If you’re a travelling DJ in need of your own PA system, whether you run a karaoke night, play weddings or provide your own sound system for dance and electronic nights, you need a reliable PA system and one that can survive the rigours of touring. With so many choices out there, finding a hard wearing, easy to use and portable PA system can be tough. So today we’re discussing the 5 best portable PA systems for DJ’s to help you make the right decision. Not a DJ but still need to see the best portable PA systems for Musicians, Duos, wedding bands etc? Check out our other blog here.


The TourTech TTPSM5 Active Portable PA Speaker is one of the most powerful and portable PA systems for DJ’s thanks to its small size, included microphone, built-in mixer and connectivity options. This highly portable PA system is the ideal PA system for DJ’s as it weighs in at a mere 2.8kg meaning you can cart it to your gigs, functions and parties with ease. The mixer on the front of the speaker features multiple input options each with their own separate level controls. Easily access and manipulate the levels of the 2 x XLR-1/4" combo channel (for use with microphones and other Mic/Line level devices), an Aux In ( for added audio), and 1/8" channel (for hooking up MP3 players/ CD players etc). There's also Phantom Power and a built in Echo effect so you can use condenser microphones should you need to MC or provide vocals. The 5” woofer help you pump out up to 150 watts peak power, making it an ideal option for DJ’s playing smaller venues, parties and functions. The integrated carry handle makes it even easier to take to gigs. Don’t be fooled by its size – this thing is really loud!  


When you need a powerful yet portable PA system for your DJ event, the Roland BA-330 Portable PA System is one of the best available. The team at Roland know a thing or two about creating products that sound great, are built like a tank and are easy to use. Although this is a little more of an investment than some other portable PA systems, it’s worth every penny. You have 4 channels in total, with two dedicated channels for microphones or musical instruments as well as two standard ¼” stereo inputs. Each channel has its own independent tone adjustment as well as its own effects, making it a great choice for DJ’s who carry Karaoke systems as you can mix delay and reverb into the vocals. The BA-330 has been built with four custom-designed 6.5” stereo speakers and two tweeters as well as a tilt back stand to allow for a wider spread of sound. It can be powered by AC power or eight AA batteries and delivers a huge sound pressure level of 109 dB, which means it stands up against much larger PA systems 3 times the price. If you’re a professional DJ in need of a quick, plug-and-play option that will last many years of gigging, then the Roland BA330 Portable Active PA System is a great option


The Alto Mixpack 10 Portable PA System is a super high-performance PA system capable of providing DJ’s with a complete sound system that is easily transportable and even easier to use. If you’re on a budget, this is a great choice, as for under £400 you get 2 passive PA speakers, a removable 8 channel mixer that stows away inside one of the passive TX speakers as well as all the cables you need to set up and start mixing your DJ set. With 400 watts of power to play with pumping your music out of the two 10” speakers, you have plenty of volume to ensure everyone in the room can hear you. The 1-inch HF compression drivers ensure your music sounds great at all volumes and the phantom power on channels 1-4 allow you to run multiple microphones should you need them for Karaoke or your MC. The included 8 channel mixer which mounts into the back of the speaker for easy transport allows you to remotely control the volume, EQ and built in reverb channel allowing you to set up your speakers elsewhere and manipulate the sound from afar. This is a high powered, high performance highly portable option for professionals and one of the best portable PA systems for DJ’s on the market.


Ok, so not strictly an all in one system like the rest of our 5 best DJ systems, but stay with me! The QSC TouchMix 8 is a highly portable, compact mixer which can stand up to the likes of large format consoles and hold its own. The mixer itself features 14 mixing channels (8 Mic/Line, 4 Line, Stereo USB) and 6 outputs and includes class-A microphone preamps as well as the all important Room Tuning Wizards which optimise your sound depending on the room. Part of the reason this makes our best portable PA systems for DJ’s is the fact it’s a mere 3 kg in weight, but it also features an array of different effects including pitch correct (ideal for MC’s and karaoke) and can be operated via the TouchMix Control app for iOS and Android devices. This means you can hook up your system and walk around the room testing the sound and make changes with your iOS or Android device. Whether you’re dropping sick beats at a festival or DJing a wedding, this can handle it all. But what about the speakers I hear you ask? Well, fortunately QSC make some of the most powerful PA speakers available today. The QSC K12 Active PA Loudspeaker in particular provides you with 1000 watts of power with a maximum SPL 131 dB peak and is near indestructible. The fact that’s powered means you can make adjustments on the speaker directly and via the TouchMix 8 mixer depending on your environment.  The rugged, tour grade construction with steel grilles and ABS enclosures will keep your 12” Woofer and 1.75” diaphragm compression driver safe whilst you transport them from venue to venue using the comfortable ergonomic handles. The 6 year warranty is also a great feature too! If you need more power though, the QSC K12.2 Active PA Loudspeakers are set to arrive soon complete with 2000w of power – ideal for those who run larger DJ set ups. 


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