Yamaha LX & Yamaha A-Series Announced


Yamaha release a range of new guitars including the Yamaha A1/A3 and A5 acoustics, the Yamaha LX 26/36 series, a brand new silent guitar and an extremely limited edition model!

Yamaha LX acoustic

Yamaha never fail to get us all excited about new products, and the new range of guitars announced at NAMM 2017 are certainly going to trurn some heads. This year Yamaha have announced they will release the Yamaha A-Series acoustics, the new LX 26/36 series of electro acoustics and a brand-new Yamaha SLG130NW Silent guitar as well as an extremely limited Yamaha FSX315C DRB. New electronics, fantastic tonewoods and a range of really cool finishes – read on to find out more.

New Yamaha A Series Guitars Including Yamaha A1/A3 Mk 2 and A5 acoustics

The new Yamaha A-Series range of acoustic guitars have been designed to take your performance to the next level, offering improved dynamics and a beautiful, natural amplified tone. The Yamaha A-Series is already an extremely popular range of guitars, but the A-Series Mk 2 offers improved tone, playability, comfort and sound.

A.R.E. treatment and new scalloped bracing

Each of the Yamaha A-Series Mk 2 guitars benefits from Yamaha’s Acoustic Resonance Enhancement, which has been developed by the team at Yamaha to give the top of the guitar the sound and appearance of a well-aged wood. This ARE enhancement ensures the wood vibrates more freely and offers the same tonal response as an aged guitar – it’s a vintage sound straight out of the box.

The new scalloped bracing integrated into the top of the Yamaha A-Series guitars has been designed to increase Low and Mid-end projection. In addition, the updated back-bracing design has been modified specifically to fit the cutaway of the guitar. This feature has been included in the Yamaha A1 Mk 2 Acoustics, Yamaha A3 Mk 2 and Yamaha A5 Mk 2 guitars.

Yamaha A1/A3 and A5 acoustics Yamaha A1/A3 and A5 acoustics

New SRT2 Preamp system

The Yamaha A3 Mk 2 and Yamaha A5 Mk 2 series guitars now benefit from a brand new SRT2 preamp system to help you take your live sound further. Complete with simplified controls your guitar is good to gig with straight out of the box. You have access to a 2-band EQ (Treble and Bass), auto feedback reduction, 2 different mic type simulation a Piezo/SRT simulation blend control as well as easy-to-use volume control which can be manipulated quickly on stage.

New battery box and neck back finish

The new Yamaha A-Series Mk 2 also incorporates a new battery box design which has been designed to reduce acoustic sound loss. The battery box has been fitted into the end-pin, requiring smaller holes for installation. Every little detail has been thought about here as the weight of the battery itself balances the weight of the guitar for added playability – genius! The new Matte neck finish offers a less “sticky” playing experience too, which is great for those who like to play for extended periods of time.

Check out the Yamaha A-Series Mk 2 acoustic guitars by clicking the links below:

Limited Edition Yamaha FSX315C DRB

Yamaha FSX315C DRB Dark Red Burst Yamaha FSX315C DRB Dark Red Burst

Yamaha have also announced the extremely limited edition FSX315C DRB electro acoustic guitar. This beautifully constructed entry-level guitar is limited to 200 pieces in Europe and includes an ART pickup and custom Dark Red Burst.

Featuring a spruce top, Tonewood back & sides, nato neck with rosewood fingerboard and bridge, you have a plethora of beautiful tonewoods to rely on here. Getting a gorgeous sound out of this smaller sized F-Series electro acoustic won’t be a problem. The SYSTEM68 electronics and ART 1way Pickup ensure every nuance of your playing is accurately represented in the live arena and during the recording process. A highly limited acoustic guitar that makes a great beginner guitar or addition to your live rig. But seriously though – check out that gorgeous colour!

New Yamaha LX-Series guitars

Yamaha’s highly popular range of acoustic guitars has a few new additions to add to the ranks with the new LX Series models. Highlights come in the form of the new LX 26 and 36 models. Choose from Yamaha Original Jumbo cutaway designs, concert cutaway and medium jumbo cutaway designs with a selection of gorgeous tonewoods. The LX 36 series features solid Indian rosewood back and sides, die-cast Gold(SG301-Y22) tuners, abalone + maple + stainedwood body binding as well as a beautiful abalone and wood soundhole inlay.

The more budget-friendly LX 26 series features solid Engelmann Spruce top with A.R.E. enhancement (the same as the 36 series), however there are a few differences. The back and sides are constructed from solid rosewood, the tuners are Open Gear Gold(SE700X XG) for added tuning stability and the body binding is a mixture of Maple/stainedwood. All models come with a hardshell case for added security when gigging and to keep it safe when in transit. Check out a few options below are view the full range of Yamaha Acoustic guitars online.

Yamaha LLX26C acoustic guitar Yamaha LLX26C acoustic guitar


Yamaha LSX26C acoustic guitar Yamaha LSX26C acoustic guitar


Yamaha LJX26C acoustic guitar Yamaha LJX26C acoustic guitar


yamaha LSX36C acoustic guitar Yamaha LSX36C acoustic guitar


Yamaha SLG200NW replaces the Yamaha SLG130NW Silent guitar

Yamaha SLG200NW

The release of the new Yamaha SLG200NW Silent Guitar offers even more versatility for the discerning guitarist. This new guitar replaces the Yamaha SLG130NW and features the new SRT preamp and SRT pickup providing a more authentic sound as well as a lush “Hall” reverb that takes you to the major concert halls of the world.

The SRT (Studio Response Technology) Mic modelling Preamp System features a beautiful Neumann U67 mic to provide you with a gorgeous tone whether recording or playing live. The rosewood and maple frame offers a quality feel and eye catching look which has been expertly incorporated into the newly designed body shape. The body and neck are constructed from quality mahogany for a rich timbre and the ebony fingerboard provides a great playing surface. In addition, you have 2 reverb modes to choose from as well as a built-in chorus effect and each model comes with a softbag, in-ear headphones and 2x AA batteries!

Check out all the great new Yamaha guitars over at PMT Online.

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