Best Wireless Headset Microphones For Fitness Instructors


We round up the best wireless microphone headsets for fitness instructors, personal trainers and Zumba class instructors.

best wirless headset microphones for fitness instructors

Wireless headset microphones are an ideal tool for public speakers, preachers and lecturers thanks to their ease of use, accurate response and lightweight construction allowing you to roam the stage without having to hold a microphone. They’re also amazing for fitness instructors thanks to the fact you can strap them to your head, hook them over your ears and jump around like crazy, get into those super difficult yoga positions and focus on your fitness routine without worrying about having to hold a microphone. Coupled with a battery powered PA system, you're an unstoppable (and un-ignorable) force of fitness!

Before we begin, you should know that we're going to be talking about channels and frequencies in this blog. Some channels require a licence to use whereas others are licence exempt, so it's wise to familiarise yourself with wireless frequencies quickly before you read on. We covered how channels work in our beginner’s guide to wireless frequencies.

All done? Great!

Here’s our 6 best wireless headset microphones for fitness instructors:

1. Sennheiser XSW 1-ME3-GB Headmic set with ME3

Sennheiser XSW 1-ME3-GB Headmic set with ME3

When you’re in the depths of your spin class, the last thing you need to be worrying about is poor connection to your PA system. If you’re not being heard, your class isn’t getting the best out of their session, so make sure you choose a wireless microphone headset that you can rely on. The Sennheiser XSW 1-ME3-GB Headmic set with ME3 is a great option for those on a budget who need a hardworking, professional piece of kit that ensures a true connection to the PA system at all times.

The dual, integrated antenna system works in conjunction with the Automatic frequency management and synchronization system to pull in a strong signal via the two aerials. This means you have two antennas boosting your signal and ensuring a clear and precise signal between your voice and the PA. two signals at once, selecting the stronger signal at all times. If one antenna can’t pick up the frequency clearly, the other antenna will take over and make sure your voice can still be heard clearly.

The One Touch Synchronisation makes it super simple to get started. Simply connect your receiver to your PA, strap the belt-pack transmitter to your back, hit the Sync button and you’re good to go. They're also one of the best headsets for Zumba instructors thanks to the fact they stay on your head!

A great wireless microphone for fitness instructors that won’t break the bank.

2. Line 6 XD-V55HS Digital Wireless Headset System

Line 6 XD-V55HS Digital Wireless Headset System

The Line 6 XD-V55HS Digital Wireless Headset System is one of the best wireless headset microphones for fitness instructors thanks to its super lightweight construction – you’ll forget you’re wearing it! The key benefit here is the slimline design of the headset that makes it a great choice for active fitness instructors. The ear hooks contour to your ears allowing a snug but comfortable fit whilst you help your class burn calories and stay in place as you help Alan adjust his Yoga pose.

The Line 6 XD-V55HS transmits via the 2.4GHz band, which means you don’t have to pay for a licence to use the frequency worldwide. In addition the Digital Channel Lock (DCL) technology phases out any interference and unwanted noise at all times. This means you can enjoy uncompressed, high quality audio in 24-bit quality up to 300ft from the receiver.

The headset easily pairs up to the XD-V55 bodypack which runs on 2 x AA batteries and the wireless receiver. Just connect the receiver to your PA system in seconds, tune in and you’re all set. The Line 6 XD-V55HS is also one of the best wireless microphones for public speakers and performers thanks to the bright LCD display – or those super late training sessions! Please note, the headset is only available in Tan.

3. Line 6 XD-V75HS Wireless Headset Microphone in Tan

Line 6 XD-V75HS Wireless Headset Microphone in Tan

The Line 6 XD-V75HS Wireless Headset Microphone in Tan is another professional, yet entirely budget friendly option for those who need a hardworking and long-lasting headset. The discreet headset is the main reason this makes our best wireless microphones for fitness instructors list thanks to its solid construction and secure double hoop clip-on design that fits securely to your ear. The adjustable hoops make sure this thing won’t fly off, even during the most active of workouts. As far as sound quality is concerned, this headset has got you covered, providing noise free performance, exceptional clarity and EQ Filter modelling technology so you can dial in your sound and not worry about the people in the back not hearing you!

In addition, the Digital Channel Lock completely eliminates RF interference with your audio so your channel is kept clean and that nasty interference that can sometimes occur is eliminated and as it operates on the license free 2.4GHz band, you’re never competing with TV broadcast or white space devices.

If you work as part of a team, you'll be happy to know that the Line 6 XD-V75HS Wireless Headset Microphone can operate up to 14 systems at the same time (region depending), so expanding your set up is a breeze.

Hard wearing, hardworking and a clear, concise and interference free sound - ideal for professional trainers.

4. AKG WMS45 Pro Sports Headset Wireless System

AKG WMS45 Pro Sports Headset Wireless System

The AKG WMS45 Pro Sports Headset Wireless System has been specifically designed for active users. The comfortable construction of the headset provides a snug fit that stops it moving around while you’re trying to motivate your class. The lightweight transmitter pack can strap to your back pocket easily, providing a convenient and lightweight option for the busy fitness instructor.

It’s also been designed specifically for sweaty environments as the C 544 L headworn microphone comes with four moisture shields protecting the transducer from sweat and spit – ideal when you’re shouting at your class in spin class!

The body pack is powered via a single AA battery and provides up to 8 hours of use, so you’ve got enough power to get through a lot of classes. The bodypack is the smallest and most lightweight in its class too – so aerobics classes aren’t a problem. If you’re operating between different venues, you’ll appreciate the quick set up and plug-and-play design. The AKG WMS45 Pro Sports Headset Wireless System also operates on the licence free channel 70 frequency so there’s no extra cost for licenses.

By far one of the best wireless microphone headsets for fitness instructors and Zumba instructors available today. Cost effective, comfortable and versatile – AKG have crafted a perfect companion for the professional trainer.

5. Shure GLXD14/SM35 Wireless Headset Mic

Shure GLXD14/SM35 Wireless Headset Mic

The Shure GLXD14/SM35 Wireless Headset Mic is part of the coveted GLX-D wireless systems family, used by professionals around the world – so you’re in good company when you decide to try this one out!

The key benefit here is the LINKFREQ Automatic Frequency Management technology. This system constantly scans for the best frequency possible, and transfers your signal should it encounter any interference.

By using the 2.4 GHz frequency band, you have access to an array of different high-quality channels without the need for a licence. The lightweight GLXD1 bodypack transmitter uses best-in-class intelligent lithium-ion battery rechargeability, which allows for superior sound quality after charging the unit up. Best of all you have the extremely high quality SM35 headset microphone at your disposal used by vocalist all over the world.

The sturdy construction and easily mouldable headset fits snugly yet comfortably, ensuring it won’t come flying off when you’re demonstrating how to do a star jump to Chris in the front row.
Lightweight, licence free and with Shure’s gorgeous microphone technology – a fantastic option for professional fitness instructors that won’t let you down and one of the best headset microphones available today.

6. Shure GLXD14R Wireless Headset System with SM31

Shure GLXD14R Wireless Headset System with SM31

Ok we had to include this one! Here, we have the Shure GLXD14R Wireless Headset System with SM31 Microphone, a wireless headset microphone specifically designed for fitness instructors and by far the best choice for professionals in need of something that will last thousands of hours of shouting instructions at your class!

Stylish, easy to use and extremely hard wearing, the Shure SM31 fitness headset wireless microphone utilises a moisture-repelling hydrophobic fabric that protects the mic from all that sweat, gunge and humidity that can destroy microphones. You can push as hard as you want during spin class and sweat as much as you want confident in the knowledge this mic will take anything you throw at it. The mic also comes with a windscreen to stop those plosives and heavy breathing noises coming through the mic too - perfect for those aerobic classes.

The GLXD1 bodypack can be charged in your car, at the mains or via a USB charger thanks to the Shure Digital Power Management for up to 16 hours of continuous use from full charge. In addition, you can charge the bodypack for just 15 minutes and enjoy 1.5 hours of battery life - perfect for those with minimal time between sessions (or if you've forgotten to charge the unit!). The bodypack also has a range of 20-30m too, giving you plenty of room to move around.

The rack mount receiver is included in the package and provides crystal clear sound with extremely reliable connectivity at all times.

If you need something reliable, hard wearing and easy to use - this is your best option for professional use.

(Not in stock? Don't worry - we can special order any of these options for you quickly! )

View a complete range of wireless headset microphones over at PMT Online today, speak to us on 0151 448 2089 or call in to your local store to speak to our PA and Microphone experts about your needs.

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Updated 2020-03-04

25 Comments on “Best Wireless Headset Microphones For Fitness Instructors”

  • Olakunle Abimbola


    Thank you for all the information so far.

    I am looking to use one of the microphones above for fitness instructor classes. Would anyone be able to suggest the best method of capturing the audio from the mic as a recording that could be used later on?

  • SW

    I teach an intense class in heat and we sweat .... like a crazy amount.... in it. like it looks like we have been swimming. Which mic is going to be the best quality to stand up to this amount of sweat and also, it is a large room and I want the best reception as possible. the best of the best is what I'm looking for!

    • Lee Glynn

      Hi there! The Shure GLXD14R Wireless Headset System with SM31 will probably be your best bet for intense moisture! Any of these would comfortably work in a large room. I hope that helps - Lee

  • liana


    i am trying to record an instructional workout video. do any of these headsets have that function? or connect to a gopro?

    • Lee Glynn

      Hi, unfortunately, none of these have a record function, but you could connect any up to a PA and take a line out of the PA into an audio interface for recording.

  • Karen McCall

    Hi, I am a yoga instructor and looking for a portable microphone headset which I can record my voice cues into. Do you have any suggestions on where I should be looking?

    Kind Regards

    • Lee Glynn

      Hi Karen, you would need a sperate unit to record. If you call our team on 0151 448 2089 they will be able to help you.

  • Lakiesha

    I need to find a wireless headset microphone with no belt pack that can be used for team teaching. Any suggestions?

    • Lee Glynn

      Hi, the Samson Airline range do not have belt packs. We can special order these in for you, should you need one. -Lee

  • Karen

    I teach a dance fitness class and run my music wireless from my iPod via Bluetooth to my speaker. Can I also run a wireless headmic with no problems? I'm not very 'techy' and wonder if one will cut out the other or will the music and mic run harmoniously side by side?!

    • Lee Glynn

      Hi Karen! That shouldn't be a problem at all, because you're using a different frequency which won't affect the Bluetooth. -Lee

  • Maxkenzie

    Hi Lee,
    I teach a spin class. My head circumference is small, and the microphone headset at our gym is constantly sliding off even when I use a headband. I’m looking for a microphone set that works reliably and offers a good fit. Any suggestions?

    • Lee Glynn

      Hi! I feel your pain. All of these should work, and not slide off as they are adjustable. However, the Shure GLXD14/SM35 Wireless Headset Mic would be a solid fit, whilst the AKG WMS45 Pro Sports Headset Wireless System is designed for sports. They should help. -Lee

  • Ian

    Can you advise what connection is used to plug the receiver into music system? I’m purchasing a bluetooth wall moi ted amp with 3.5 jack connection in the front. Would this be suitable? Many thanks

    • Lee Glynn

      Hi Ian, usually a cable with 1/4 inch jack or XLR cable does the job. If you only have a 3.5 inch jack cable connection, you'd need an adaptor such as this - I hope that helps. -Lee

  • Rezm Orah

    Wondering if I can use different brand Crowns and bodypacks?
    Wanted the line 6 but a sturdier head pice that won't move or fall off so easily,

    • Lee Glynn

      Hi there, certain brands allow for this, but we'll need to know your setup. So feel free to email our experts on - ask for Paulo - as he's our expert on this subject and has been briefed on your question. -Lee

  • Michael Rumpf

    Hi! I would like to review equipment for the workout (or similar) situation where the students have wireless headphones to hear what all hear (motivation and instruction) as well as from time to time personal intervention from the trainer for individual instructions). Maybe interesting for situations where not much noise shall be produced, although a decent PA level - and no headset at all - might do. Thanks for answering.

    • Lee Glynn

      Hi Michael, it's probably best to give our customer service team a call on 0151 448 2089 as they can advise on a set up like this. -Lee

  • abdul khayum

    hi ive got sony sound box speaker MHC-V11 will any of your wireless Mic sets work with it? it's for a burn 500 class

    • Lee Glynn

      Hi Abdul, I would suggest calling our team on 0151 448 2089 regarding this. Our experts can help you with this kind of set up. -Lee

  • Sue

    I have started a weekly aqua aerobics class where I live to raise money for charity. They have a sound system with two small speakers but I need a head mic so the class can here me from the side of the pool. Does the headmic work independently or does it have to connect with the sound system? Due to water the system runs through the bar so I can’t interfer with the music once the cd starts. Hope this makes sense :)

    • Lee Glynn

      Hi Sue, thanks for your question, and yes that makes total sense. The headset is connected to a bodypack which you have to wear (it's not waterproof though so be careful!). The bodypack then transmits your speech wirelessly to the receiver which is connected (via a wire) to the sound system.

      So, you need the three components, headset, bodypack and receiver for it to work.
      You have to connect the receiver to the CD or PA system. I recommend giving our sales team a call though to make sure your system is compatible with the wireless system on 0151 448 2089. I hope that helps.

  • Heather Mulhern

    I am looking to conduct a dance class with wireless headphones so I can be communicating via headphone to the students headphones and we can be in public and dancing to music while not interupti g those around us.

    Do you have equipment to accommodate this?

    Thank you,


    • Lee Glynn

      Hi Heather, we should be able to help with that. As this is quite a bespoke order, if you could call our team on 0151 448 2089 our PA and wireless microphone specialists will be able to help you. I hope that helps. -Lee

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