piano, you have an array of different sounds at your fingertips. There’s a huge range of organs, strings, 80’s inspired synth sounds as well as some cool drums, totalling well over 300 sounds! This means the Roland LX-17 is a great option for those who want to be able to play a wide range of musical genres and record at home with beautifully sampled and responsive sounds. Roland lx-17 review

3. Complete customisation over your sound

Music is about freedom of expression. Freedom to create the music and the sounds that YOU want to. The team at Roland understand this completely, and have provided the LX-17 users with the power to sculpt their ideal sound via the Piano Design feature. This feature allows you to change everything about the sound of the piano. If you’re using the Grand Piano sound, you can choose how open or closed the lid would be in real life with the sound reflecting these changes. You can toggle Key Off noises, Hammer noises, things like damper resonance/noise, sound board types and create your ideal piano sound. Should you want a pristine “clean as a whistle” sounding piano or a well used, played-in piano sound with a bit of character and creakiness here and there, the choice is yours to tweak the LX-17 as much as you want. In addition, you can choose to change the tuning of individual notes with pinpoint accuracy. This is ideal for those with a finely tuned ear to be able to identify resonant notes that may sound a little “off” in certain rooms as you can tune each note in increments of .1 Hz. The customisation options within the Roland LX-17 are almost limitless.

4. Twin Piano feature makes learning a breeze

The Twin Piano function makes the Roland LX-17 an ideal piano to teach with and to learn on. Whether you’re a piano teacher taking classes at home, or you’re teaching a member of your family the first steps to becoming the next piano superstar, the Roland LX-17 is a great option as it allows you to split the piano into 2 sections and provide you with 2 x middle C notes. This ensures your students or playing partner can follow along with what you’re playing and learn by sitting next to you. There’s also a recording function and a total of 353 songs built-in that you can play along with.

5. Bluetooth Connectivity

Bluetooth connectivity makes playing sheet music a breeze as the Roland LX-17. You can download the Roland Piano Partner App to your iOS or Android device and enjoy a wide range of sheet music to play at your own pace. Whether you’re using a tablet or smartphone, you can slow down, speed up and even take out left or right hands from the sheet music, making the learning process a lot easier!

Final Thought

Overall, the Roland LX-17 is more than just a digital piano, but a complete piano experience able to provide you, with everything you’ve ever loved about an acoustic piano, but with added modern capabilities that take nothing away from the acoustic sounds, playability or feel of an acoustic that is so important to us. When you want a wide range of options and you want them to actually sound good, respond to your playing realistically and make playing the piano an enjoyable experience once again, the Roland LX-17 is the ideal choice. View the Roland LX-17 over at PMT Online today or call in to your local PMT store to try one for yourself.

Easy finance options available

The sheer quality of the Roland LX-17 is reflected in the price bracket, but don’t let that put you off, as we have a wide range of easy finance options available, including interest free finance (9 months), meaning you can get the piano you’ve always wanted without a hefty upfront cost. Click here to select the finance option that suits you or call us today on 0151 448 2089 to speak to one of our product experts. ROLAND LX-17