Rickenbacker Bass Guitars In Stock Now At PMT


We have just received a shipment of new Rickenbacker 4003 and 4003S guitars. After 2 years they are finally available at PMT Online and in stores. Here’s our favourites!

Rickenbacker 4003 bass in stock

The stars have aligned, the sacrifices to the Gods of Rock have been accepted and they have heeded our call! New Rickenbacker bass guitars have now arrived at PMT Online and in stores. These things are as rare as rocking horse poop and we’ve just taken a limited shipment. So today we’re taking a look at our favourites – be quick if you don’t want to miss out and have to wait another 2 years!

Rickenbacker 4003 Stereo Bass Guitar Ruby Red in Stock!

Rickenbacker 4003 Stereo Bass Guitar Ruby Red

The classic Rickenbacker 4003 Stereo Bass Guitar in Ruby Red has landed at PMT Online and in selected stores. Favoured by the likes of Lemmy from Motorhead, Mani of Stone Roses and countless other bass guitar legends, the Rickenbacker 4003 is instantly recognisable on record and on stage as a powerhouse of sound. Great looks coupled with a superb, punchy bass output, the Rickenbacker 4003 Stereo bass features the famous "Rick-O-Sound" by utilising dual output jacks.

You have dual outputs, one being “Standard” and the other being “Rick O Sound”. The standard/mono output is best used when hooked up to a regular bass amplifier and in conjunction with the deeper sounding neck pickup. The “Rick O Sound” or Stereo output sounds fantastic when partnered with a guitar amplifier, as it makes use of the grittier bridge pickup. When both of these output jacks are used at the same time, you have an absolutely stunning stereo sound that uses both pickups perfectly and makes use of two different styles of amplifier to create that stunning Rickenbacker sound.

Seen here in Ruby Red, the Rickenbacker 4003 Stereo bass is also available right now in Walnut & Jetglo. We also have a range of Left Handed Rickenbacker 4003 models in Fireglo, Jetglo, Ruby Red and Mapleglo.

Rickenbacker 4003S Bass Guitar Walnut in Stock!

Rickenbacker 4003S Bass Guitar Walnut

We’re pleased to report that the awesome Rickenbacker 4003S Bass Guitar in Walnut is now back in stock and available for immediate purchase.

Foregoing some of the bells and whistles associated with the regular 4003 model, the Rickenbacker 4003S features dot inlays instead of triangle inlays, opts for a solid finish rather than binding and utilises only one output rather than two. No messing about here – just awesome Rickenbacker tone through two classic single coil Rickenbacker pickups. It’s easy to see why these bass guitars were favoured by Paul McCartney, and the more “lead” bass guitarists out there thanks to their punchy output and ability to cut through the mix.

There’s also the small matter of utilising a walnut wood - which adds a unique sound to the already infamous Rickenbacker bass tone. Honestly, this thing sounds absolutely beautiful at all volumes, providing a rich, resonant and above all punchy dynamic that really brings out each and every note effortlessly. From smooth, jazz licks to crunchy doom laden riffage all the way to creamy blues and everything in between, these Rickenbacker 4003S bass guitars can handle anything you throw at them and keep on coming!

Available to order right now!

If you were wondering what the major differences between these two basses are, check out our quick explanation video:

Rickenbacker 4004 Laredo Bass Midnight Blue in Stock

Rickenbacker 4004 Laredo Bass Midnight Blue

We also have limited stock of the highly popular Rickenbacker 4004 Laredo Bass guitars. Seen here in Midnight blue, the keen eye will notice that the 4004 Laredo chooses to shed the scratch plate, pickup cover and the usual style RIC bridge for a more streamlined effect. This results in a far cleaner less "showy" look.

The solid Hardrock Maple and Walnut body, Maple Neck and Bubinga fretboard all contribute to the resonance and warmth that make these 4004 Laredo's so popular amongst the jazz and rock fans.

Another major difference between these and the regular 4003 style is the inclusion of 'low loss' circuit technology and humbucking pickups. This combination provides a fuller sound allowing the low end space to breathe. Ideal for those who prefer the dynamics inherent in humbuckers rather than the punchy single coil style. The 4004 Laredo is a great workhorse of a bass guitar which is also available in Ruby Red.

Free Delivery & Finance Options Available at PMT

You get what you pay for when it comes to Rickenbacker guitars, which is why they’re reassuringly expensive. The amount of craftmanship and skill that goes into creating one of these is impressive, and a major reason as to they’re always in such short supply with a 2 year waiting list – they get snapped up quickly! As the Rickenbacker could always be considered more of an investment rather than a spur of the moment purchase, the price reflects the commitment.

Fortunately, we have easy to manage finance options!

Here at PMT we offer a range of finance options (including 0% interest), allowing you to spread the cost over several months with a payment plan to suit you. This means you can get the Rickenbacker bass you’ve always wanted and pay in easy-to-handle instalments.

If you order any of these Rickenbacker bass guitars before 3pm today you will qualify for our fast, free and reliable next-day delivery service (subject to stock levels, UK customers only). This means you can get hold of your Rickenbacker bass guitar quicker then ever before. But be quick, once these are gone, there’ll be another 2 years to wait!

Shop all Rickenbacker Bass Guitars & Rickenbacker Electric Guitars over at PMT Online or call in to your local PMT Store to try one out for yourself.
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