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The excellent people at Focusrite launch the Focusrite Academy, with free online drum recording course.

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Focusrite Academy, the completely free online music production video tutorial series has launched today. This new series of easy to watch videos will teach you how to record all manner of acoustic and electric instruments directly to your PC or Mac. The first instalment in this invaluable series is Drum Recording.

This first course will show you how to record, process and mix a full kit in a studio situation and take you through each and every aspect – from the gear you need to the insider tips and tricks to get the best sound.

Watch as session drummers Craig Blundell and Alessandro Lombardo and producer Tim Harbour walk you through 25 bite size videos discussing which equipment you’ll need, including what microphones to use, which interface and outboard will work best and watch as the series discusses skills and techniques involved to get the best sound out of your drum kit recording session.

At the end of the series, newcomers to music production will understand how to set up microphones around the drum kit in various configurations, apply phase correction and effects, utilise compression and edit everything from the timing to the groove of your drum track, plus so much more.

The aim of the Focusrite Academy is to open up the world of drum recording to everyone, offering "back stage" access to all the insider knowledge they need to be able to engineer, record, produce and mix amazing drum tracks.

Whether you use Clarett OctoPre, the new Focusrite Scarlett OctoPre Dynamic Microphone Preamp (2nd Gen) or any other Focusrite audio interface, you’ll find out exactly how to get the best sound with your gear.

Check out the series playlist below and get started on your drum recording journey with Focusrite Academy:

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