Guitar Revolution Tour


Viva la revolution! Calling all Birmingham and Manchester guitarists - the Guitar Revolution is on tour near you.

The Guitar Revolution, composed by Martin Guitar-enthusiast Chris Woods, is a piece of music made up of four parts, which can be played by an infinite number of guitars at any one time. The show itself features a performance from The Chris Woods Groove Orchestra and a guest act. The night concludes with a performance of Guitar Revolution - and you can join in!

Players of all abilities and ages can learn Chris Wood's piece online for free before they attend the event, but to give you an idea of how the piece is made up, the four parts are as follows:

  • ‘Riff’ - very basic.
  • ‘Arpeggio’  - just four chords.
  • ‘Melody’ - simplistic and catchy.
  • ‘Advanced’ - a finger twister.

Martin X Series

The Guitar Revolution is powered by Martin Guitars, and when it comes to finding the perfect acoustic guitar, no brand can hold a candle to Martin Guitars. Wonderfully crafted with a classic sound, every Martin guitar is a joy to play.

The Martin X Series is the easiest way to afford a Martin guitar. Made in 1998, this range of Martins gives the electro-acoustic guitar player the opportunity to own a professional instrument for a fraction of the usual price of a Martin but has still been finely produced to have a stellar tone and using environmentally-friendly construction materials and processes.


Event Details

The Guitar Revolution will be on tour in The Roadhouse, Birmingham on Thursday 30th March and in the 3 Minute Theatre, Manchester on Friday 28th April in association with PMT Birmingham and PMT Manchester. Both events start at 7:00PM, and tickets can be purchased in advanced online (£5 per ticket) or on the door (£6 per ticket).


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