What’s New In Propellerhead Reason 9.5


The Reason 9.5 Upgrade now includes VST plugins, the #1 feature request as well as new Player devices, 1000 new synth patches and sounds plus more.

Reason 9.5

The team at Propellerhead have been listening to their users, offering a free upgrade for the impressive Reason 9 that not only includes a whole host of new features, but the much requested VST plugins capabilities. We take a look at what’s new in the Reason 9.5 upgrade which is free for existing Reason 9 users*. If you don't already have this amazing DAW, then there'es never been a better "Reason" to get hold of it!

Here’s what’s new in the Reason 9.5 upgrade

VST Support

The #1 feature request has been added to Reason 9.5 upgrade. VST plugins are now easily manipulated in your Reason rack. The new update now allows you to Drag & Drop from your browser, use CV with your plugins, add Players and put them in Combinators with Reason’s own devices or Rack extensions, providing you with an even greater experience when recording and producing with Reason. Add any plugin you want into your workflow!

Player devices, Scales & Chords

The Reason 9.5 upgrade now allows you to add Players to your Reason instruments, therefore adding a new dynamic to your projects and a new musical twist. The Scales & Chords Player will filter and remap your playing so you are always in key. Chord mode is also a great addition as it means you can play scale-perfect one-finger chords – perfect for those who might not be able to play piano or keyboard but still want the benefit of lush sounding key ensembles.

Note Echo & Dual Arp

Add lush echoing notes to your projects via the Note Echo mode. Enjoy a trailing echo of your playing and manipulate the intensity and frequency or transpose the sound to create falling or rising notes.
The Dual Arp feature provides Reason 9.5 users with two polyphonic arpeggiators in one. Both features have traditional arpeggio settings as well as an intuitive pattern mode that allows you to craft intricate polyphonic patterns whilst you play.

Combine Players, Pitch Edit and enjoy 1000 extra synth sounds

Feel free to experiment and combine all your Players. Why not try feeding the Note Echo feature through Scales & Chords to create an arpeggio of chords in Exotic scales, or combine the Dual Arp with the Note Echo to craft some crazy arpeggiator noises. The possibilities are endless.

Pitch Edit allows vocalists to polish their vocal takes to a high standard. With Reason 9.5 you can still add Reason’s renowned time stretch to your vocal recordings, but now users can also fine tune pitch and timing with complete transparency and quality.

On top of all these great features, the Reason 9.5 update also includes 1000 new high quality synth patches from the world’s leading sound designers – like having an entire studio at your fingertips.

Greater connectivity features, support for Ableton link, Plugin delay compensation

Reason 9.5 users can now select MIDI or automation data and reverse it. In addition, Reason 9.5 can now open up a whole new world of collaboration via Link enabled apps on both desktop or iOS. Now you can sync Reason and other apps over WiFi via Link.

To ensure you’re in phase at all times, Reason 9.5 now features plugin delay compensation as well as a patchable rack that allows you to route audio any way you want.

Terms and conditions:

*Buy this upgrade if you own any of the following products:

  • Reason (version 1–8.x)
  • Reason Student/Teacher
  • Balance with Reason Essentials

Note: Reason Essentials, Reason Limited and Reason Adapted owners should get the "Reason for Limited/Adapted/Essentials" upgrade.

Existing users of Reason 9 will receive the new version for free on May 29th, through Reason’s auto update.

reason 9

Check out Propellerhead Reason 9.5 over at PMT online today.


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