John Mayer Reveals Strat-style PRS Guitar


Updated 2/3/2018 with pictures of John Mayer PRS Silver Sky signature guitar

Legendary songwriter and guitarist John Mayer reveals his new prototype PRS Signature guitar onstage.

John Mayer has “unveiled” his new PRS Silver Sky signature guitar onstage in Boston, which since this blog was first published, lead us to believe this could be his new PRS Signature model - and we were right! Reminiscent of a Stratocaster, the as yet unnamed guitar features the PRS headstock and bird inlays with what looks like a rosewood neck and white single coil pickups.

John Mayer PRS Silver Sky guitar revealed 2018

prs silver sky tungsten The PRS Silver Sky Tungsten (silver) seems to be John Mayer's favourite finish!

The John Mayer PRS Silver Sky Signature guitar was revealed on March 2nd 2018, and you can get all the details over in our blog.

john mayer silver sky prs

John Mayer PRS Silver Sky Horizon John Mayer PRS Silver Sky Horizon (red)
john mayer prs silver sky The John Mayer PRS Silver Sky in Frost (White)
The John Mayer PRS Silver Sky The John Mayer PRS Silver Sky Onyx (black)

Check out the video:

Mayer released the photo on his official Instagram account back in 2017 with the caption: "B O S T O N you will always have my heart. And also... it has been unveiled. @prsguitars".

After a much publicized fall-out with Fender guitars in 2014 where he stated on twitter: “I Love Fender guitars and will continue to play them, but the fact is the company as it is today isn’t the same one I started with” Mayer has enjoyed a collaboration with the team at PRS guitars since late 2014.

This collaboration resulted in a limited private stock Super Eagle model as well as the PRS J-Mod 100 Amp which was announced at Namm 2017.

A member of the audience has captured the performance, and you can watch the video below.

We think it’s safe to assume that the cat is well and truly out of the bag, and John Mayer has a new signature PRS Guitar on the way reminiscent of a Stratocaster.

Check out a huge range of John Mayer PRS Silver Sky over at PMT Online.

john mayer silver sky prs

3 Comments on “John Mayer Reveals Strat-style PRS Guitar”

  • John Lintelmann
    24th May 2017

    Great player!!

  • tonym
    11th March 2018

    Great player... but a real shame that he sold out to PRS and not Fender... the guitar he played for years.

  • KnitComb
    13th March 2018

    Wow, PRS - the company that prided itself on offering something different to Fender/Gibson...

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