Alesis Strike Pro Review With Texas Tim Root


Updated 11.7.17

We take an in depth look into the Alesis Strike Pro Electronic Drum Kit with “Texas” Tim Root. Watch as Tim gives us a rundown of all the great new kits, cool features and shows us why this is one of the best professional drum kits available with a budget friendly price tag!

alesis strike pro

Sometimes, the struggle to find a responsive, great feeling and amazing sounding electronic drum kit that doesn't look weird on stage is all too real. Finding one that won't break the bank can also be a little problematic.

Then, along comes the Alesis Strike Pro – a budget friendly, responsive and intuitive electronic drum kit that is ready to hit the stages and studios of the world, without costing you the earth.

We were lucky enough to have "Texas" Tim Root stop by PMT House Of Drums to guide us through all the cool features and sounds packed within the new model for 2017 and find out why this electronic drum kit should be on your must-try list!

An Overview Of The Alesis Strike Pro

We could sit here and tell you all about the unique features of the Alesis Strike Pro. Like how it’s an 11-piece professional electronic drum kit with mesh heads with large dual hoops for realistic response. Or how the Strike pro features premium wooden shells and how each drum has been designed to provide the familiarity of an acoustic kit thanks to the 14" snare, 8,10,12 & 14" toms and a 14" kick.

We could even discuss how it’s jam packed full of 110 different kits encompassing a wide range of musical genres and how there’s even 1600 different instruments to choose from… but we’d rather let the legendary “Texas” Tim Root talk you through the features in this cool video series.

Take a look and see/hear just how awesome the Alesis Strike Pro is!


A Closer Look At The Alesis Strike Pro Drum Sounds

When searching for the perfect electronic kit, drummers face a couple of major challenges when trying to find the right set up for their sound. Of course, there’s a myriad of different things we want from our electronic kits, but overall, we want something that responds to our playing as realistically as possible. We want a set up that not only gives us a wide range of sounds we'll actually want to use, but a selection of kits that don’t sound like they belong on a NES classic, too.

Fortunately, the Alesis Strike Pro Module is jam packed with a selection of beautifully sampled (and world renowned) kits that can be accessed and edited easily to your specifications as well as an entire library of sounds that respond so accurately to your playing, that you'll feel like you've got the actual acoustic instrument in front of you.

In this video, “Texas” Tim takes us through a selection of different sounds and kits within the Strike Pro module. Listen to the Rock’N Kit, Blue Jay Kita, Nac Kit, Funky Bass kit, Jungle Jam Kit, Orchestral Kit, Auto EDM Kit and more.

The Alesis Strike Pro Electronic Drum Kit Module

The Alesis Strike Pro module is not only packed to the brim full of great sounds, but also allows you to get really creative with your music.

In this video “Texas” Tim Root shows us how to mix any of your 110 built-in kits, allowing you to add new dynamics to your playing. In addition, we also find out how easy it is to add layers to your drum sounds, say for example you wanted to add a hand clap to your snare sound – brilliant!

Tim also shows us how we can tune any of the 1600 instruments within the Alesis Strike pro, change the velocity of each instrument and kit and add effects to your playing. You can also adjust the linear curve and sensitivity of each of your drums providing a huge range of control over your kit.

We also see how easy it is to add your own samples to the Alesis Strike Pro module. The on-board sampler can be used to create fantastic loops in seconds. Here, Tim uses his iPhone to add a track and then edits it within the module to create something entirely new. These samples can then be added to any pad you wish for use in a live or studio setting. And with the included 8GB SD card, you’ve got more than enough room to store a wide range of different sounds and recall them whenever you want.

Key specs of the Alesis Strike Pro

The Alesis Strike Pro electronic drum kit comes with pretty much everything you need to get started straight out of the box. Although it doesn't come with a hi-hat stand or bass drum pedal (which is fine if you have your own breakables) you have 3 x crash cymbals, one more than you usually get with electronic kits, a sturdy chrome rack ready for touring, the Alesis Strike Pro module, as well as kick, 4 x toms and a snare plus all the cables required for quick set up. Here's a few of the key specs:

  • Strike performance module with 4.3 full-colour LCD screen and individual outputs
  • 110 new kits and over 1600 multi-sampled instruments recorded especially for the module
  • 8GB SD card included for storing user kits - almost unlimited storage for kits and sounds!
  • Large dual-hoop pads with wood shells
  • Adjustable mesh heads
  • 14" Kick drum
  • 14" snare pad
  • 8",10",12",14" tom pads
  • 16" triple-zone ride cymbal, (3) 14” crash cymbals, and 12"moveable hi-hat
  • Larger, more flexible, premium 4-post chrome rack
  • Easy to use software editor for creating custom kits/instruments and importing .wav files
  • On board sampling and editing capabilities
  • USB/MIDI output for use with virtual instrument and recording software

* Hi Hat Stand and Bass Drum Pedal Not Included

Alesis Strike Pro 1.2 Firmware Update

In July the team at Alesis released the 1.2 firmware update for Strike Pro. This robust new upgrade now adds several new important features and enhances many of the existing features within this awesome electronic drum kit. Now when you download the 1.2 and update your Strike module will have significantly more control and flexibility with their Strike kit!

Here’s the Alesis Strike 1.2 Updated Feature List

  • Sample Mode: Added Internal and Internal+Aux
  • Input recording modes. Sample yourself playing solo or playing along with music from your Aux input.
  • Loop Mode: Each of the two layers on each trigger can be set to loop its playback.
  • Layer Velocity Limit High/Low: Configure a layer to play in certain velocity ranges only
  • Metronome Output Routing: Route the metronome to the Main Out, the Headphone Out, or both.
  • USB mass-storage capability
  • General trigger performance enhancements. Improved dynamic range.
  • Improved hi-hat pedal performance, including greater dynamic range for “chick” sound
  • Adjustable Splash Performance

How do I get my Strike Pro V1.2 Firmware and Content updates?

Click here to get the Strike Pro V1.2  Firmware and Content Update. Be sure to read the Strike Editor Software User Guide too!

Take control over your Strike with the Alesis Software Editor

Here’s what Alesis have to say about the Software editor:

“The Software Editor is a separate download that gives Alesis Strike Pro users a sophisticated software editor program that resides on your computer. Once downloaded, you connect your Mac or PC via USB cable to the Strike module, open the editor, and create and edit custom kits for your Strike module.

In addition, you can now dive down to the Instrument level and create all new custom multi-layer instruments or edit existing instruments. The Strike Editor enables users to import more layers than ever before and includes an amazing automap feature that is an Alesis exclusive!

You can import your own .wav files and mix & match with the 14,000 plus samples that are already included with the Strike module. Once edited and finalized, these kits or instrument can be saved on an SD card.

The Strike editor unleashes the true potential of the Strike module. This editor is the most powerful of its kind and one of the most powerful tools for electronic drummers on the market."

Click here to download the Alesis Strike Software Editor (go to "Downloads").

View the Alesis Strike Pro over at PMT Online and pre order yours today!


14 Comments on “Alesis Strike Pro Review With Texas Tim Root”

  • Richard Harris
    11th May 2017

    How flexible is the kit for lefties?

    • Admin
      15th May 2017

      Hi Richard, racking is flexible so fine for lefties!

  • Antoine
    15th May 2017


    when will the kit be released

    • Admin
      17th May 2017

      Hi Antonie, the kit will be landing at the start of June - feel free to get a pre-order in!

  • Rodolfo Magallan
    25th May 2017

    I ordered one and it's supposed to arrive before June according to Guitar center. How official is this? or is it a general date that the kit will be arriving Starting June?

    • Lee Glynn
      26th May 2017

      Hi Rodolfo, according to information from our suppliers we expect these kits will be arriving in June. - Lee

  • Sam
    29th May 2017

    How are the sounds on this kit and how do they compare with the sounds on a Roland kit for example? Also how is the quality, how long with it cop a pretty decent bash since I'm a rock drummer? Is it worth the money?

    • Lee Glynn
      31st May 2017

      Hi Sam, both kits utilise professionally sampled sounds, so you'll sound great either way. The Mesh heads can certainly withstand some of the hardest rock drummers. We suggest coming in to your local PMT store and trying one out for yourself. It's a budget friendly, pro kit ready for gigging and touring. -Lee

  • Tim Recardo
    16th July 2017

    I finally managed to pop along to my local PMT store (Birmingham), on Sat 15th July and got have a try of this kit..
    My goodness it's nice to play. The mesh heads have a really nice bounce to them as do the cymbals. The manual hihat was fun to try and use (i've only used elec kits so its always had an elec hihat pedal on it) although im not 100% sure the hihat stand was set quite correctly.
    I found it quite hard to get a "clean" closed hihat, i had to really lean on the pedal, rather than just putting a little weight on that foot, otherwise id get a "sloppy" closed hihat. Which is another thing... You not only have the pedeal, open and closed hihat sounds, you also have sloppy, not fully closed hihat sounds as well, which ive never seen on a electric drumkit before.

    The kit sounds that come with it are top notch, i only had a look at the first few kits, but they were really clean, strong samples, no fuzz or noise to them at all.
    The drum module has a nice layout to it and the individual volume sliders means no having to go in to the menus to tweak each drum (although you can if you want)

    I was looked after by one of the sales guys ( Alex ) who was very helpful....
    I may be back at the end of the month with a burning feeling in my wallet :D

    • Lee Glynn
      17th July 2017

      Thanks for coming down to check the kit out Tim! Great review too. -Lee

  • Nick
    21st January 2018

    Can the bass drum pad accommodate a double drum beater?

    • Lee Glynn
      23rd January 2018

      Hi Nick, here's the official word from Alesis "Yes, it is compatible with double-kick pedals. If using dual-beaters, try to keep both beaters as close to the center of the drum as possible. If they are spread out and closer to the edges, the response may not be as strong." - Lee

  • Rob
    9th February 2018

    Does it really come with 14000 samples?The videos say so but specs on websites only say 1600

    • Lee Glynn
      13th February 2018

      Hi Rob, according to the official Alesis site, and the specs we have yes there are 14,000 samples. I hope that helps. -Lee

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