As part of our PA System Case Study series, we discuss how our PA experts helped kit out Sort Rehearsal Rooms with a complete PA System and backline solution.

PMT PA System Case study Here at PMT, we support hundreds of local venues, houses of worship schools and pubs with the best advice on the type of PA Systems they need to ensure the perfect sound at all times. We also deal with a huge amount of rehearsal rooms too, and have just helped Lee over at Sort Rehearsal Rooms in Liverpool kit out his amazing practice space with a selection of PA Systems. Let’s take a closer look. The Baltic Triangle in Liverpool has become a hive of activity over the past few years, undergoing a transformation that has seen this once out-of-the-way area become one of Liverpool’s hottest hubs of creativity, especially for musicians in the city.

The Brief:

Sort Rehearsal Rooms in Liverpool will provide musicians in the city, both professional acts and those future rock stars of tomorrow with private, custom designed practice rooms that have been soundproofed to an exceptionally high quality. In addition, owner and operator, Lee wanted to ensure that each item within those rooms was of industry standard, allowing bands and musical acts to practice with world class gear representative of the venues and studios in which they will be performing and recording. In short: proper gear that sounded decent and would last! Lee wanted to create resource for the city, somewhere that would help to build a musical community and fulfil the need within the city for high-end rehearsal rooms, all while keeping costs down for the bands and the studio itself. As PA System experts, PMT were on hand to provide Lee with a complete PA system solution to fulfil his needs and the needs of his artists hiring out the rooms. Along with a range of musical instruments which included guitar amps, drums and accessories, the PA systems had to be hard wearing, of a professional standard and provide a great sound that could keep up with the instruments within the room, including the loudest of drummers.

The Gear:

PMT PA System case study

The PA System:

We recommended the Yamaha DSR112 Active PA Speakers. These compact, lightweight and full range active PA speakers would deliver a professional sound each time, able to be used as a vocal PA system when in a live practice room and eventually as a fold back monitor when using the speakers in conjunction with a larger-scale PA system. “There’s nothing worse than having bad gear. I’ve been to many rehearsal rooms as a band that has rubbish gear. Good gear lasts longer, doesn’t hurt people’s ears because you don’t need to crank everything up and its nice and clear. The Yamaha DS2112 Active PA Speakers were exactly what I wanted.” Says Lee. Yamaha DSR112 Active PA Speaker Easy to carry and even easier to operate, the Yamaha DS2112 Active PA Speakers would easily keep up with the demands of a fully functioning rehearsal room. The addition of an incredible 7-year warranty was also a major benefit for Sort Rehearsal rooms. In the unlikely event something went wrong, Lee could get it “sorted” quickly and keep his rooms running smoothly. With a view to eventually hire out his systems and host smaller gigs, the Yamaha DS2112 Active PA Speakers would make the ideal choice. The longevity of gear was paramount.

The Mixer:

Due to the amount of people using the PA systems within Sort Rehearsal Rooms, the mixer had to be able to accommodate a wide range of different vocalists and styles, thus able to be sculpted to different specifications. It also had to be robust and hard wearing. We recommended the Soundcraft Signature 10 Analogue Mixer. [caption id="attachment_34549" align="alignnone" width="1000"]PMT PA system case study Lee chose the Soundcraft Signature 10 Analogue Mixer. A reliable, easy to use mixer.[/caption] This compact yet powerful mixing console would provide the vocalists within the room the ability to not only enjoy incredible control over their EQ settings and even play back backing tracks via the bi-direction USB connection. But most importantly; it would just work. As each room within Sort Rehearsal Rooms would also act as a recording studio, the 10-input small format analogue mixer was a perfect choice. Not only could bands utilise the tour-grade console for their rehearsal needs, they could also record sessions at will and bounce them down on to their laptops via USB.

The Accessories:

Having toured the world himself as a tour manager, Lee understood that there was a need to supply Sort with gear that would last many years of (ab)use but not break the bank. We recommended the industry standard SM58 microphones used on almost every stage and in every musical venue in the world, the hardwearing and ultra-reliable Samson SATS50 TS50 speaker stands, Hercules Stage Series mic stands as well as a host of Klotz microphone XLR cables. Everything had to work, and work well.

The Result:

Sort Rehearsal rooms is now a fully functioning rehearsal room ready to provide Liverpool’s musical community with a creative hub where they can rehearse with high quality gear. Lee was able to completely fit out the rooms to his specifications by working with our in-house team of PA experts. For more information about Sort Rehearsal Rooms Liverpool, click here.

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