The New Roland TD-50 V-Drums


PMT present to you the TD-50K and TD-50KV V-Drums: the two new flagship electronic drum kits from Roland!

Roland TD-50KV

Pushing electronic drum kits to the cutting edge with the new TD-50 V-Drums, Roland are smashing the barriers between what it’s like to play a “real” drum kit as opposed to an electronic kit. The TD-50 V-Drum kits look, sound and feel great to play.

Dynamic, Prismatic, Fantastic

The TD-50K and TD-50KV come packaged with the new TD-50 sound module, a new device making use of Roland’s proprietary Prismatic Sound Modelling technology. Using this unique technology, the TD-50 takes every minuscule aspect of the user’s playing, processing it with jaw-dropping accuracy and meticulous detail.

Between this amazing sound modeling technology and the newly developed snare and ride cymbal pads (which feature the most advance trigger-sensing technology Roland has produced yet) you get the most expressive and realistic sounds we’ve ever heard from an electronic drum kit.

Roland TD-50KV

Digital and Analogue

The pads used in the Roland TD-50 kits use the most sophisticated technology that Roland have installed in any of their V-Drum kits to date and so they process an unprecedented amount of data. Due to the sheer amount of information transferred from the pads to the TD-50 module, Roland opted to have the pads send the information digitally via USB.

However, the TD-50 module also has analogue inputs so, if you wish, you can use other drum pads that transmit analogue signals and hook them up to the TD-50 system – this allows a great level of customisability with your kit. If you’ve been with Roland for a while you can use the pads from your older kits such as the TD-7, TD-10 and TD-30 kits! Whatever set up you choose - it’s available to you with the Roland TD-50 V-Drums series.

All-New, Cutting Edge TD-50 Module

The hub of the new TD-50K and TD-50KV V-Drum kits is the all-new TD-50 module. The Roland TD-50 module features tons of high-resolution samples that have never been heard on any previous modules; every one of the TD-50 samples have been recorded specifically for the TD-50 and have been recorded at an extremely high sample rate for amazing reproduction of live drums.

Recorded in different world-class studios around the globe to ensure the highest quality samples, some of the drums have been sampled up to a thousand times to capture an unprecedented amount of detail giving you an even more lifelike, real sound and experience.

Roland TD-50 Module, Front and Side

But that’s not all! The new TD-50 module features an SD card drive so you can load your own .wav samples in and play from those! Let’s say you’ve done some recording in the past that you’re particularly fond of, you can use samples from those exact recordings. Just get them on an SD card, plug them in and you can assign them however you want. You can even blend them with the on-board samples of the TD-50 to increase your options and have further control over your own, unique sound.


Check out what some of the crew have to say about it in PMT Manchester:

Customisation for Live Sound and Studio Sessions

Using the TD-50 module you have a mind-blowing level customisability at your fingertips. You change the size and thickness of the different components of your virtual kit, adjust the layering of built-in and user-created samples and adjust the “microphone” placement and much more.

Compression and three-band EQ can be controlled individually for each pad on the TD-50 electronic drum kits and three independent multi-effect sections allow you to apply 30 effect types (such as delay, flanger, saturator and more) to specific drums. A two-band multi-compressor and four-band EQ on the output allow you to adjust the overall dynamics and tonal balance of your sound.

Roland, thanks to extensive research into what drummers require when performing live or in the studio, have opted to move away from things like touch-screen control etc. for much more responsive buttons and knobs so you get great, tactile control over every aspect of your drumming and the incredible sounds you can produce with the TD-50 V-drum kits.

Roland TD-50K vs. TD-50KV Comparison At a Glance

Roland TD-50K Roland TD-50KV
Snare 1 x 14 Inch PD-140DS Digital Snare 1 x 14 Inch PD-140DS Digital Snare
Toms 3 x 10 Inch PDX-100 V-Pads 1 x 10 Inch PD-108-BC V-Pad
2 x 12 Inch PD-128-BC V-Pads
Cymbals 1 x VH-11 V-Hi-Hat 1 x VH-13 V-Hi-Hat
1 x CY-12C V-Cymbal 1 x CY-14C V-Cymbal
1 x CY-13R V-Cymbal 1 x CY-15R V-Cymbal
1 x CY-18DR Digital Ride 1 x CY-18DR Digital Ride
Kick 1 x KD-120-BK V-Kick Trigger Pad 1 x KD-140-BC V-Kick Trigger Pad


Whichever of the Roland TD-50 electronic drum kits suits you best, the TD-50K or the TD-50KV, you are going to enjoy an amazing drumming experience that bridges the gap between electronic drum kits and acoustic drum kits like we've never witnessed before. Both the TD-50K and TD-50KV are available to pre-order from PMT right now!

Roland TD-50 Gear

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